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To swim or not to swim?????

My sister has joined a gym this week and apparently the pool is wonderful and they have like a spa room with the usual heat rooms steam room and sauna and beds that are made of stone but are really warm all the time and she suggested i go with her(not to the gym lol) to the spa and just float about in the water and go into all the heat rooms and lay on the beds and just see if it does me any good, so i said yes i will give it a go has anyone else done any of the above and if so did it give you anty relief????? thing is i love my hot bath every night but you can only lay in there for so long cant you so i have a feeling it wont be a very long lasting relief but will have fun while it lasts i suppose love to you all diddle xxxx

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Hi diddle.

you go and try it hun, It sounds wonderful.

You wouldnt get me anywhere near anywhere that i would have to get in a costume lol. I have put so much weight on and i know swimming would do me good but not a chance.

Hope you get some good advice off people.

I wouldnt think it would do you any harm trying it though.

good luck with it, kel xxxx


Thanks for that yeah think i will give it a goo cant do any harm can it only to the people seeing me in bikini lol i may only be a tiny 7 stone with nothing on me but my stomach looks like a road map all the stretch marks on it (curtesy of my eldest daughter aged 25 and 8lb 9 half ounces and 4 stone weight gain!!!!) not that i am bitter lol only joking my kids are worth every stretch mark love and hugs to you diddle x


Hi I found the Spa and steam rooms great I came out feeling really refreshed for a bit ! Swimming just made me feel even more tired though , Go for it ! Hope you enjoy it x


ohh sounds like a plan then will tell my sister i will go but not today it awful out yuk day to be indoors with my kindle me think love and soft hugs Diddle xxx


have a go diddle but all the effort in changing and doing hair tires me and then i give up

can you go for a taster session for free ?


Hi Diddle, as an ex life guard and as my Aquatherapist says, swimming is a great way to exersise for sombody suffering with fibro, HOWEVER do not over do it, you may get into the water and find that it is alot easier and less painfull to move around and you could be tempted to over do it, use the pool about waist deep to walk from left to right as this will help you get more movement, if you can manage it have a small swim, as for the steam room and sauna i have no idea how this will help, i know that heat packs feel great on muscles but have no idea what so much intense heat from a sauna or stem room would do to a sufferer of fibro, I suggest you contact your GP for advise, maybe somebody on here will have an idea..

Take it easy



ok thankyou for that . ex lifeguard very impressive i will ask my gp or some one proffessional before i do it. thanks for advice. love and hugs diddle xxx


Various forms of hydrotherapy and heat therapies are considered to have a good level of evidence from research that they can really help with Fibro. Take it slow, check with a doc before starting and watch for dehydration or blood pressure issues, but it could really help you feel better.

If you get a physio referral, they can also teach you gentle exercises and stretches to do in the pool.


Hi diddle, i used to go to the steam room every week and it helped me. floating in the pool would be good as long as it is warm, but my experience with public pools tells me they vary from day to day. good luck with that. it is a good place to socialise too


i know it is hard to do anything NEW that youve never done before but go for it. You can be our 'tester'. I get fearful doing new things incase i have a bad reaction. the last time i went swimming i couldnt get the hand brake off


Hi Diddle definitely go. I used to go to a spa and it's amazing the good it does for you. Not only do you have a wonderful day but when you get home you have a wonderful sleep - you don't even realise how much tension is in your body now due to worry about your condition etc. I would recommend it highly

BTW I don't go to the spa anymore as I lost my job and the work's Social Club used to subsidise the cost - it would only cost me £10.00 for the day whereas the normal cost was £75.00! Let me know how you get on.

PS Don't worry about your stretch marks - they are proof that you have brought life into the world and you should be proud of them.


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