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This happened to me last year.....I hope it makes you giggle

Stuck on you

I noticed that the weather had been turning out much colder

And when the air is cool outside I find that I am bolder

So up I go to finds my boots and travel lands uncharted

To find the heel and sole divorced, yes they have parted.

Now hubby knows how I can be and hides the dangerous things

But I know he has it somewhere, superglue does not have wings

So I venture to the cupboard where he keeps his bits and bobs

And all those nice exciting things he uses for his jobs.

So in I go, torch in hand, to look for what I seek

He has so much stuff in there it could well take me a week

Then I see it, yes I do, a pack full in all its glory

And please read on if you dare to follow with my story.

I climb the stairs once again to do this little job

I trip and try to save myself, my hand it hits my gob

I suppose I was just lucky that I held the glue up high

It could have been real nasty had I stabbed it in my eye.

I sit upon the bed and I start to read the label

Then I place my broken boot upon the bedside table

I twist and tug, and tug and pull and using all my might

The lids flies off the other way and then I get a fright.

My hand it feels all sticky and I don't know what to do

I tell my legs to stand up quick and head off to the loo

Then I see there's something wrong, my legs they just won't move

And when they do I find my brand new quilt is getting in the groove.

I cannot put the glue down the tube is welded to my hand

And as I try to free it I notice it's THAT brand

I stare at it in horror, Loctite it says on the label

And as I flop down on the bed I get stuck to the ruddy table.

Never one to give up I try to get the boot and fix it

And think to myself, Fibro and glue, you should never mix it

I finally get the glue in and push the bits together

I wish hubby would come home, this will last forever.

So in he comes and shouts my name and wonders where I am

I tell him I'm upstairs and I got myself in a hell of a jam

He comes up to help me and rips me from the quilt

And then I look at all the mess and am consumed with guilt.

My quilt was pretty purple and now it is in the bin

How was I supposed to know you open superglue with a pin

And my favourite jeans are patchy not fit for wear no more

And the boots I wanted to repair were stuck onto the floor.

I wanted to save money by fixing the things I already had

And now it's cost us even more, that makes me feel so bad

So now I don't touch superglue, leave it to the experts

Coz when I try to open it, superglue, yes it squirts.

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LOL sounds like meeee! try desperatly to do right but end up so wrong hehe oh well :)


Well we all get into our own little scrapes don't we xxxxx


oh my goodness Ozzy the scrapes you get into , even tho i could sense what was going to happen i had to read on and make sure. warm hugs to you my favourite poet xx


Oh I have years fo this sort of stuff lol xxxxx


You should be published!

Fibro's answer to Pam Ayres xxx


Well today I am struggling, I can barekly lift my head for any longer than a minute and then it just drops back down again, my neck muscles are doing their own thingxxxxx


oh no thats not good poor you, maybe we will have to get you a dictaphone ha ha , seriously hope you get better asap, warm strengthening hugs lovely lady x J


Thanks hun, just taking a coffee break, if I have to stare downwards I may as well stare into my coffee(head down poem just put on)((((((IJ))))))


just read poem its brilliant as usual enjoy your coffee xx


coffee too hot lol, and having to look down I dipped my nose into it lol xxxxx


whoops cake or biscuits with it ? x


No in my case, just a nose. If I don't get any respite from it I will see GP next week sometime xxxxx


Superglue poem, absolutely brilliant! It's me to a "T" lol! The times hubby has had to unglue me are too many to mention! Quite funny after, but not at all funny at the time is it.

So sorry you're not too good today Ozzy, you are a trooper! - still posting your lovely poems/odes for us all to read and enjoy. I hope you managed to rest today, that you get some restorative sleep tonight and that you feel better tomorrow.

I also hope you managed to have a big chunk of cake with your coffee! :) Here's a hug for you from me. ((( hug )))


Got no cake, but looking down I id manage to dip my nose in it. And the tip of my nose is still red lol xxxxx


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