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Some good news.... refused DLA, and refused pension from work....there is still hope!

I was refused both care and mobility.

I asked for my forms to be reviewed...expecting to be refused again have to go to appeal.

One day I received an email saying good news about my lottery ticket...checked my bank my balance was a lot higher than I expected...I'd won a tanner....yippee, but also some money from dla

OMG I had to phone up and check. I had been awarded HRM &MRC and back dated to March.

Sooo happy, but also quite amazed that my claim can go from nothing to this from just being asked to review!

I have applied for ill health retirement from work....been refused I've appealed, but they now can't make a decision so it has gone to a higher level. The work doctor thinks I will be ok after I have seen a psychiatrist and been to a pain clinic.

Now I am faced with filling in the questionnaire for ESA....trying not to get stressed out

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Congrats on finally getting the DLA. Hope the appeal for early retirement goes through. Good luck with the ESA questionnaire.



you know when you work that can be one of the most fulfilling things that one does but when that becomes more difficult the expectations that go with it can be demoralising and totally depleting so good for you and happy stress relief.


Delighted at your good news :-) praying that you get a positive response on your retirement situation and theres local groups around which can help you fill in the ESA forms including the Citizens Advice Good Luck

Dixie x


That's great news remember to get help to fill out ESA form go to cab and keep copy's of all reports /letters of support and any thing you send to ESA good luck mind think about what you put down on form benefit and work site gives good info look them up again good luck


ive got the forms from benefits and trying to fill the questionnaire now.


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