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Xmas miracle PIP SHOCKER!!!!

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OK so it's prob over a month since I put in for my PIP appeal, and I've been relishing the peace and quiet of having them off my back for a bit whilst simultaneously freaking about losing my Motability vehicle imminently.... So yesterday some money appeared in my bank balance that was more than usual and 2 days early, but I didn't want to ring and speak to them so just presumed it was early for Xmas and that they'd realised they owed me it for something (had a couple of things the same recently with ESA)... So today's post arrived, a brown envelope... that was obviously from DWP (shudder) which I presumed was about the appeal and I dreaded opening it... 3 sentences in all I can take in was things like changed our mind, appeal not going ahead and I'm afraid a relative had to take over at that point as I nigh on passed out!

YES, not a hallucination DWP have ACTUALLY changed their minds, and without dragging me thru the dreaded and unbearable appeal tribunal!!!! An accompanying letter from the Tribunal Service confirmed that they were closing it their end! 😲

So I now have to sort out about £700 that I owe Motability, but hoo-bloody-ray it's OVER!!!!

The DWP letter basically said they would review in 2 years at the beginning, but then said they would not review it at the end(?)... My MP has been a miracle worker!

I'm too exhausted to write more, but wanted to let you all know!

Merry Christmas

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great news for you i'm so happy my friend ,they re enstated ours as well so now we can also enjoy Christmas

Glad to hear it... What a waste of time, resources and public funds eh!

I personally think they waste more trying to prove we are not eligible than they do actually allowing us to claim what we are entitled to - it's all back to front IMO !!

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maco100 in reply to Mdaisy

200 million they have wasted

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Mdaisy in reply to maco100

Craziness ! for a small percentage fraudulent claims compared to other the loss of money elsewhere. Its not right to squeeze the vulnerable due to a minority IMO :)

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once again I agree with Mdaisy (I dont often) too many cheats have caused all this denial of benefits we should be entitled to.. my step son tried it on after his wife died, she had fibro, he had mentally noted all her aches pains and mental illnesses all of which cannot be proved by tests- he got full PIP 14 months ago, last week he got 2 years suspended for benefit fraud..I and his dad are ashamed of him.

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I get the frustration, prior to needing DLA or now PIP I never really thought to much about those that do claim and received these benefits but was aware of a few people who were scamming the system a little but never thought to much about it, since developing numerous health condition since inc. Fibromyalgia, and severe back, neck, and head pain, disc-degeneration

and myofacial pain, I seem to find my entire life perminently stressed cos I’m worrying about the never ending hassle for forms and evaluations, and the never ending uncertainty that the government can at anytime say sod you all were scrapping the lot, our entire lives are held in the hands off often rather uncaring and unsympathetic burocrates. I know find myself annoyed by the people receiving these benefits when they don’t really need them, especially when the people that genuinely need them can’t get them or have them taken away, many of don’t get round to appealing due to lack of available help or the energy or will to even bother, even thinking of my situation exhausts me. I was originally awarded DLA middle band and mobility for life, which at least left me feeling somewhat safe and secure with my situation and allowing me to focus on the best way to heal myself and just maybe find some sort of cure and anormal life even better a way out of the system, but the powers that be decided illness and poor health that leave one incapacitated and incapable of work are not reason enough to accept your claim

