exercise is it possible

i`m going to mexico next year for my nieces wedding good excuse to shed my excess weight any form of exercise possible without crippling me for the rest of the week

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  • i take a gentle walk twice a day . i have two dogs so i have todo it .it could help you x

  • I have a swim 3 times a week followed by a hot jacuzzi, helps with the pain lots and helps with the weight,I need to lose over a stone. x

  • i also swim twice a week now but in the earlyer days of fibro i wasnt able to. realy helps with pain and weight take care x

  • For people in our circumstances, I tend to remove the word "exercise" and replace it with ACTIVITY. I don't know where your fibro is at, but I think whatever stage you're at upping your activity level is the way to go. What ever you usually do, try to do it using a little more energy e.g. if you usually get milk delivered, stop that and go to collect it. If you can walk and it's not too far, then walk. If you're using a scooter, go by scooter - it's still more activity. Sometimes we are not in a position to exercise but we can almost all be more active.

    That's been my experience - forget exercise just get more active.

    Christine x

  • hot jacuzzi sounds fab

    Christine i must admit i take the easy option i drive most places even drive the dogs to the field. Will try and push myself a little bit if its sunny i will walk to school only a 10-15 min walk and maybe when i get to the field i will walk round the small lake again and build it up gradually xx

  • was watching zumba clip on utube looked fun but think thats a bit out of my league :)

  • What I leXumba arned, is you start from where you're at. Maybe walk to school once a week to begin with. Then twice and so on. Zumba is great I did a class once when I was a lot better than I am now an it was such fun. You can get there in tiime for the wedding but remember you start from where you're at and increase your activity a bit at a time until your ready for Mexico.

    Christine xxx

  • I find walking quite difficult I have an indoor tarmpoline and excersize ball and a very enthusiastic daughter to motivate me so I dont have to leave the house and can do it anytime, plenty of stretching to keep as supple as possible. I've also cut down on portion sizes so even though I dont eat much sweet stuff my meals were a bit too big :-)


  • didn`t quite do the hot jacuzzi but had a lovely hot bath shame i had to get out tho :(

  • I cant walk very far and standing for long periods really sets all my pain off,

    but i have been doing Zumba gold chair the music is great i only do the moves that i can do ( which is very different in other people) and only maybe twice a week,

    each routine is about 3 mins long but it makes me feel really good after and most importantly I like it so try it i found it on you tube i bet there is one that you might like too,

    good luck and gentle hugs x

  • hi and wow , just took a look at you tube and had a quick zumba workout , thank you for pointing me there . saw a 98 year old women doing seated exercises with a stick that were real gentle , again thanks , just what i needed to wake me up x

  • thanks will have a look

  • it is good you just have to remember that we are all at different levels of pain, and you will soon find out if its not for you, i cant lift my arms over my head like they do n the screen so i dont do that part,

    and maybe i dont move as quickly as they do, but its ok cos no one can see me ha ha have fun x

  • hi i agree with the swimming one i thinkt hat would be lovely and gentle for you good luck with it and lucky you a mexico get your sombraro out aribba ,,,,,,,,, love diddle x

  • When I was not in the middle of strong flares I was able to pick up a stronger aerobic program. Of course it was difficult initially for me, but after the first few weeks my body adjusted. I just had a REALLY strong mindset at the time and did not let anything get to me. No pain mattered how bad it was. Then I injured my back and shoulder to the point I had to stop for a month. Existing wounds from a car accident that are taking forever to heal. Anyways, I was unable to pick back up because my flares had magnified and I actually have fallen into more of an adrenal fatigue situation.

    I am currently doing an at home Tai Chi program. It is difficult of course! But all things worth attaining in life do not come easy. I have done my research on Tai Chi and find that this is an EXCELLENT form of exercise for us. Also it will aid my recovery in adrenal fatigue (something common in those who suffer FM/CFS.) It is slow and rehabilitative, but BOY I can feel my muscles working! I also feel energy, relaxation, stretching, my joints opening, and my pain lessens! This program IS my dream come true!

    As with all exercise, take it slow. Treat yourself kindly and give yourself "loving" time. With that I mean like take nice baths to relax your muscles and things along those lines. Stretch gently if needed! Also, 80% of weight loss is made in the kitchen... but exercise just keeps the skin and body firm. And keeps your pain in check, too! Good luck!!!

  • I started practicing yoga about 12 years ago when I was first diagnosed. Initially I had to modify a lot and couldn't do certain poses. Over the years my practice has changed and on good days I can do a lot of what the rest of the class is doing. My yoga teacher is great and will set up a pose, then say "you can stay here or..." and she will add and add, so that all levels are challenged. As much as I like the movement, the practice of conscious breathing has probably had the biggest positive impact on my daily life. At the end of each class is Savasana, which is 15 minutes lying down in a guided meditation. I strongly recommend starting a meditation practice for ALL humans, but those with FMS can really benefit. I practice Anusara yoga, which utilizes the Universal Principles of Alignment that can be applied to anything I do. I love it.

  • Exercise can be very beneficial to people with Fibro, but it needs to be done in an appropriate manner. There is a level of exercise possible for anyone, even if it is only doing simple stretches in bed or from a chair.

    Physiotherapy exercises are a good place to start and we recommend people with Fibro see a physiotherapist & check with their doctors before starting a new exercise program. Physiotherapy can only work if you keep up exercises and this can be done yourself.

    See this blog article about Physio & Fibro:


    Hydrotherapy exercises can be done in the bath or a local pool as well as in a proper hydrotherapy pool.

    All of this could help improve general fitness, wellbeing and weight loss as well as helping Fibro.

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