Just attended dla tribunal !

Feel as tho ive been hit by a car im exhausted ! The clerk came to me and asked if there was any more evidence or documents to put forward to the judge I handed over my summary ect , they took 20 mins then the clerk came and said they were ready for me to go in. Myself and my friend went in and sat down there was a doctor and judge anda lady from disability. The judgecwas nice and asked if a doctor could visit me at home as they need to see how I cope , I said yes thats fine . The judge also said uunfortunately I would have to attend again once they have the report , as soon as I arrived home I had to have a warm bath and take meds , im so sore and uncomfortable , just wish they new what we all go through .x

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  • lets hope things go well its a plus that they are going to visit you, :))

  • Hi broadband - Reading this sounds really tough for you, your dealing with loads of things internally and externally. I honestly wish all works out for you. If and when they visit you at your home have someone there with you purely due to questions you may be asked and you may find it difficult to answer truthfully. What about having a professional Generic Advocate to support you? They are free and always have far more understanding than we do of the systems in place which are for ever changing - You may need a legal Advocate - (Just saying this as I do not know your case and is personal to you)

    Wishing you all the Care and Best Wishes.

  • had a home visit after tribunal and they could not care less if they tried.. i have fallen so many times and i have noone to help me now after i lost my second appeal, my ex partner said he ,s not looking after me for nothing, and my sons both work full time now and have familys. so i guess it is time ti lie down and go away. you have apply on line for pip but now sure if or when i can apply as the lady from dws is not sure either

  • When you find out when the doctor is going to visit you, don't take any meds which might make you look fine on the day. I would say stop taking meds about 3 days before hand so the doctor can see your illness.

  • Will do , ty for replys xx

  • hi there sorry ur so ill with ur illnesses what is it you have got ive got f/m and o/a basketcase x

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