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What a bad night :-(

Well tonight was my first night back in work after 4 weeks off. Wasnt having a great day anyway due to my hands being very sore so a trip to the doctors has resulted in yet more tablets! steroids this time.

i had told my manager very clearly what i can and cant do so what does my manger do? completely ignore what i said and puts me working stock and being on my feet for 6 hours! i told him countless times i was struggling and he just kept giving me other jobs to do, this ended up with me having an almighty back spasm which i still cant straighten up from. i was and still am so angry, i was promised they would accomidate what i requested. i ended up going outside and crying as i am so fed up and was in so much pain. another manager (who is known as a complete cow and very unsympathetic) came outside so i was waiting for the mouthful off her for being away from my work and to my surprise she was so caring and understanding, even told me to go back off sick and she will find out where i stand with sick pay! still in shock from her response i think lol!

i honestly thought going back to work would be the start of me getting back to normality and picking me up from my down mood but even after speaking to the manager who tried to help me i still feel so upset by the response from my store manager. i had even given him a list of all my symptoms so he could understand what i was going through but again he just ignored them!

i hate how unsympathetic some people can be, thanks to him i am going to have such a bad day tomorrow and its my daughter that suffers when i am unable to do anything with her

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Demand a proper sit down interview first thing tomorrow, you do have rights, I'll see if I can find a link to what I was reading earlier on on this site.

get as much rest as you can over night

Julie xx



Here it is - some really good advice I think which will apply to you Julie xx


thank you julie, i will have a look.

im still upset over it now and im angry with myself for getting upset, im not usually an emotional person over things but tonight im just a crying mess!



How cruel & rotten of your Manager. I really do admire people who work with FM.

I took a voluntary redundance due to my ill healtb but had'nt been diagnosed wth FM at the time.

My cousin is PA to one of the Chief Commisioners at Equal Oppertunities & ths stories she telks me of cases about how people are treated it terrible. I reckon she would adviseyou to ask for a meeting with the manager & you can bring in another employee to act as witness for you & they have to accomodate your request by law. Its worth looking into. Its hard enough havj g to fight with Fibro & then to dread waking up going into work, it would eventually pull you down & make your FM worse.

I hope you get the matter sorted out.

Luv & Hugs



Thank you jackie, I think I am going to have to go down the route of the whole formal meetings with my manager as I can't do another shift like the one last night. I am in complete agony today now, can't put my feet down properly as they are so sore which means I'm pretty much stuck sat down so my daughter has to miss out which is so unfair on her, she is only 6 but understands that I'm not well and will even put a film on and tell me to go to sleep for a bit bless her! X


Never under-estimate a 6 year old, I remember when I had daughter #2 my elder daughter was 6 1/2 (the half was very important at the time) and she was so eager to look after me and the baby, she was desperate to change wet (not poohie) nappies and generally make a fuss of us both. 6 year olds are awesome!

Julie xx


She has been really good today bless her. She has hoovered, done dishes, tidied the lounge and is making her way on to the bathroom! All with my help but she's done most of it bless her! She's a little angel!


My heart goes out to you xxx there's some good advice above. I agree arrange meeting where minutes are taken so "reasonable steps" can be taken to help Sounds as tho u may have gone back too soon. Good luck. Gentle hugs



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