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Symptoms of Fibrofog and work

Goodmorning everyone,

I sometimes have this feeling as if I don't know where I am or what I was supposed to be doing and feel completely lost, my head also feels all congested and I feel totally blank, I'm unable to communicate as I used to with people in general. I spoke to my therapist recently who said that I should try some relaxation techniques whenever this occurs. I have had to deal with this so many times at work and it has made me feel so incompetent and not worthy of being in my profession. So far, at work I have tried to double check and triple check everything I am doing but it also leaves me in a lot of worry. My manager also told me how forgetful I am and my daughter asked me once if I have dementia, having said all of this, I cant see myself not continuing to work even with the physical changes I have had in mobility and body aches and pains. I feel as if I would be even more lost not being in my job and yes I have a very high sickness record, occupational health is aware of condition. Anyone has been in this or similar situation regarding work ?

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Hi Lizz, I am in a similar position to you although I am currently off work as the pain is too bad to manage even on light duties. I also checked everything twice or more but still found I was making really silly mistakes. My boss was great but eventually I found I had lost a confidential document which, if found in the wrong place resukted in instant dismissal. That on top of pain so bad I could barely function meant I had to accept I was being foolish in even going to work as I wasn't fit to do my job at that point. Now 8 weeks later I feel I am no beter, some days even worse. My employer's occupational health service seem to think I will now be unable to return to work so I am feeling kind of lost and very depressed and anxious about the future and what it holds both for me, as a person, and finacially.

I totally understand your concers and I am really sorry I can't be more helpful but I will be following the relies you get as I am not sure i am ready to totally throw the towel in yet.


Hi Lruk what job do you do? X


hiya i completely understand. i am currently at college studying health and social care. yesterday in class i nearly cried as my head was full of answers but i couldn't think of how i could put into a sentence to talk and be understood. it is annoying especially as i know i can do this work but i don,t make sense!!!!


I am a support for learning teacher in a primary school so I am in and out of different classes and running up and down corridors for much of the day.


Hi Lizz,

I am so sorry you are having to endure this, if you like to pm me I have info about a product which has been my saviour with reminding me about things to do and when.

Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Foggy x


Hi there foggiest id be really glad to know of a product I use my phone for alarm reminders through my day for any thing from putting something in the oven to meds to appointments so please this would help me to


Hi Lizzc

I totally understand. I used to have a senior executive, very high pressured job which I was increasingly unable to cope with due to various issues including Fibro. I spent 6 months on ESA which totally demoralised me, and I just could not cope. Once I accepted my illness and admitted to myself that I was no longer the superwoman I thought I used to be, I was honest with myself and accepted that I could not go back into the work environment as I knew it. However, I still knew the skills I had were still there, so I decided to start working from home. I researched a lot and found some part time positions, and have continued doing this now for over 5 years. I have a range of clients, who all know about my disabilities, and how they affect me.. I only take on work that is non stressful, without tight deadlines, so it gives me time to complete the work and recheck it if I am having blank moments. Yes everything now takes longer, because I have to restart, or forget where I am or I fall asleep, but I do get the work done. I have done so well, that I now work with 3 other Freelancers who I pass word too when I get busy. Working from home on a self employed basis, was an excellent choice for me, and I have just secured funding from Access to Work of £2700 for an office chair, leg rest, laptop and voice activated software & training, as these will all help me to continue working because of my disabilities.

So I would say do not continue to struggle working in a difficult environment and making yourself worse, think about if you could use your skills from home, and really consider this option. I already had most things I needed to work from home, and there were so many other free software available that allowed be to enhance the services that I offer to clients.

I hope this helps


Thanking everyone so much, the more I receive your

support, the more I do not feel alone in the fibro battle. I have decided to go back to work end of January, I will also inform work the way I feel and if there are any lighter duties I can do, in 3/4 days and see how I manage

In 2009 I had cut down working 37.5 hrs to 20 hrs and slowly increased to 24, 26, 28 then 30 hrs over 5 days. I have been doing 30 hrs for a year now, in April this year I went off sick with symptoms, I was also 28 wks pregnant. My job is mainly sitting at a desk, typing and either speaking to my clients face to face or over the phone. So for me my hardest task is getting out of bed fighting - stiffness/insomnia/pains/mood then getting ready for work in the mornings ........ this is hell most times, then....... I suffer for eight hours, when I get home, I cant do anything.

I know I have to stop doing this to myself. To me, having a little energy for looking after myself and the kids is far more important than money but its so so hard to give up.

BTW how do I PM someone here ?


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