Is it the Weather?

I am wondering if anyone else is suffering in today's atmosphere? It has been as high as 26C and overcast with humidity over 80% and I feel worse than I have ever felt before. I feel as if I can't breath properly, my chest feels tight and my throat is sore. I have had so little energy, all I have done today is take the dog for a walk (and me for a saunter). I couldn't even take my little companion for her afternoon walk, she had to make do with a walk around the block and a play with a ball in the garden so I could sit down, but even then I couldn't throw the ball many times. I m wondering if it is the weather alone at the moment that is what is making me feel so dreadful, or if it is the weather making my FM worse. Anyone feel the same?

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  • Yes I feel very lacklustre it seems like putting one foot in front of another is too much effort and all my joints seem to be on fire. I don't seem to be able to stand any extended of heat or cold now and hot and humid seems to make me worse. Hope it cools a little tomorrow.x

  • Yes me too. Feel lousy when its so hot/warm. Hands,Arms,feet and anything in between sore and swollen.

    Roll on autumn weather.

    Take care,drink lots of water and feet in a bucket!


  • Hi Maggiefloss...Yes I am totally drained and cannot stand this humid. Pain not good so taken Tramadol and going to bed very soon. The weather is supposed to change here in the next few days and it won't be so humid, hot but not humid! Take care and keep cool.....

    Trikki x

  • No frogs if its hot!!!

  • It must be the weather. I have had a migraine all day.

  • I feel like I am melting, that said, any breathing difficulty must be checked out. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Hi not just today, I've been in bed for 4 days, can't cope at all..feels like winter already..

  • Hey Maggiefloss , I'm sorry as I know in the UK most people don't have a/c.Im in South Carolina, USA and it's 91F and feels like 98F with humidity and I feel miserable.I long for COLD weather.I don't even go outside unless I have to.We did have a cool spell last week about 80 fir a high so that was good.Ive discussed it with my pain dr and he said the heat bothers some worse than cold and I'm one of them.I hope it cools off!! Take care. Peck.🐤

  • Definitely the weather! Feeling much better now it has cooled down. Probably will not be able to sleep though. Still too hot for sleep.

  • Hi Maggie, I am exactly the same also my balance is shot to bits and I am walking into door frames and anything else when I misjudge the area. I had a couple of days with no bruises and now!!!

    I can't have the whole of my body covered when in bed, just my midriff as the pain in my shoulders and the RLS doesn't do well in heat either.

    But apart from that I am fine. Roll on Winter- yay!!!

    Take care xx

  • Hi purplegothic, I have to say if I do something clumsy I can't blame it on FM. I have been clumsy al my life, I am well known for it. Hope you feel better soon

    Perhaps you could get some knee pads and elbow pads?

  • I need more than that, I need to wrap myself in bubble wrap hahaha xx

  • The heat gets me, but the humidity gets me a lot more. I even began to wonder if I had asthma at one stage. But the Social Security medical said my lungs were clear, so not asthma apparently.

    I wonder if it the humidty that is getting you like that? I hope you feel better soon!

  • I certainly don't think the humidity helps. I started sneezing earlier this evening but it has stopped now and the cooler air is helping.

  • That was me yesterday, couldn't stop sneezing and coughing! I'm a little better today though thankfully. I hope you are better tomorrow.

  • It felt horrible today no air at all ☺

  • The weather here has been beautiful, really hot and sunny. This weather makes me feel better as heat helps my pain but can't sleep as it is still very warm xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry that you are feeling so rough my friend and I have been feeling a little under par with a banging headache due to the humidity. I want to sincerely wish you all the best and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Much better this morning. It is cooler and fresher here with a slight breeze. Let's hope it continues.

  • Glad to hear your finding it better today, it's cooler here but still humid. Have a good day xx

  • Ive felt exactly the same today, really struggled. Hope you feel better soon c

  • Do you know what yes I was very breathless too yesterday and my chest felt tight ! Thought it was me having a panick attack. Hope u feel a bit received soon ☇1 xx

  • I am so grateful to hear from you and others that axtreme heat (weather) adds to my pain. I thought it must be a coincidence.

  • Went to the sea this afternoon, thinking the fresh air would help, but even there I had severe hay fever symptoms and asthma. The humidity makes it worse. Cooler now and I feel better.

    For me heat and cold affect me, but heat slightly more so.

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