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Urgghhhh Work!

Today I decided I would pluck up the curage to speak to my manager about going from 5 days a week down to 4 as I can't do it anymore I'm too tired and in far too much pain. I explained all of this too her and she just wouldn't have any of it. Her response to it was 'well we will have to see Charlotte we can try it but I'm not sure it will work for me.' After me explaining I could be flexible and do the odd 5 days if she really needed me and that I would have any day off she wanted me to it didn't need to be the same. She then walked back to her office and while walking past me she said 'well I will just have to try and get some more staff then won't I?' And closed the door.

It made me feel awful it's not my fault I really can't cope with working 5 days I work in a nursery so it's very physical and hands on which I do struggle with, all of the girls in the rooms help me out a lot lifting sometimes and other things. I just don't think my manager has any clue at all about how she's made me feel and it seems as though she couldn't care less. Being 18 years old and already having to cut my work down doesn't make me feel good at all let alone having a manager like that!!

Sorry for ranting and raving a bit!

I really hope no-one else has had to experience anything like this it's not fair at all and just makes you feel rubbish.

Take care

Charlotte xxx

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I wonder if this may be of help to you Charlotte?


Thaaaank you very much :) it's made me not feel so bad about my decision!


Hello Charlotte,

Sounds like you feel your boss doesn't understand and isn't listening to you. Must be hard when you are trying to work despite having Fibro. Try not to worry as on the FibroAction there is information on work & Fibro. Please see link;

Here you can read about your rights, reasonable adjustments & information about organisations who you may wish to call for further advice.

I hope this is of help to you

If you think your boss would benefit from information on Fibro, the website also has downloadable factsheets that you can print & take into work with you. Link Below;

All the best



Thank you very much for your advice I will have a nose at it later :) thanks again x


No worries at all, lets us know how you get on :)


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