Refused Pip after receiving full DLA

Hi everyone, got my PIP results two days ago, after having my appt cancelled , I went for second appt. I am so scared I got 0 for everything except mobility resulting in £80 a month, I feel I would be better off to everyone leaving this world . I have basically been called a liar. Because I pushed myself off the chair I have enough grip to prepare food but I don't I also have a degenerative spinal condition and can't tell how hard I grip I can't lift saucepans to empty them etc as well cf and constant pain. I suffer from anxiety but according to examiner didn't show signs of anxiety or poor cognitive processing . My husband has to help me dress, in and out of bath, wash my hair, but because I could push myself out of the chair 0. This whole process is so humiliating, I was completely honest, I had trouble processing and was less stressed as had taken meds and my husband was with me. I don't know how we are going to manage, I worked full time for 30 yrs got cancer then this awful fibro . I was just starting to come to terms with my life but this has put me back so much - why don't people understand how hard this condition is to live with day in day out. I am so exhausted with fighting a system I do not want to be part of but have no choice owing to financial issues. Sorry for the rant I feel desperate , you guys are the only people who understand.

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  • So sorry for you. I hope you are going to appeal? If you do appeal does it freeze what you already have?

    The cruel behaviour of this government is so very depressing.

    Hope things turn around for you

    Jen x

  • Hi I feel for you so much but I also feel so angry about the "system" these people don't understand fibromyalgia - and the cut backs in pay outs are hurting the vulnerable- I too are unable to get any financial help -but I am lucky that we have our own home and my OH works full time - I am 60 this year and my pension is now been moved so no pension - which is hard when my older friends have had their pensions from 60 I can't even get a bus pass and my partner now has to works longer - life is terribly unfair at the moment - I wish you the very very best of luck - and I know how hard it is to keep fighting (and tiring) - I wish more people were trained better about the effects of fibromyalgia in the body and mind - then we wouldn't get so stressed - and more ill - take care of yourself - Neese x

  • Hi

    You should be able to get a disabled Bus Pass from your local council

    Phone and request information . All council are different but normally just a form to complete and letter from GP .


  • If you have 8 points or over in the mobility you can apply for a letter from your council and then you apply to the bus company and you and a carer will get a pass

  • Hi

    Ask for a mandatory reconsideration but their is a time scale to do this. Also get advice from CAB or disability rights to support you with appeal .Also Janet Benefits adviser on this site.

    So many are having PIP down graded or stopped .

    I hope you kept a copy of application form, I would phone and request full report of your assessment as well

    Their is a possibility of having the decision changed if you appeal and ending up with nothing so please bare this in mind.

    Best Wishes


  • You have my sympathy, it's awful this is happening thousands of genuinely I'll people in this country, I hope you appeal against this decision if you can. Take care X

  • All is not yet lost as Rose54 has said it's horrible when you are made out to be a lier but they seem to do this to mist people it will be my turn next bring it on I have done battle with them for Everything I have applied for I should have been retired by now thanks to the goalposts being moved

  • Hi there

    As Rose54 says you can go for a Mandatory Consideration. I am not sure where you stand regarding what you have been granted if you lose, but let's try to stay on the positive.

    I just wanted to let you have our benefits advisor Janet's details:

    If you feel you want to talk to someone you can call the Samaritans free of charge if you are still feeling so bad.

    I hope having the chance to rant here has helped.

    Wishing you much peace in the coming days

    Lu x


  • I'm very sorry to hear this news. I know it's more stress, but please fight it.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Hi,

    Others on here are much better talking you through appealing and things like that.

    Yes, it really does feel like they all sat there in judgement on you and said you are a no-good, rotten liar, doesn't it? That is EXACTLY how I felt the first time it happened to me. It took me years to find out, to understand and to accept, that is NOT what happened at all.

