Sorry what did you say?!! :)

Oh my goodness, YES!!! I get that too. It's a nightmare, I'm always saying to my partner 'I can't tell what you are saying'. Must drive him crazy - I know it drives me mad. I do have tinnitus but this is an additional thing. I guess as someone else said maybe get hearing checked but if I understand you correctly and it's the same as I have, it seems to be more about processing what is being said to you. It's very odd, that's all I know.

Take care and I hope things improve.

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  • Good mornng lynzard how are you?xxx

  • Morning H how's you this morning?

    I'm freezing my butt off here :( not helping the pain management at all :( brrrrrrrrrrrrr

    super warming fluffies for you too :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Iam not too bad,really cold though and pain is flared up a bit.Plus a bit of a bad belly from eating loads of choccy last night :D Got an appointment at mental health clinic later to discuss depression and see if I can try a different antidepressant.I started a stress and mood management course last week and it was really good plus going to start counselling soon which will help as well.Iam feeling more positive,still have some physical things going on but not as bad,more manageable I would say.Iam finding myself pushing myself to do things again which I must be careful with.How are you?has your pain improved?xxx

  • Really pleased you're able to access all that H. I've taken sertraline for years now and find it really helps and no unpleasant side effects but I know we're all different. Let me know how you get on. xx

  • That all sounds amazing H and very positive good on you my friend. I had a dark choccy gorge last night :o you're not alone there!

    The pain has stabilised but is still high level. The doc upped the Pregabalin to max dose last week but if I start taking it now I won't feel the benefit when I start back at hydrotherapy :( I'm not as wound up as last week I think I got my whinge out of my system then :D thankfully! LOLOL

    Take care not to overdo it hunny and remember your fluffie recliner to submerge yourself into. super warming fluffies on route to you

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • fill up a little kids pool with sand, grab a beach chair, make a cute

    fruity drink with an umbrella and sit before a large window that

    lets in lots of light...have yourself a beach vacation right inside

    your living room! I used to do that when my kids were little but

    with water...I put a little tiny pool with shallow water in it and I

    let the kids pretend that the were at the pool swimming when

    they were 4 and 5 yrs old...they had toys in with them...and they

    played in my view, never to hurt, stayed in the water and didn't

    fight. It was the best...I sometimes dipped my feet in and read

    them a there's an idea for thought. =))

  • Morning haribo & lyn, how are you both, I've had tinitus for years, also ear problems, but like you I keep asking "what did you say" then they seem to raise there voice in an annoyed way... I no have a hearing aid, they gave me one of the small new digital ones as I ou ident stand the moulded earpiece resting on the bones in my ears, it helps, but now my ear has to get use to all the other noises it hasn't heard all these years lol...hope your day is good, the sun I shining again here, cold but bright, so I shall be putting my thermals on to go do a bit of Christmas shopping lol, don't care what I look like so long as I'm warm, unfortunately can't wear a hat as I can't stand anything touching the back of my head, it hurts even when I lay down in bed on a Lovely soft downy pillow, daft isn't it....catch u all later.....hugs....Dee xx

  • Super warming fluffies for you too Dee xxxzeb

  • Hope the shopping goes o.k dee,don't overdo it :O Iam going to do a bit myself tomorrow after I get my hair done.You will need lots of warm layers xxx

  • Morning lynzard I've had tinnitus in the left ear constantly for years and now and again get it in the right ear. Its part of me and I guess that I've become accustomed to it but like you I can never make out what my OH says but he mumbles and he's quite deaf in one ear. Can I ask if you hear background noise more prominently than anything else? I do and I find its that which makes it more difficult for me to understand or hear what is being said.

