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Say what!!

Does anyone else have difficulty hearing? WHEN I WAS ON THE BUS COMING HOME THEIR WERE A FEW LASSES CHATTING LOUDLY YET THEY SOUNDED AS IF THEY ( sorry it caps lock can't be bothered to re write it:) )were speaking a foreign language and i often feel that watching tv. If i am in a group and their are a couple of conversations going on i get so lost and it's just like white noise. I have had ears checked and yes their is a little fluid in one it's not enough to cause a problem. I'm not saying it's a fibro thing but would like to know if i'm on my own. I'm a nightmare to have a conversation with as i take so long to process what is said that i come across rude!

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Hi Rachie

My hubby complains of the same sort of thing. If the is more than one conversation or people are talking over each other, getting louder and louder he can't cope. He is in his 50's and I do wonder whether it is the brains inability to process morevthan one conversation as it gets older. I could be totally wrong but that's my theory.

Love n hugs Karen


I struggle when there is more than one sound at a time going on, whether it be conversation or the washing machine or even music. If I am watching tv and there is speech with music in the background I cannot hear the speech. If more than one person is talking I cannot make out one person and what they are saying. The only way I can describe it is that all the sounds get jumbled up together and it becomes impossible to make sense of anything I am trying to hear. At times it drives me insane so I often have my MP3 in as I find if I just concentrate on that then I am okay, although the music is very muffled. I got my ears checked and I am going deaf in both ears, I have tinnitus and Menieres, I also have a kink in the left ear canal which I never knew about until late last year. It may be worthwhile getting it checked again just to be sure. I was pretty shocked when i found out. Other times a tiny sound can sound like a huge explosions and you fair jump out of your skin, at least I do. let us know how you get on XXXXX


Yes yes yes. I had hearing test as family said I was deaf the gentleman said that my brain is hearing more than most people so from the test and that as we know fibro shuts off what is feels is not most urgent for attention in the brain so we can walk etc that he thought my brain was getting confused by sounds when there is background noise. I have learnet to sort of lip read but never go to pub etc as just can't hear anything anyone says just a noise to me. I also get tinitus which doesn't help.

Hope this helps but get a hearing test to be sure x


Pardon? Eh? What?

I'm as deaf as a post - I think I inherited it from my mother, but it's an age onset thing. You're very young, rachie, so it wouldn't hurt to get a hearing test. i think they do them free at Boots

Moffy xxx


I have the same problem Moffy, deaf as a post! I am virtually deaf in one ear and my hearing isn't great in the other ear either. I lip read a lot of the time and find the telephone a nightmare but manage and not many people notice. I manage to put the messages together hearing the odd words, I am so used to it now.

My mother is quite deaf and so were her parents so I guess it's a hereditary thing coupled with really bad ear infections as a child. I've had three ear operations to try to help but no luck.

I agree with Moffy Rachie, I would personally suggest a hearing test for you just to see if there is a problem and what help is available to you etc.

(((hug))) xxx



I have this prob. I find it hard to concentrate on even one to one conversations. The sound of talking seems to blur and eventually turns into background noise. It's not for lack of trying to listen, and I worry that people think me rude.


So I'm not alone, I only had 30% hearing on my left ear, and I'm afraid the other one starts too work bad as well. I really don't know if this is caused by my "loved friend fibro", maybe not,

And I have some problems with my voice, some days my voice is so low, that I need to repeat what I'm saying more than once, it is so annoying because I can realize I'm speaking very low and i try to speak higher and I can't , sounds crazy but since I start to accept my relationship with Miss Fibro I've understand that all most of the crazy pains,burns,brain fogs,strange vision, jumping legs etc. is the way "she" founds to say I'm here living with you, just inside your body, no matter if you like it or not, so be a nice girl, don't get stressed, don't make your body gives you more than I allowed him to give you.

I'm really sorry I should just answer the question, but when I saw I write things who as nothing to do with the question. .


Hehe I too forget the question and end up talking about something else xxx I have finally accepted my gift of fibro. I talk really loud with out meaning to but not quietly. xxxx


Thank you all for your reply's. When i was 4 i was stone deaf in both ears due to glue ear and was like that for a year and learnt to lip read. I know i should get a test done and i may enquire at boots. I feel like i live at the doctors plus i have to get my breasts checked :(.



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