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Had ESA assessment yesterday

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hi there,

had my ESA assessment yesterday and i do not have any hope. first the doctor was spanish and had to ask me to repeat al my answers so that she could understand what i was saying, I often had to ask her to repeat a question for the same reason. i did a stupid thing before i went i took 2 Tramodol as i was in a lot of pain. during the assessment i was nearly asleep due to medicaton. she asked me to do some physical moves such as bending touch my toes squatting as though to pick up paper, lift my arms above my head etc., i could not do them, infact i ended in tears and at that point she stopped th ephysical side i could see the look my daughter gave the doctor and i was thinking keep your mouth closed which she did.

so all i can do now is wait and see if i have to sign on for unemployment, this will be a laugh as they will not let me do this as i am not fit to be seeking employment. wish me luck.


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Hi dobbie62

I am so sorry to read that your assessment didn't go too well for you. however, not being able to do the physical tasks gives me hope that you may have proved you have a disability? After all, if you had of managed to do what she had asked she would have said that you were not disabled?

Also, as you got upset, if she could actually see this she may well have thought that you were clearly struggling? So please do not be too disheartened yet? You can always appeal anyway?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with the outcome.

Ken x

Hi there don't be to downhearted I know they can be hard It was four years before they awarded me but sounds like your fibro limits your movement and how much your would be able to do also this would make you unreliable to a team or solo working and then demoralisation. Im hoping you get it really I do but if you don't then see cab, The CAB advocate I had helped me with a section 35 and section 29. The section 35 is a statement of it would do you harm to be employed and section 29 is they have to find you a job you can do really wishing you luck fibro friend xx.

They made me do something I knew I could not and he insisted I try. It was the fact I could lift my arms that seemed to be the main problem to why they passed me fit for work "I could move an empty box off a shelf"

I went to appeal and won in less than 10 mins, with genuine concern from the judge and doctor on the panel on how I cope when the wife is at her part time job.

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panda60 in reply to Offcut

I have to say I was intrigued by the empty box question on the form. I filled mine in 2 yrs ago but still trying to think of jobs that involve shifting empty boxes around....

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Offcut in reply to panda60

I have checked on all the major job sites and I have not found one empty box lifters positions anywhere. I am moving soon and I had a problem moving the empty boxes. But because I lifted my arms up for 5 seconds that was enough to do an 8 hour job according to the ATOS idiot

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dobie62 in reply to Offcut

hi there if you do find a job as discribed please tell us as i am sure that we would all like to apply for it. as you say ATOS are a load of idiots. why should a computor data company have the rights to be in control of our destanies, they are not suited to carry out these assessments. it has been proven that some of the staff they use have been disaplined in their previous jobs and some have even been struck off in their oen countries. will keep fingers crossed that i can find a job that has empty boxes.


It sounds like to me it went quite well. You feely sleepy is how you feel when you take the medication which is what they need to see. Not being able to do things and getting teary is so real and how you feel daily so please if anything you have shown how it is for you each day so don't be downhearted :o)

Put in a complaint. Doctors doing this kind of work should be fluent in English.


Sweetheart I feel your pain. Could you go to a pain clinic? They could give you something to better stop your pain and where you could function. At least on simple things. Hope this helps!!! xxx Mitzi

Please do not be too disheartened. Your daughter being there was good because she can be a witness (should you need to appeal against a decision at any time). Obviously I don't want to give false hope but the fact that the assessor stopped the physical might not be a bad thing. It may be acknowledgment that she saw it was too much for you. Of course, watch out for what they write in the report because I've heard a lot about what is written not matching up to your experience. You are suppose tell them anyway if it is too much and gives you pain. This is the advice that's always given out and so you did the right thing. Some people try and go on but the fact that you were in tears and nearly asleep shows that you were able to convey your pain and distress (whereas others try and put on a stiff upper lip and it goes against them). Personally I'd have probably said that I needed to take medication because I was feeling so anxious.

Best wishes. K x

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dobie62 in reply to Kirby

hi there,

i am hoping that having to stop the physical side helps me. i have been is chronic pain since then.

i am trying to put it to the back of my mind but have been looking at JCP site to se what jobs are available for me, not much going in the type of job i am qualified to do.

off to sleep now.

kind regards


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