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Hi sorry not been on for such a long time ,it might be months, I think I posted back in Aug that I badly broke my leg while on holiday. Well guess what I'm still in a walking boot as it's not mending properly at least till the 20th Dec when I go back to the # clinic.and they decide when I have to get my operation on it again to remove some of the screws that are too long.

I feel so low right now with the broken leg and having the fibro the pain is unbearable at times along with the low mood I feel like I'm a total wast of space,and to top it all I have the most moodiest husband on this planet, right now he is in a strop about something I don't know,I'm the one that gets it with the way he speaks to me like I'm something he picked up on his shoe........I know it won't last and he doesn't mean to be like that and he loves me and would do anything for me,but fight now I'm finding it hard to cope with myself and the pain I'm not in the right frame of mind to be bothered with his silly moods.

Thanks for reading rant over

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Hi Lizzie.....What a rotten horrid time you have had in the last few daughter broke her tibia (shin bone) ouch!!!! 3 months ago and is still in her big boot...I do hope you get sorted out very soon. Poor OH sounds as if he is finding life hard as well. Could you not make some time to sit down together and talk about how you feel, it may help both of you. You say he loves you and I am sure you feel the same but you are probably both going down a rotten road together.....I am sure together you may find an answer...I do hope so...Gentle Hugs...xx

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Oh how horrible for you. I do hope everything can be sorted out at your next hospital visit and the op is a success .

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No wonder you are feeling low when you are still having problems with your leg. You must be very frustrated that you have this on top of your fibro.

Don't worry about having a moan or rant, this is a safe community to do both and we have all been there ourselves at some point.

Perhaps your husband is feeling the frustration too, especially when it seems out of character for him. He loves you so you know this will pass.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow.


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Rant away love as your circumstances at the moment are enough to try a saint. It must be so frustrating to have that big Bolton and with the fibro I bet it makes your pain worse having g to lighter thing around on your foot and leg. Do hope you have good news when you go to the clinic.

Don't start me on my soapbox about moody husbands if I had the strength I would throttle I mine at the moment.

Take care of yourself and let us know how you get on at the clinic💮x


Oh Lizzie57 I do feel for you, how frustrating that must be, no wonder your Fed up with it all. Its ironic but a friend of mine is going through a very similar thing only its her foot, she has had a boot on for months now & has finally got an appointment to go in for an operation a week before Xmas.

it must be dreadful for you with the Fibro pain aswell & i really hope you get some relief from it all very soon. Why don't you see your doctor to tell him or her how you are feeling, there maybe something they can give you to help you through this difficult time, maybe some stronger pain relief.

Apparently it is fairly common for people to get quite depressed with broken bones that effect your mobility.

There's nothing worse when someone speaks to you in that way and when your feeling low anyway, it's hurtful and upsetting. If you were feeling yourself you would probably give him a mouthful back, that's men for you "oops did I say that" ☺ I think aswel that when you display a certain behaviour, our partners tend to mimic that and mirror us and get defensive and there are always lots of emotions on both sides when a partner is ill and in pain, especially when you have had such a bad injury on top of that. It's not surprising and it knocks your confidence when you have had such a bad fall and it does take quite some time to get over it all really.

You rant as much as you want honey, that's what were here for.

Peace, luv n light

Jan x

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Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts it's so nice to know I'm not on my own with this,when I said that a badly broke my leg it's a very serious break I managed to break both bones twice on each one so I do understand it's going to be a while for me to be back on my feet,and as I said thanks again it has cheered me up some knowing you guys are there. Night all hope you sleep well.

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Hi my friend

I really am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that they can sort it out for you quickly. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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