Hi folks just thought I would tell you that at last after four and half month wait they have renewed my DLA mobility at highest rate.

I cant tell you how relieved I am as I had nearly given up hope.

Its like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders as without my car I would have been literally housebound as my walking is very limited.

I was hoping to get some car but it wasnt to be so I am going to accept what I have got.

Thanks for all your encouragment on here its a great site to vent your frustration at times.

Good luck and gentle hugs to you all xxxxxx

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  • it was meant to say some care not some car !!!!!! excitement overiding brain !!!

  • im also on high rate mobility and lowest rate care, but its all changing nxt year to PIP it wont be DLA anymore, which means we all have to start again filling forms out and claiming all over again, thousands will lose there mobility cars its so sad for alot of disabled ppl , i only get to go out once a wk im housebound otherwise..i only use a mobility scooter when i go out and cant go out alone..

  • I am on DLA ,hight rate mobility ,middle rate care but thank God my car is mine,they just pay the road tax..would be lost without it ! Happy irishlady76 has got her DLA...I agree its worring times for the sick & disable at the mo.

  • Hello

    That is brilliant news, getting out and about is so important. I makes so much difference.

    Well done.

    Piggle hugs xxxx

  • thats wicked news im so pleased for you.i like success storys on here.sad when there isnt enough.x

  • yes my car is mine as well and I get free road tax couldnt have the worry of having a car they could take away at anytime they change the rules.

    Thanks everyone for the messages I thought it would cheer people up to hear something possitive for a change we dont get much in our painful lives do we.

    Have a great day everyone xxxx

  • I'm so pleased for you! I like good news thankyou for sharing.



  • i won it this yr and kept my high mobility, we got to keep the dla car, but im worrying already for when it changes to this ppi thing, cant go out without siomeone with me, and cant walk far living in a flat at the top of a massive hill.......big sigh...

  • oh bless you Ginge its so hard isnt it but chin up at least we have our DLA mobility for now so fingers crossed we will keep it when it all changes , and thanks everyone for your good wishes have a great day all xxxx

  • I worry a lot about my car as I now have a motability car. My old one had to be towed to the scrapyard just before Christmas and the two and a half months without one made me realise just how much I rely on it for my mobility. I didn't have the money to replace my old car so motability became my only real option but I have to admit, its crippling me financially as I can't work. I now sometimes have to choose between petrol and food! Having said that, I love my new car, its SO much easier to drive than my old one and being a bright colour is much easier to find when I for get where I parked! :)

    Congratulations on the DLA! xxx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Hi Lindy its so hard making a decision wether to have the money or the motability car isnt it but I saved for a year my mobilty money and stuck my old car in part ex and bought a good second hand car so that if they decide in there odd ways to stop my money I would still have a car, as I cannot walk far at all and live in a place where the bus doesnt stop near me except once a day its a necessity otherwise I would be housebound. I would find it a struggle without the money but just keep praying that it continues. I have the award for 2 years its silly really cos I am 63 now so after havinf fibro for almost 20 years I dont think it will get any better so they could have made it indefinate but alas was not to be. Anyway lets hope you can sort something out its so expensive to live right now isnt it my husband has been retired from work as he has severe arthiritis in his knees and he is a plumber so we are living on my pension and his ESA which is not much. well big hugs to you ((((((gentle))))))

  • ive just put in for dla again ,fingers crossed this time as i have been refused so many times being fighting for it since 209 ,hope to god i get good news this time ,or i will scream .

  • Hi Tracy just keep trying it took me about 3 years in the end to get mine and then I did not get care but settled for HRM so good luck x

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