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Has anyone tried bentonite clay?


A friend of mine has been drinking a mix of water and bentonite clay for almost a month and she looks and feels amazing. Ive orderd some from ebay. Im gonna give it a try. I recently watched a fibromyalgia video on you tube, the doctor on there was explaining that our bodies are so poisoned with toxins and it is causing illnesses like fibro/m.e etc. After reading up on the clay, this stuff cleanes the body of toxins. It attracts the toxins into the clay and the clay cleanses them. Its used to Help ibs, morning sickness,ulcers, etc. Even mrsa. Its used on the skin for acne, exzma, nappy rash, burns....its healing powers look amazing.

Ive got nothing to loose, so gonna give it ago.

According to my friend, she now has loads of energy and has a feeling of Wellness. So....will see what happens. Added some info. X


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please read this link from the Food Standards Agency it carries a safety warning.


There is loads of info on google. Just added a link.

Just read the link thankyou. Definitely good to check what ur buying...like anything I guess. Thankyou :)

I hope you have re thought using the clay after reading the food agency report. The side effects are not good.!

Good morning all.....hope you are as well as can be expected,

I have been reading the posts on bentonite clay, sounds rather iffy to me especially after reading the food standards agency report!!

I have found this link that is a natural detox of the liver and toxins and sounds really amazing, though iv'e not tried it yet because I only found it during the wee hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep, I am going to give it a go...so if you hear a loud explosion from the seaside (Blackpool) that will be me detoxing my liver....x

Big soft furry fluffy hugs..xxx

Easier Way to flush everything out of your liver - Egg yolks an

I completely agree with the warnings, a person I know tried this and ended up in hospital. All 'miracle' cures should be closely looked into, not just reading positive reviews, but also searching out any problems that can occur from a good medical based site. If these things had no side effects and were completely safe I have no doubt they would be being used or suggested by doctors. Imho.

Foggy x

Hi miss_boo

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have read many stories about this and none of them are good! I am very happy that you checked out the link that hamble99b gave you, as it really isn't worth the risk.

I genuinely hope that you can discover something else and that it works wonderfully well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Yeah i did read it, i thought i removed my post? I have gone against the idea. With use mine as a face mask lol...definately could do with that. Thanks for your contact. X guess we get so desperate we will try anything

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