    They have to get people off benefits and so it becomes nothing more than a game to a lot of them. There is no pretense of judging whether someone is really ill enough or not. Some will say you are fine, because they recon you have money coming in from a spouse or something like that. So they deny you, so they can give the money to someone who has less and still stay within what seems to be an unofficial 'budget.'

    Others do not bother with anything like this and simply take 2/3 of what someone says as 'putting it on' and so take it off and see if what is left qualifies for benefits.

    Others don't do that either, but simply have a sort of 'quota' and try to roughly pick out the ones that might need it most, until their quota is done and then no one else gets it until next month.

    Others will have even odder methods for picking and choosing-Who knows what? What I am trying to say though, is that PLEASE do not take this to heart. It really is not about who is really ll, it's about cutting the bills down. So many very deserving and fully-qualified people are denied. Another test is to dent many people and they hoep that those who can manage on their own finances will be discouraged, while the really desperate will have to appeal. This is what happened to me apparently. Since on every occasion, the Lord Chancellor's Office agreed that the appeal panel's decision was wrong IN LAW (ie, they broke the law in denying me benefit) and set it aside. So PLEASE try not to let it hurt you too much, it is not personal (to them), but some sort of 'game' almost.

    All of this completely ignores the DEVASTATING effects it has on the claimants. Having to keep appearing is physically a strain, but FAR, FAR worse is the mental strain it puts on you. This does seem to me to be intentional, to dissuade people from claiming, or to stop claiming. It was even admitted and gleefully reported in some of the press, that it was done to stop people claiming they were disabled in the first place and 'encourage' them to continue working by making it so unpleasant to claim disability. This does not then seem to be an accident, but quite deliberate to make things as unpleasant for us as can be, so that no one will consider 'claiming' to be disabled, as 'the soft option'. Both main parties in Britain seem to believe this and so we suffer the realities of it.


  • :( terrible . please appeal , get citizens advice involved

  • Hi clzee

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you will ask for a ''mandatory reconsideration'' of this? It really does not feel fair that you can go from one benefit to nothing on a new benefit.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks everyone so so much for all you're support and useful advice I felt so low when I got this news. I have even sent medical evidence , they just don't seem to have read it . I will contact Janet - it's so demoralising and exhausting fighting. Gentle hugs and thanks to everyone X

  • Hello clzee from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours), I had similar assessment as you, the Nurse Practitioner told me before we started what his goal was this day, to ascertain what I can/can,t do in my daily life and how my condition affects me.

    1. What is the most difficult chore in the morning = getting from lying to sitting.I use a remote control bed to move myself .

    2. Using the bathroom? = My toilet has been highered off the floor to a level I just park my self on it, I can only clean from back to front my arms will not go/stretch behind me. This has cause 3 bad U.T.I,s needing medical attention. Showering?= I have a wet room not bath as I cannot get in/out of a bath my legs are too weak to push up from sitting and I cannot squat, the shower has a seat and grab rails around it and the shower is positioned to aim straight at me, I cannot wash my own hair my daughter calls to do this, the shower operates as soon as I enter and I use the grab rails to sit myself down. I do have to walk out of the shower to stop it and I have a towelling gown ready which I put on back to front as arm movement into sleeves is very painful and my arms do not swing around the back of me. I walk down my hall were there are rails either side to my bedroom where a towel is on the bed to dry back of me. I elbowed my way off the chair , resting on his desk, shuffling forward slowly to stand up and ask my daughther to push me up from behind..

    Do you see what I mean clzee-graphic details on Everything you do each day, make yourself a word document of daily chores to get by. Some of the question I asked my daughter to answer like finances and shopping, banking, I have these all on line but she keeps a watchful eye on what I spend and if I want any gadgets-like at the moment I am having my kitchen kitted so that everything is adapted for my needs-no sink unit just a low sink, dishwasher, oven in a mid height housing unit with a drop down oven door, electric wet mop for floors...I hope this might help when you appeal.

    Best Wishes

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