ATOS Visit and PIP help

ATOS Visit and PIP help

Advice needed as well help

Hope everyone is as well as can be and getting a bit of sun.

As you all no I lost my car and that I had sent a complaint in to ATOS and how I was treated.

Well in bed today not to good going to try getting up soon, had a phone call from ATOS about my complaint, they are coming to see me at my home on the 19th October that's going to be interesting two are coming one to talk to us and one to take notes.

Told him I don't trust them after last time and going to get my MP here if I could, well it turns out he is in London on that day.

So now I need to find someone who can sit in with us and I have rung my son about how to go about recording it as well.

Also rung DWP up and explained while I am sending an objections in,that ATOS are comming On the 19th October and a very nice lady told me to get someone from CAB to sit in on it as well.

Anyone Ben through this.

Thanks G

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  • Ok so photos upside down can't do everything.

  • Always advised people that they should have someone sit in with them as it is awful being outnumbered even if the other one is only supposed to be a note taker. Do they know you are going to record as usually they require you to have equipment that can make two copies so they can have one as well?

    Good luck with it remember right is on your side you are not asking for anything that you are not entitled

  • Hiya Rosewine.

    Thanks for your advice,My son has just put me a app on so I can record the meeting and email hem a copy, so that's sorted.

    I am so glad he's home from work just now he works abroad most of the time, he is home for a wedding just now.

    Yes going to have a word with CAB or something similar to see if I can get any one here. My us and will be here but it would be there word against ours and I am not prepared to be put in that situation again.

    The thing is I am having an opperation on the 16th I have told them so there going to ring at the week end before to make sure it's still alright to come hum.

    It nothing to do with the decision just about our complaints about how we were treated by the assessor.

    I really wish we had recorded it, but instead I put y trust in someone once again and once again got disappointed.

    Ho well not going to loose sleep over it its all wrote down in black and white.

    I still haven't got dressed today don't think I will bother now.

    Take care G

  • It sounds as though you have everything in hand so all I can do is wish you the best of luck. I can imagine this has knocked the stuffing out of you to put it mildly.x

  • Well it's funny really because I don't care about the car any more it's the principal of how we treated and that's all just now.

    Any lady across the road has someone who helps her from social so she going to get me a phone no of someone who can come and sit in with us.

    So hopefully this will come off and I don't need to look any further.

    Got at wedding at the week end so will put this aside, and try to get on with things best I can.


  • That is great news about hopefully getting someone to sit with you hope it all works out. Yes it is the principle that is what I said to OH when they turned him down for ESA I said you have worked since you were 18 even working driving a van (this was a trained metallurgist at the time) rather than go on the unemployed. When he became ill he had worked for the same company for 38 years and was 6 years from his pension. Who would you give up a good job with a company car that near to pension age if you could work. I said we are going to tribunal as I am so angry about the way you have been treated as though you are a liar. That I was doing something about it made me feel so much better.

    I feel even if people dont win they have done something for the cause and hopefully if enough people do it things will be reviewed and even if it does not help the person concerned it muight help others in the future.

    Yes put the car behind you and enjoy the wedding it is nice to have something pleasurable for you to look forward

  • Your excatly right I have worked from the age of 14 only months off retirement if they had left it alone.

    But I have told my MPs guys that was in the office I want a copy of the criteria brought up in parliament and a full explanation of what has beening able to plan a jouney has made me lose my car.

    If the assessor had wrote down what I told her I would have got discretion D which would have left me with my car, but I still want to know what it has to do with motability.

    Will keep all informed.


  • I was told that as I drove myself to the assessment I had no problem with planning a journey. I had been to the venue before and used to pass it everyday to go to work. How can you understand their logic in assessing mobility on can I plan a journey. If planning a journey is part of mobility why supply mobility cars if you can't drive it anywhere perhaps we have to have a chauffeur.

  • Hiya yes I totally agree with you.

    My MP is asking that excatly that question at DWP and Parliament.

    Going to be very interesting I think.

    Watch this space.


  • Can you tell me what equipment I would need to buy to enable me to give them a copy, sorry if Im being thick.

    Lots of love.

  • Hi all you really need is an I phone or iPad then you can email them a copy.

    I phone is best we used an iPad at there visit but can't seam to be able to send them a copy but my nephew got it onto his I phone.

    So they are going to come and put it over on to an I phone you can blue tooth it over.