    Have a chat with your GP about it he may offer some help :)

    All that aside lynzard how are you haven't seen you for a wee while hope you've been alright my friend :)

    super warming fluffies today ;)

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Hello lovely Zeb. Yes background noise drives me crazy. There's a coffe shop just down the road from where I live and much as I love it I find it impossible to be there sometimes cos of all the different background noise - music, people talking, chairs scraping! :)

    My tinnitus is terrible some days. Takes me aback sometimes when my ear seems to suddenly cut out and immediately start buzzing and ringing. :) Oh the joys of all this huh. :)

    Bit pooey today but ok. How you doiin hun? x

  • Yeah I can actually visualise that lynzard it hurts so much sometimes that I've had to walk out of places many times. I do my grocery shopping on-line well the tins and frozen stuff I like to pick the fresh stuff for myself :) can't handle the noise.

    I'm hearing what seems to be a fight going on at the school at the back of where I live and a teacher has just blown a whistle to stop it. It sounds like he's having problems.......... it must be girls :O It is lunchtime and they're noisy anyway but can always tell when there's a fight happening.

    Anyhoo! back to it ;) I also suffer with veritgo which goes hand in hand with the tinnitus and that is awful its like walking on marshmallows with no stability :o Its not uncommon for all of these to occur alongside fibro but I get the doc to check my ears regularly just in case there's an infection. :)

    I'm sore and in multiples of pain but happy at the moment just got to ride the storm as they say. I'm already in my hibernation nest ready for our fibro hibernation club to start in Dec

    super soft warming fluffies to submerge yourslef in lynzard

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • aw thanks hun. warm fluffies on aching shoulders - mmmmm.

    so sorry to hear you having lotsa pain. I think I get off lightly most of the time tho some weeks are bloody awful but like you say gotta just go with it. It's the whole wiped out, exhaustion, feelin ill but not able to describe it feeling that bothers me the most. It's such a rare day not to have it overwhelming me. Horrible. You now what tho, there's always someone worse off than yourself huh. I think I've said before that I try really hard to tell myself I'm lucky compared to a lot of other people. The husband of a friend of mine who is younger than me in his mid 50's had a massive stroke about 6 months ago and has been left not only physically disabled but also seriously brain damaged. It's so hard for them. Such a loss of the husband my friend had and father to their 2 grown up children. So, every time I start to feel sorry for myself I remind myself of them although I know 'it's all relative' isn't it.

    Yes had thought about online shopping for groceries but one time I did it and you know how they substitute things sometimes??..well, they didn't have the veggie dish i had requested so substituted with a beef dish!!!???? hmmm?? As I don't eat beef I was not very impressed tho did have a laugh.

    I really really hope your pain eases. xx

  • I the substitution thing gets me too but takes off a lot of stress on the daily life. Tomorrow is payday and I can go and enjoy a couple of hours out of the house and pick the fruit and veg I want from the market and also see our local butcher its a lot less stressful............... if its cold I take a hot water bottle with me its helps a lot :D

    You are so right there is always someone worse off and its a good gentle reminder if beginning to self pity for example but you're ill too and deserve the pampering also :) I don't eat beef either heheheh!


  • ...and I meant to say Zeb, that if more than one person is speaking I just can't cope at all. I have a local about 2 mins away at end of my road and I constantly have to ask them to turn the speaker down which is closest to me! I'm an old hippy/rock chick so hate having to do it but there you go. Just one of those things.

    ...and also, yes I also have vertigo, often not sure if it's a result of my mennieres or the fibro on any particular day! I do have meds for it but will only take them if I know it's the mennieres cos they not good to take a lot of....and yes I can definitley rerlate to the marshmallow ground! Interesting experience huh. xx

  • You are so me hunny as a rock chick it pains me too, oh but I wish I could go to a gig, someone once suggested ear plugs because it muffles the white noise to make the music clearer when at a gig. Never tried it though :o

    Mennieres is frightening my friend has that and sometimes it just hits her and you hear/see her hit the deck and being quite sick. Poor you hunny and the marshmallow ground.............. interresting is so correct my friend :o

    My vertigo is inherited it runs in the family.

    Anyhoo! must go take care xxxzeb

  • Yes, white noise is soothing but it does make it hard to hear the tv or conversation. I have a noise machine..

