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Had my 2nd ESA medical today :(!


Hello every onee! <3

Well!!! The dreaded day arrived of my ESA Medical! Woke up this morning and could hardly walk and my wrists, elbows and back just didnt want to work at all. Could of got back in bed and sobbed because i knew i had to drive there and im really really struggling at the moment with my manual car! Got my crutches and splints though and my many pills and went!

Arrived and felt like i waited agessss! Was bout half an hour which was horrible, Couldn't sit still and was aching all over but my wrists struggled so much with the crutches it was really tough!

Had the medical and she asked away, Asked me about walking 100 metres or what ever it was with aids and how many times i stop and how long it takes. Started to get little annoyed, Fibro fog kicked in! Told her i didnt measure how far i could walk and i didnt time myself so i had no idea i just no that each step is a stuggle. Broke down crying though because i got so frustrated and was so worried, She then asked if i wanted to come bk another day to carry on but i told her that there was no way i was driving over here again and if i didnt HAVE to i wouldn't. It was just all horrible, She was no where near as nice as the other lady and was very sharp with me. Asked me about bathing and i told her i couldn't get out the bath and my partner will actually lift me out it, She kinda made me feel like a liar with that answer and then said well how does she manage that, ive been a nurse for years and cant! In fairness my other half is about 17 stone and very strong the woman who did my interview was bout 8 stone and 5ft nothing and looked like a twig! Annoyed me if im honest. The physical was painful and the mobility was really poor today which im hoping showed her how much I actually struggle! Just so worried about the answer now Sad

Fingers crossssed!!!!! x

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I would not wish fibro on anyone but I would like only one person in each board to get it suffer like we do and would pass it on to the rest of there ESA branch members then We all might get some where. If that does not work then we will all have to say we have a drink problum there is no question to all them who get ESA

CrazyCaz in reply to sheelagh

HHHHMMMMMM, might have to try that one!!!!!!! lol

reading all these horror stories, worries me sick, i think it should be against the law to force people to these assessments, obviously if people are ill they should come and see you at home, it would give them a better idea of a persons capabillity, plus if we get emotional, at least the world can't see, and we are in our own invironment.

CrazyCaz in reply to nonamedaisy

Agree with you entirely!!!!

Sorry to here you had a rough time, dreading mine next week. If it goes that bad I'm going to write to my MP & the Priminister. Do they not believe our GP's any more?????

I have the dreaded form to fill in and I'm worried which words to use and how to show them I have so much pain.

I haven't had any ESA for the past month, should have had a payment yesterday, still nothing so we are struggling. I am just about to call them and find out why. I haven't had a letter to say it's been stopped.

I so hope your medical was successful Big (but gentle) hugs

Sorry to hear you having such a bad time and having medicals and worrying about money when your in so much pain doesn't help. If you get took off esa you can appeal so don't worry you will be paid the basic rate until the appeal date arrives. I have appealed twice and wonin the past I am now appealing again and have waited 7 months for my appeal date.

try not to worry so much as stress will make you worse as i know

i don't know if you all know as i've come in half way through the conversation..... it's all well and good passing the esa medical but don't think all is well.... you have to be in the esa support group or there is big trouble ahead... going into the esa workplace group only entitles you to the benifit for 365 days.... all well and good if thats the only income you have and your only worry is to do the medical again.... now if you get another kind of benefit or income besides DLA they take it off your esa.... and you could be left with nothing depending whats coming in... say a woman gets esa placed in the workplace group for 365 days and her partner works or gets income support or any other kind of pension your esa is wiped out..... you need to be in the esa support group... ring them up and find out cos normally you only have 30 days to appeal ... up to one year in special circumstances... so people not knowing the truth about this goverment scam are unaware until their money suddenly stops have lost the right to appeal as the one year appeals process has run out... so find out quick and if your not in esa support group ....appeal quick.... the goverment have deliberately set this underneath and complicated trap.... i hope you understand this ..and sorry if you all already are on about esa support group .. good luck to all... i stand to lose £120 a week which is a lot to me....

Hi, I am new and have just joined today. I have had fribro since the late 1990's and was finally diagnosed in 2001. I have been on IB since around 2003. It's has been a while since I had a medical and I have been called in to have one at the end of April 2013; as my IB is being changed to ESA. I am worried and concerned, due to all the stories that you hear and the way some people are treated. Can anyone give me a run down on what to expect on the day, would be grateful.

I would like to add that I have gone through many stages of fibro since diagnosed and would be happy to share my experiences with you.

Gentle hugs.


Hello sorry i have not been on here in a while. i actually forgot my password lol fibro fog! I didnt pass my medical which gob smacked me. I have now gone on to a joint claim with my partner so until they send me for a medical again i am ok. I am also going to apply for dla although dreading getting turned down :( so unfair x

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