    I couldn,t do it my nephew sorted it out, need to be young I think or good with tec.

    By the way you have to tell them that you are going to record it or other wise they don't allow it and you have to beable to leave or send them a copy.

    They don't make it easy.

    Hope this helps.

  • Oh right thx for that I do have an iphone, bit afraid to let them know that, i will probably lose points for being able to use it lol! Can u let me know what app to look for, what is it called?

  • Hi the app is USB disk us all green. Ho yes they will ask you if you have a moblie phone anyway.

  • Thx for the app info.. As for the phone , my fibro has caused my brain to fog and I dont remember if I have a phone or not! Never the less I will be acompanied by someone who does own one and will be rrcording everything, lol

    Take care

  • Don't forget to tell them you will be recording it before you go other wise it won't be aloud.

    All the best.


  • Sorry forgot to say beautiful doglet.x

  • I was wondering if you have an Occupational Therapist? If so, they would be a really good choice to invite along? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this meeting, fingers crossed for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I had a therapist but they decided I was ok with out couldn't do any my for me than my Husband cut Backs I think.

    But got recording sorted by my son. And some one hopefully from CAB coming to sit in.

    Took copy down to MP and they are also ringing DWP and ATOS up.

    The guys that are coming are only about my complaint about how we were treated at the assessment and nothing else nothing to do with the decision as they have stated that,but also said that DWP has been intouch with them and want a full report and explanation.

    Just wait and see what happens next I am not doing it just for my self but for others as well.

    If I have the Brain capacity to drive a car I obviously have the brain capacity to plan a route. My MP and any one I have asked doesn't even think this is an appropriate question in the first place.

    Take care have nice weekend if you can we are at my nieces wedding so should be good.


  • I genuinely and sincerely hope that you have a good time at your nieces wedding x

  • I agree to be able to drive we need to know where we are going. I did try to explain I won't go to places I've never been. I could not drive to a town I do not know as i get panicky. I do drive for my job but I do the same round every week in the local area. The assessment came back saying I drive all over the COUNTRY I don't even drive all over the county of Devon. I don't think they listen and don't understand our illness. Sorry about my rant but I feel really cross at the moment.

  • Hiya again

    Did you appeal I am cause I only drive very local. I told her that I know my way to Manchester airport as I have been many times before, but for about the past 5/6 years I won't drive even there I get to stressed out and I start to panic then that as an one set on my bowels which I already have trouble with and my muscles start locking up.

    But all she has put is I can plan a journey?

    Was she not in the same room as me cause it also state that I didn't mention this on my form which I did and not at the assessment.

    Ho well I assume she had gone defo and blind for a few mini lol

    Any way going to all come out as ATOS say they are do full investigation and coming to se me On 19th October.

    we will see.


  • I'm seriously thinking about appealing I go to pain clinic this week and the rheumatologist and will speak to them. I'm the same as you I do drive but only locally for my job same route every week. I hope your appeal is successful . Keep in touch.

  • Thanks for that don't think about it do it, the more people that do something especially point out what being able to plan a journey has got to do with it the more they might take notice.


  • Hi. By your name I'm gonna guess you live in Cornwall? If so, I know the right people to help you. They can officially record any meeting as the way you're suggesting is not something that can be legally used. They also deal with Atos and DWP regularly.

    If that can be of help let me know and I'll pm their details. They're very well known and on FB too.


  • Thanks for that but I live in Lancashire Newquay is just a name of a place I used to visit a lot when I was much younger.

    Got recording sorted as well thanks son put something on my iPad so I can record it and email them a copy.

    thanks G

  • It's terrible how they treat people they twist things I was told I hold a driving licence but had turned up alone in a taxi I did not have a car and my husband had just died they made it out that I was making everything up I had a long appeal that I won but not fully back dated as I told them my condition had got worse so only back dated to that time dreading have to go through that next time I dare not complained for fear it will go against me next time

  • Hiya June.

    So glad you got what you deseve in the end. No wounder you got worse it was most proberlely them that made you worse in the first place.

    You should know when they will re assess you because it should have stated how long you got it for and when you will be re assessed.

    We are just waiting for a reply.


  • The the are send for assessment up to a year early for some people and it dose say in the small print they can do that hope things go well for you

  • When I had my assessment they said not before 5 years so I will be 64 then.

    Just waiting now for a reconsideration hopefully I might get a bit more.

    Just have to wait and see.


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