Has anyone been refused dla twice

Got all my letters bk from dla this morning , saying no again its just sent me right down again , struggling with this as it is prob doesnt help as ive been in a flare for a week , what do we have to be like to get some help financially , ive come from full time to part time work and just couldnt manage anymore , dont think I could be anymore low at the moment .

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  • They are making it so hard now for anyone to get DLA, and it will probably be a lot worse when DLA is abolished and PIP takes its place. If I were you I would send for the medical report and appeal it. If you can get someone from CAB or Welfare Rgihts to hel you with this it would be even better. I got mine a long time ago and at one point I was refused many years back. I took it to tribunal and won. After that they awarded it to me indefinitely. At the time my primary illness was down as osteoarthritis in the spine and FMS was second on the list. I have heard so many people say now that they feel their fibro is not counted. How true that is I do not know. You can also email info@fibroaction.org and they will email you the guidlines for free. Hope it helps xxxxx

  • Ty , ozzy , iam seeing citizens advice next week , I have a meeting with them , xx

  • i got dla for life cos i need a double transpant kidneys and liver arthris in back neck hands chonic deppression anxity panic attacks c.o.p.d capal tunnel in bot hand and hyper mobility from head to toe i barley walk now down cant do much of anything for myself and i have nobody to help me anyway i told dla ive now got fibromalgia and then they sent forms for renewal and last oct they took all my dla said i was not intilted to it when i was told i had i didnt even no what it was but it answered many many thing that r wrong with now im waited for a tribunal date i stay in bed 24-7 cos i cant afford to put heating on and i cant manage the stair

  • Hi all. Ive been turned down for DLA twice, but since my second medical, which i got into the WRAG from, Im going to try again. I have Fibro and Athritis too, amongst other things, but those are the 2 main illnesses which restrict my everyday life. You have to keep on fighting Broadband, dont let them take away what you're entitled to. I hope you will feel happier and stronger soon. Sending lots of hugs.xx

  • Ty for ur reply x its just wrong we have to go through this , on top of everything else , I will have to get positive again , gd luck to u to xx angie x

  • over the last few years I have been refused 5 times. the most recent only last week. I got so fed up of waiting for an appeal date from my claim in dec 2011, I put in for it again. It looks pretty much like even with all my conditions my doctor is refusing to support my claim for dla again. I am so angry and frustrated, I just don't know what to do next, as I feel going to appeal after all this time the answer is still going to be a refusal,as without my doctors support I feel I haven't got a hope in hell. im terrified of going to the appeal, the stress is killing me, that is if I ever have a date to go to it.

  • Hi nanny , my heart goes out to you, its awful they put people thru this , I know what u mean the stress brings on more pain , and gets u down soo much , we need our docs to stand by us , just wish there is something to change this situation were in , so not fare .

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