Results of the King' s college study?

Almost 12 months ago I (and I believe other members of this community) donated blood samples for a DNA study on fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Does anyone know if any results or conclusions have been found from this study? The letter I received with the blood test kit suggested that this research may improve diagnosis and treatment in the future. Does anyone know how I would find out if they have any results that may be useful to us?

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  • Hi, I was not on here then, but perhaps if you phone Kings college hospital they may be able to help, I would like to know the out come of that.

    sorry I'm not more help

  • My brother and I took part in it as well . I suspect it is going to be quite a long in depth study but like you we are hoping that we will hear something about there findings. I was just happy that someone seemed to be doing something to help us at last instead of just telling us it's all in our heads :(. Fingers crossed that they come up with something soon xx

  • Iwd like to know results and wd have participated if I had knowm in the Uk

  • I was wondering the same thing! I do hope we get the results at some point! XX

  • It's possible, and indeed likely, that they won't make the results public until they have published them in a medical journal. I'm an academic and I know this can take many months and sometimes up to 2 years. By all means phone the University if you have details of the department and ideally the researcher undertaking the study and ask. They may be willing to tell you something over the phone. It would be wonderful if it helps!

  • Very true - This is the usual course of things. Thank You for commenting

  • I registered with them but was never sent a kit and, at the time, I just didn't have the energy to pursue it. I would gladly have taken part. I, too, would be very interested to learn of any findings. It would be great if the research found some genetic links which might give a clue as to why some of us are prone to this illness. Even better if they could come up with some beneficial treatment or even a cure. Wishing everyone as pain free a day as possible. Hugs XX Saskia.

  • Same here, I didn't get a kit, or any email back?

  • I completed the study with blood samples only few months ago, even thou the nurse could only get 1.5 vials of blood instead of 3. Even thou I applied over a year ago initially. So probably a few years to go for results, as they are still in early stages. X

  • this study is still on right now its taking a long time so far they have tested around 950 people and are hoping to get 2000 people to do the testing still not had mine samples all the best dave

  • Well, I imagine they may be quite busy still, so I might try again, then. Although getting my doctor to comply might be a problem though.......

  • Thanks for posting this link... so pleased to hear that the research is making good progress... let's hope that the research shows something positive!!

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