Is it possible???

To put threads that admin do for us, like poetry corner on a sticky.... No idea how it works or even exactly what it means but I know the effect. It keeps the post at the top of the page... I love to read the poems but once that thread and the Christmas thread dropped of the first page it was lost to me and my deep dish crusty fried brain

Here's hoping

VG x

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  • Not presently (and actually even Admins can't do this yet). We're eagerly waiting for the HealthUnlocked v3 platform but I don't know if "stickies" will be one of the requested modification that made the final cut. Here's hoping :)

  • Whoop hoo pretty please HU ..... You know me, I don't ask for much, just a forum set up the way I want it :P You might have noticed by now I only know how to do 2 emoticons :)

    VG x

  • Here's another emoticon for your collection VG - type ; then ) and you get a wink!


  • Yarrrr thank you Libby ;)

  • Another victory for you VG! lol! :P

  • Stickies will definitely be in the new version! One of the top requests by far.

  • That's so good to hear Lora, thank you! :)

  • Hi what I did I asked that question and when LibertyZ answered with a link I kept the answer in my questions and I just refer back to it and it goes straight to Poets Corner ;) Hope this helps VG x x

  • Ohhhh thank you HU that will make life soooo much easier... Just read Rainbows answer and I can't get my head around it..I,m deffinately fibroed out today

    VG x

  • Porr VG - Rainbow was saying that she asked me where something was (Poetry Corner) and I posted the link so she could get to it easily. She kept my reply in her Questions so she could go back to Poetry Corner quickly without hunting for it. :)

  • Ahhh that's why I couldn't find it in my questions I didn't ask the question.... Looks for a rock to hide under


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