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First day back to work!

Today was my first day back to work,after 6 wks off,well I made it!but only just!i cleaned the admin debt and everyone was pleased to have me back,one of my colleagues gave me s hug and said she had missed me,then she burst into tears,she has a lot of illnesses herself and actually a lot of people don't like her cus she moans too mutch,but I don't judge a book by its cover like other people do,I know her on the inside and she's a good friend to have,she said someone had said to her that there was nothing wrong with me cus I look ok!god that makes me cross,anyway apparently she had a right go at her and put her right on what fibro was,just before I finished at 2 she had got her son to bring in some flowers for me,wasn't that realy nice,anyway how do I feel,struggled to clean 9 toilets and emptied 40 bins but I did it!within 15 mins of being home,I'd given my dog a big cuddle and went to bed,woke up 4,I have plantar fasciitis so my feet are realy tight and throbbing,my back don't want to bend and hurting,iv got a mega headache and I'm knackered!!but I done it!!dont have to work tomorrow as iv got my fibro support group,at least I don't have to get up at 6.15!

Just thought I'd let you know how I got on xxxxx

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hi so glad you got thro your first day back, it is always so hard after a break. Lovely to hear that you have a true understanding friend , they do not even need to say anything they can just tell. warm hugs J x


Hi Pinkblossom

I'm glad you got through your first day ok. It sounds like you have a really good friend there and good on her for sticking up for you. I hope it's not been too hard for you, cleaning 9 toilets - and with fibro as well. Take it easy this evening and relax

Well done you

Storm x


Thanks irisjoy,it's nice she defended me in my absence,this other girl who said i was making my illness up happens to be 'my friend' or so I thought,any way she apologised for saying I was 'making up my illness' I realy just don't need shite from ignorant people,iv only had fibro for a year and its unbelievable how people treat other people with their disabilities,it's even worse when it can't be seen.

Jue xxx


well done on your first day back...have a good sleep and enjoy the support tomorrow x


Glad to hear that you managed to get through the day even if it has left you exhausted. At least now you know that you can do it and you also have the support of a good friend too. Sleep well tonight and I hope you enjoy your meeting tomorrow. Jane x


Well done you! I have plantar fasciitis too, making my job as a dog walker so painful.. I now have inserts in all my shoes inc slippers and after a year my feet are much better. You can get them from Boots.

Piggie hugs xxxxxx


Or see an Orthotist, get a referral from your GP and have personal orthotics made for your shoes, boots, slippers etc. It can make a world of difference to you, it can also make walking pleasurable again. It can make that much of a difference all with a simple referral!

My mum had Plantar Fasciitis and used to hobble and some days have to stay in her flat because she couldn't go out. Now she is walking everywhere, doing keep fit etc., and she's 78 years old. There is help out there, we just sometimes have to ask for it. :)


Thanks everyone,going to see my doc again on Friday,will speak to him about what can be done about my feet,I get through loads of slippers because its not long before the support goes and my feet start hurting and then my feet slip around leading to me tripping up!when the doc said it pas PF he just gave me a leaflet,the exercise says about rolling your feet back and forth on a round object,have you ever tried doing that when you're feet are killing you!that old saying 'no pain no gain' is a load of rubbish,a bloke must have made that up (sorry chaps if your reading);)as the evening goes on my feet are getting worse,thank goodness I'm not working tomorrow,in on thurs,day off fri to go docs and in on sat xx


Well done pinkblossom you did it! It really is an achievement and now you hurt especially your feet - oh poor you - do get an appointment witha Orthotist mine made liners specifically for my feet what a difference ***** marvelous..

The next day you are in will not be as bad :) good luck hun xgins


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