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my life: had a heart attack

well hello everyone,just be careful i've spent months rubbing my arms and complaining to my doctor about the pain. Well last friday after a few days of feeling abit dizzy i went to my doctors and was turned aaway and was told to phone at two oclock i went to the hospital and it turned up that i had had a heart attack sometime in the year if i had took the receptionists advise i would have dropped dead, but please make yourdoctor listen, i said to him today d you finally beleve me when j was telling u that i was in agony i had a heat attack dint know as it felt no different to the pain i was feeling at he time, said he will talk to social servies whe i spoke to them they said what can we do why are we reconized as being people who suffer mentally and such pain in our bodies tha we sit and cry, just be careful folks keep safe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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I quite believe your story you have to push and stay strong and insist all the way oyu are right so i am so glad you did and went all the way with others wont have done and like you say would nmot be here to tell the tale

the same happened with my grandson i will shorten the story but at 6 day old one night his scream was awful a different scream my daughter done all the usual thing s etc anyway went to local a snd e at midnight got to see a juior doctor who just listened to his back with sleep suit on said he had croup and they were in for goo 5 weeks of crying etc went out and they heard him say to a nurse jus go in that cubicle and tell young couple all is well re aaure them etc

so they left hospital early hours daughter not happy still knowing something was wrong cuddled baby all night got into gp 8 am next morning who tookone look and called child ward at hospital they got there and he had step b memningitis if she had left going to the doctor just few more hours he would have been dead so there mothers instinct again they put in a huge complaint and they now use my grandson all over the country in all hospitals as a case study obviously he is not named and they have changed the rules at a and e any baby under 3 months must go straihjt up on ward and bypass a and e and also my daughter if she taked either of her boys to a and e she has got a flag on the system so she gets seen straight away so it did do some good she did not want money she did not want anyone else to through what her and her partner went through so i can quite believe what you say it is disgusting and frustrating when no one listens

glad all is well now love diddle


Im a great believer in trusting your own instincts we know ourselves better than gps, Im so glad your back you had me so worriedxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hagi so glad you went to the emergency department, that is plan for anything painful that the doc ignores ...

Soft hugs xxx



Well I can quite beleive you cos I had a cardiac arrest on the 22nd April...I had been suffering with pain in my arms, neck and chest for quite some time..I put it down to my FMS I had previously visited my GP to tell them about the pain in my chest and left arm in particular...She thought at the time it was nothing...! Months down the line...I was not feeling well at all...felt tired all the time...also the pain was worse...then when I was out shopping I had a cardiac arrest...! I ended up being flown by air ambulance to hospital...spent 11 days in hospital and was diagnosed having Cardiomyopathy DCM....I also had an ICD fitted to stop me having any more cardiac arrests...also I am on medication to help correct my heart rate....! If it hadnt been for the help of two people doing CPR on me I would not be alive today....also I found out that the long term medication Amitriptyline does cause arrythmias...! I was taken off the medication immediately when I was in hospital...So yes I can beleive whats happened to you....You were right to go to A & E just as well you did...I hope your GP takes more attention now to your medical health...! Hope things turn out ok for you and you get sorted....! Good luck sending you gentle hugs

Bev :)


This is scary to read, my husband complained for days about constant heartburn, doctor gave him omeprazole. 3 days later he went to emergency docs and was sent straight to a&e where he was admitted and underwent an angioplasty 3 days later, he had suffered two heart attacks at some point and the artery was 99% blocked.


so was my artery they put to stints in but was'nt really giving any advise what did they say to him;x


The usual, lose weight, stop smoking (which he did straight away). They

put him on a load of meds, aspirin, statins for cholesterol and also gave I'm some leaflets. Not sure on if your in UK or not, if you are go to the heart foundation website, you can join for free and will get a lot of info from them plus a quarterly magazine full of interesting articles.


Hagi lv,so glad ur ok and will pray for you to be well,lv and lost of hugs,lv fm me xx


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