Dla claim refused aaaaargh

Hi Just to say after Trying to be honest and taking ages to fill out a Dla claim I was upset to recieve a letter so soon refusing my Dla claim. I know people on dla who have got it By simply having an ocd eg cant go out of House without ritüel taking twenty mins or so but nothing else wrong with them except being deaf this is Not a reason for dla it makes me mad I havent been out for five days as am in horrendous pain all over with fibro flared up n it wont go had painkillers n meds but it wont go and I have to rest and lie down. I want to be well but Im in agony it was over 4 wks since my claim but I feel I shd apply again I dont have the last reference no of letter as was angry and threw it away ... perhaps I need to explain my condition has got worse. I dont work at present altho am looking for some casual part time work If I can manage it. Any tips welcome please ty x

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  • I'm really sorry to hear that. I tried 3 times before I got something although I also have dgenerative disc disease of the spine ( which I think they veered towards) Have you tried the Benefits and Work website? It is run by professionsal solicitors I believe, and if you suscribe you can print out a very large form which goes through each question individually and helps you to anwser them in your favour. Good luck!

  • if you pm me with your email address I can send you some info

  • Thanks lally x

  • hi lally I sent you me email by pm

  • I was refused several times then went to tribunal and OT from my M.E group came with me. It took less than 15mins for them to decide in my favour so I had DLA for 3 years then, there was a mix up with renewal they sent the claim pack to the wrong address 3 times so I was too late to claim. So a new claim was put in and it was refused altho' by this time I had also been diagnosed with fybro and my spine is fused by arthritis. I couldn't get anywhere with them so I turned to the CAB and their benefits expert came to my house and he explained all the trick questions as we filled it in which took over an hr. I have been granted DLA again but only for two years, however the benefits expert has written to them asking to review the decision. I would recommend the CAB, hope this helps. Good luck

  • thanks very much I will keep trying had a very bad week of being unable to do much! very frustrating and depressing too!


  • ok thanks will check it out x

  • Benefits & Work (www.benefitsandwork.co.uk) have great guides for completing DLA forms

    I'd also reccomend you going to a local Community Law office for advice - I'm sure they can help you appeal against the decision

    Good luck! xx

  • oh not heard of that may try that thankx


  • Oh how awful, I too have had previous months off with servere anxiety and depression after my GP took me off my antispasmotic tablets and I felt awful so I know what you went thru... I am not judging others with genuine mental illness but those who deliberately falsify to get dla, which goes on alot! I wish you all the very best x Keep trying to claim dont give up!

  • Hello Mel I have severe Fibro, chronic M.E., cervical spondylosis, neck and shoulder impingement, and chronic migraine.

    I too was disallowed DLA.

    Please do not sit in judgement of other people, mental illness is a curse, also the way things are going none of us will be successful with our claims.

  • I think I have been misunderstood I am not judging any one with mental illness I am on anti depressants permanently, and have worked for Mental Health services and know genuine sufferers, I was just pointing out some people have got away with falsifying dla claims with suspect OCDs and I know one person! The governement has made it very difficult for disabled, chronically ill people to get any benefit or dla now due to the economic climate, and rightly so it must be genuine and never expect to get high rate DLA unless severely and physically or mentally ill. good luck with your claim.

  • hi yeah, write a letter of appeal, always appeal and it gives you enough time to gather all types of info and see if you can get an agency to help fill in for you.

    My partner had to wait months for his appeal date, but he went to the interview and took a friend who helps us cook and clean, It was 45 mins of feeling like your begging of what is only right for you, but he got back dated money of £1200.

    fight for what is right

    all the best


  • ps...its not about the pain your in for them, its about what you can do for yourself...cooking, walking!!!

    god bless


  • Hiya noticed you live close, sounds similar troubles. Do you manage to get out, I wish I could but when I found a FMS support group they wanted £15 to join and the £5 each session, once a month I think. I couldnt even go cos £15 is a lot when your struggling on basic benefits, I got ESA once and I have appealed 4 times now. Next one is November and I still dont think I will get it, even though there are so many on here with same and they get it all???

  • Hi where do you live how old are you female and what name just in case we know each other. I can always add you on FB

  • Hi there I live in Southport I havent joined a support group and think there should be no charge except bring your own drink with you etc people I knew in the past ran the support groups from home, of course they may be charging for getting information or for guest speakers I dont know but surely they should have exceptions for people less well off !!!

    I do hope your claim works out, remember its how you are on the worse day! not every day... I didnt appeal and it may be too late now - couldnt face the many many pages again,,,, I do get out by car, and am not wheelchair bound etc, can walk but do get pain and have meds to help. I get very tired and have to rest alot and have recently taken VR from work which was a part time job of 3 days as I found it too stressful so decided to get out whilst I could. It was hard working but made myself go in and when I was sick was penalised by managers as they are sooo ignorant! oh well can but try to do gentle walking to help the condition. If you dont exercise some it gets worse. I always wake up unrefreshed..... Every FMS sufferer is different, I have hypermobility symdrome and chronic fatigue with mine, and get flare ups without warning! oh well could be worse eh! I didnt expect to be paid dla at higher rate to just a basic rate to help with my disability and perhaps I could pay for a cleaner of home help as an when needed as my husband is not always here and is at work and suppose that goes against my claim..... too. I will shut up now supposed to be not means tested is it not so not to worry I give in! :(

  • Hi again I doubt you know me, I only moved to southport in June for reasons you wouldnt believe. Thanks for replying. I havent cared much for these kind of sites but when your ill and no one believes you you feel like you need to be heard and most people on here seem to understand, so its good not to feel alone like I have done for a long while now. I hope your having a good day x

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