  • I'm sorry Yikes but I don't think that I have ever found white noise soothing in fact I find it quite deafening and piercing to the core and I also don't believe we have the same condition hunny :)

    But it is each to their own as we all are very different with our fibro. Saying that I also don't think mine is anything to do with fibro in fact fairly sure its just an irritating illness that I happen to have among many others that I've had for 2 decades ;)

    Nevertheless, I'm glad that white noise and the noise machine work for you though and a useful bit of info for those to which it applies :)

    warming fluffies for you :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Aparently tinnitus and fibro go hand in hand Ive had it in both ears for a long time .even when my fibro was realy mild and before I was diagnosed I found it extreemly usefull. I pretend that becouse of tinnitus I cant hear what they are saying instead of not understanding. It saves embarrasment when you give a stupid answere to a question and saves long explanations as to the fact that my brain go walkabout, and why. now im not at work it does not bother me, my hubby and just shout at each other. At work it was a flaming pest my co-workers would think that I new what was happening as they had discussed it over me not realising I couldnt hear a thing.......just 1 more thing iv`e learnt to live with ......sue x

  • LoLoL you make me chuckle mayrose I shout at hubby too and he just shouts because he can't tell that he his but he still mumbles............... how does that work? xxxzeb

  • hilarious!!! it's the same with us and i just do not know how that can possibly work! tee hee:)

  • Oh yes, I know just what you mean Sue. I haven't been in work for over a year now which is probably best cos I couldn't make sense out of some things at all. tee hee!:) Isn't it good to not feel alone in all this huh. Take care. Lyn x

  • I think its work that I miss the most, although I was the not so humble cleaner, woking in a materials test lab was absolutety fasinating and I was often surprised that I could follow and join in complicated technical conversations. 15yrs of being nosey i surpose,lol

  • I too have tinnitus which comes and goes and changes all the time in the way it sounds. I do get times when it's not so prominent, but that's seems to be less and less. I think I many have said before I have a friend who has it big time and she can't go to sleep without a fan running in her room...that would,drive me nuts, but it works for her. !!

    Foggy x

  • oh my lord, how awful for your poor friend. that must be so hard. i'm so lucky not to have it all the time tho sound/noise really bothers me all the time.

    how you doiin today fogs? xx

  • Sorry, whoops, I missed this, please accept my apology. I'm still here with my silly back, pelvis and neck and with some recent stress it seems like a flare has decided to join the party.

    Thank you for asking though Lyn ... very kind. :-) I really hope you start to feel better soon !

    Foggy x

  • I have a fan running in my room foggy, 24/7 and the sound of running water or the sea splashing on the rocks all night long, as the tinitus is so loud it drives me mad when everything's silent are u today, hvu been out ..gentle hug ((((F))))). ...Dee xxx

  • Oh my word Dee, the fan would be my option, if I had the sounds of water on, I would be back and forth to the bathroom every five mins :o :o :o

    Foggy x

  • oh sorry to hear your tinnutis is so bad but how lovely to have the sound of the sea. i'm very envious. x

  • The ENT at the hospital gave it to me lyn, it's what they call a pacifier and apparently is the norm to be given to patients with tinnitus,.. It looks like a small clock, but has a card in it that plays all different kinds of nature sounds, and you can get other cards, you can get a similar thing from Argos, but firstly speak with your GP , I think they are great and very relaxing, I try different sounds one of them is bird songs, lovely, you could look on the net for one, the one the hosp gave me is called " sound oasis " by Wellness , they are relaxing so it may help you....gentle hugs... Dee xx

  • Good morning Dee, hope you're not suffering too much after your shopping expedition. The machine sounds wonderful - I had envisaged you living next to the sea! :) Silly me. Hvae a good day me dear. xx

  • I am probably an oddity but I deliberetly listen to my tinnitus when I cant sleep. I find that trying to pick out the different sounds soothing. As to listening to the sea I cant flipping hear it not even when we camped virtually on the beach. as for hearing from Brum well that is a no hoper. lol sue

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