When all your doctors and specialist and consultants agree you are not capable of employment, why o why do the beurocrates with no knowledge or understanding of your illness get to say otherwise, I mean do they really think anyone would chose this life living at the behest of whatever government policy happens to be at the particular moment in time, no real life because you just can’t manage gettin up, let alone get dressed, or leave the house, no friends as they gave up years ago and never ending constant pain which stops us getting the sleep we so desparetly need, the sleep which may allow are body’s to somehow heal and ease the constant pain somewhat. Alternatively they could just stop waisting money with the constant barrage of forms and mandatory reconsiderations, the face to face interviews with people who have no real medical training and have no knowledge and understanding of our illnesses, people who are paid more to fail us than pass us regardless of our situation, when they say no, more often than not you then have the appeals process which assuming you have help and can manage and face it will drag on for months this whole process costing tens of thousands per applicant, a process which will start all over again 18-36 months later despite the fact your illness is incurable and most likely only gonna get progressively worse (in many cases because of the stress these situations cause) MADNESS. If this money they waste continually was used for improving health and treatments then maybe less people would need to claim, also just a point about the scammers they use as an excuse to put us through all this again an again and again,well they will most likely receive there benefits at the highest rates available because they have the good health and bags of energy to go through this process without nearly killing themselves, and I’m pretty sure at their face to face assessments they can always manage to put on a good show, as much as this may anger me claiming for something they don’t need for illness’s they don’t have I do believe that the large majority off claimants are genuine and in desperate need... just a little rant from me....so I thought should end on a happier note and wish you all a “MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR”🍹🍸✨☃️🍷🍺🍻🥃🥂🍾🍽 🤢🤮🤒🤤🤗.!

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Thank you hun,,I agree about the assessment process it would have been better to ask qualified medics to assess us in an area where they have access to our medical records and PAY THEM FOR THEIR TROUBLE, there are quite a few doctors not currently working for various reasons who could be paid ,they would have access to blood tests c.t,S etc..initially our g.p was asked to do the form filling with us and send in their opinions,it became an overload of work and as I said with so many convincing cheats it was taken outside the NHS...

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I remember a few years ago (i'm no good with time). Watching the local news, a Doctor came on and he was in tears with the Assessment Center . He worked for one of them, ATOS, I think.

Also, on reading their paperwork after one assessment, years ago now, I found that the physio had reported it correctly but the 'Sec of State's' follow up on that was incorrect/rude/ignorant......etc. I haven't bothered since as it virtually said 'See WE can say what WE want'.

The trouble is they pay so well.

Amazing news and what a relief - now you can relax and enjoy Christmas :) Have a good one!

Thanks... Just gotta wait for the bloomin ESA lot to do a home visit 18months in since I disputed/reclaimed..... But nice to be able to relax on the PIP front anyway

good news and a Happy Xmas

great news. you can relax over the xmas without worrying now.

Wow brilliant news. Well done and phew... Hugs xx


Delighted for you 😁🎉🎄🎅🏻🍾

What a lovely Christmas present, a miracle indeed. Hurrah!!!!

Over the moon for you xx

Well done , congratulations.

Well done So happy that my Angels are doing there job correctly

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019

Well mine certainly were 😝

Funnily my Mum had said in the morning that her angel card said something along the lines of something you were worrying about last month you won't be worrying about anymore

chuffed to bits

Wow!! That’s amazing! Now I want to know who your MP is!! I agree it’s a miracle! Happy Christmas!!!

I'd rather not say in case any DWP spies are lurking if that's ok.... seeing as using the Internet is usually interpreted as meaning you haven't got anything wrong with you etc etc etc... Saying I login once a week = "oh you could go to work" etc... Sorry getting paranoid in my old age

Sorry I don’t get on here much. I totally understand! I know what DWP is like! Having lost PIP over a year ago I am currently building up a medical history to back up my claim since that was what was lacking in my last claim. I’m hoping this one will be more successful!!

Great News, they like trying it on hoping you won't appeal they've spent over 200 million on appeal case's I'm happy for you

A neighbour was in a similar position and just accepted their decision to put her from higher mobility to middle rate... I have to say my hair has been falling out I've been so stressed with it all.


So pleased for you. What a weight off your mind. Now you can get off this farcical PIP treadmill that we are all on. Keep all your documents safe as they contact many people a year before award runs out. Makes a lovely change to hear a positive story, this is why we should never give up fighting.

Yes & unbelievable it happened to me!!! I thought I'd end up needing treatment for the shock when I opened that letter!.. And all day was waiting to wake up and hear "and it was aaaall a dream"

Well done 👍

What a wonderful early Xmas present I am so pleased for you.x

Hi DWPmakingmylifehell, I left a little rant a bit further up and ended on a happier note by wishing everyone a merry Xmas ‘n a happy new year, unfortunately I forgot to congratulate you on your news, so congratulations and I hope this news allows the season to go smoothly and stress free, good look over crimbo and new years


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