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My GP makes me giggle!

My lovely doc rang me this afternoon to see how the trigenimal neuralgia is getting on. i told him that although i wasnt in as much pain as last weds when i saw him, its still blooming painful, so he replied "I will give you some more diamazepam and up your amitriptine and see how we go from there" i was so relived that he'd given me more painkillers and said as much.

He said that he wasnt a sick sadist who deprived his patients of what they ovbiously needed and if he wanted to behave like that he would be working for DWP as an atos doctor!!!!!!

He really is a diamond and made me chuckle! xx

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How nice to meet someone who sees ATOS for what they are! I think if the majority of doctors say how they feel, there might be some progress.

He sounds lovely, charlii - my GP is very good, too - how would we cope without them?

I always feel so sorry for people who's doctors are unsympathetic! xxx


Yes my GP is amazing and refuses to give up on me despite me having nasty reactions to most meds he still keeps on trying

VG x


Mine too, she really listens and understands. I wouldn't cope without her.

Love and hugs Karen x


Mine too, it's half the battle:)


Oh your doc sounds like my kinda guy. he is probably right to x


Am wondering if we have the same GP lol. Mine is just the same. He made me laugh one day when I went over. As I was leaving the room he said 'if you can open the dorr with your right hand you are fit to work'. It took me a second to realise that this is one of the things in the ATOS reports, 'can open door with right hand' lol. He has alwaus supported both me and my daughter where are health is concerned. He is a gem and there are very few like this xxxxx


Your all lucky...my GP doesnt know what to do with me because I am allergic to most painkillers and the one I was taking has damaged my stomach so all I can take is Gabapentin...he says he cant up the dose any more otherwise I will be so groggy and wont be able to function so he has referred me to the pain clinic for injections in my spine...I have a spine problem too...the dr I am assigned to at my surgery, who I havent seen ever, filled in my ESA assessment form from the dr...nothing on it except my diagnosis (another dr was scrolling through the notes on her screen so I saw it)...lovely isnt it. Guess I wont be getting my ESA support group when they do my appt...fab isnt it...right rant over. It is good to see there are still some dr's out there that remember the reason they became dr's in the first place.


You really made me smile with that little story!


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