final attempt to persuade the doctor to support my dla claim!

I"ve finally got an appointment at the pain clinic on thursday,thank goodness.Hopefully there will be more support from there. Tomorrow im off to my gp for a follow up app,she has been no help at all over this past year..Ive printed off a form for her to fill in, i cant remember from which site i got it from,so hopefully she will see fit to fill it in to my advantage.Im not holding my breath though,the last time i asked her she replied that she didnt know what i could and couldnt do( even though i try to explain,and the other docs ive seen have paid no attention to what ive said). I felt awful and then ive been worrying myself sick that nobodys going to believe me.Its been a year since i first put a new claim and am still waiting for an appeal date,whenever that my be.. well thats it for now, best wishes to everyone xx

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  • Good luck.If GP is still difficult write a letter explaining exactly how you feel and exactly how she has made you feel when she ignores you.My GPis great but I still gave her a note explaining my symptoms and what I can/can't do so we can both be on the same page if contacted re benefits.

  • hi, I had the same issue with my G.P and kept getting DLA turned down even though I was constantly been told by the C.A.B that I was entitled.

    In the end I made a double appointment to see my G.P so there was more time to discuss things. After a lengthy chat he said I should be getting DLA but as he didn't live with me he didn't have an idea what I struggled with. He asked me to photocopy my next DLA application and leave the copy at reception stamped FAO and his name so no-one else would read it and then he would have something to refer to when the forms arrived from the DWP.

    It worked. I now get high rate mobility and low rate care

    Hope that helps and good luck with your application :)

  • i have applied for dla for the past few years and was so sick of being turned down ive appealed. i dont really want to go down the road of appling again,because my last claim was sent this time last year and to apply again will be a waste of a year of any benefit that i feel should have been awarded.Today ive written a statement to go to the appeal panel giving my reasons for appealing,so im going to take it with me to show the doc tomorrow,if she can be bothered to read it. will post how i got on tomorrow..thankyou all for your comments.

  • i had my DLA tribunal on friday and have been in bed all weekend, they treat you like a child they dont want to know what you are like now it is when you filled the form in the first place well i had to wait a year and half befor i got my appeal, half the time i dont even now what i did yestarday, they dont understand why some days i could be on my own and other days i had help from family, will i did tell them i was 51 and do not need a just have to cope.

    they asked why had i not had a disalility assesment done, i said because i have not got DLA yet then i could have one carried out, i had a doctor and disability person on board, she dind,t no why my husband hand put up rails around the house so i could get around and why i bought myself a disability scooter for out side. i could get all these on the nhs, i would love to know what planet she lives on, i said they were done by my husbands his way of helping me gett on with my life the best i could. dont hold out a hope of getting it thou, they more intreested in me having angia then fibro. sorry for this report but i thought it may help with any one else going for a tribunal. i hope your is better than mine.

  • well id like to know where you can get a mobility scooter on the nhs. The other week i phoned the social services dept and asked if they would do a o c assessment on me as id been turned down for dla( i thought that this would be good evidence when i go to appeal)they didnt want to know either,however they did pass me on to the welfare rights,who were very quick to reply. the letter said that if there was not suitable evidence in my papers that they would not be able to help me,as its down to me to get the evidence,so theres no point really bothering. the cab have been really helpfull and will even go to the appeal to represent me,which is a godsend..How is it that i see plenty of disabled people running back to their cars when its raining or running across the road to get their kids from school? those are the people that should be looked into a bit more,because of those scroungers is the reason us genuine cases are being given such a hard time.I for one cannot run to my car when its raining or snowing,!

  • I have a appeal at the end of this month. I am due to see my gp tomorrow for a letter to support my DLA, I have asked in the past and the doctor has put what was wrong, but not how it affected me. I hope this time they say enough to help. Many doors seem closed and I dont know which one to open x

  • Hi I had to appeal Dla. Aswell ended up in front of a doc lawyer and disabiled person you stopped the meeting to say a doc would come to my house and do a medical on me. This was because Fibro fog I could not answer soundly questions this was done then got awarded. Dla. Good luck mind put down all the people you have been treated by and all those what give support.

  • thanks for your reply! its good to know because i have terrible problems with my memory and concentration,i dont even know what day of the week it is. I dont know why they dont just send a doctor to examine me at home,it would be much easier and cost effective than having so many appeals. i dont even mind if a doctor was to call unannounced,at least someone would have some idea of you in your own home and the difficulties you have. xx

  • in the benefits and work info, you can get from admin, their is a form you can fill in about your health that you give to your gp and consultants fort hem to use to write a letter of support. Ask them to send it to you, copy it and send in yourself in any appeals or claims.

    good luck.


  • Hi Sandra99b, could you tell me where i can get this form, i have looked, but can't find it, many thanks, Lynda.

  • page 60 in the back of the booklet "health conditions"

    let me know if you find it [or not].


  • Thanks for replying, but where do i find the booklet, health conditions? Lynda.

  • I've just sent you a personal message.


  • Many thanks, lynda.

  • i think thats the form i printed off to give to my doctor tomorrow. ive had to put the date i made the claim on the form to give her,as the panel will only consider my health on the date i claimed. because of stress and worry over this appeal the doc put me on anti depressants. by the time i do get an appeal date ill be a quivering wreck. ive got the pain clinic on thursday and am going to ask that doctor or consultant for a report and i will pay them for it,thats if they will do it,so i will keep my fingers crossed. thankyou for the wishes xx

  • Well ive been to the doctor today and spending a good ten minutes explaining how my dissability was affecting me (again),that i had to come up weith my own evidence in time for my appeal she( gp) said " we dont really like to fill these in,as you know conditions vary), so i just had to be blunt and ask her if she could just write a short note comfirming my mobility issues and that i cant bend to use my oven. she tried to put me off saying i would have to pay for a letter,to which i said i didnt mind i would be happy to pay for a letter! so she has agreed to write a short letter for me.wheather she will write anything useful to help my appeal is another matter.I must say she was happy enough to dish out the prescriptions for tramadol and anti depressants though. She did ask if id recieved an appointment at the pain clinic, i think she wants to palm me off on them. The pain clinic is 40 miles away so im going to be as stiff as a board when i see the doctor.Hopefully i will get better support from there..Will post on thursday to let people know how i get on. Best wishes to all.....xx

  • If you email they will send you the help guides from the works and pensions people. I found these invaluable when filling in a claim myself. The other thing I did was write a list of what I was/ was not able to do and took it with me when I went to see my GP. I asked her to date and sign it if she agreed with what I had written. As there was no extra work involved for her except a quick bit of reading, she was happy to do this and I included it in my application. Hope this is of some help to you. Jane x

  • thankyou for replying,the woman at the cab filled in my last form for me,and as im going to tribunal i have a copy of the original claim form which i can refer to. when i saw my gp yesterday,id taken the refusal letter from dla stating their reasons and id filled in alongside why i disputed them. she did read it and was still reluctant to give me a report,so i had to be blunt and ask her if she couldnt do that much could she just write a short note to say at the very least my limited mobility and not being able to use the oven.she begrudginly agreed and told me id have to not holding my breath that shes put anything useful in it ive got to pick the letter up on friday..thanks again xx

  • My GP is fab and he printed off all the info I needed many years back and I still have it now. Not all GPs know what we go through and just tend to see it as us moaning about aches and pains xxxxx

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