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Wasted days/

Hi all, having a bit of a downer at the mo. Cant seem to get anything done even on my days off. I cant get to sleep for hours, we all know what thats like, but then when I do finally get of in the early hours of the morning I sleep my whole morning away and still get up feeling rubbish.

It just feels as though my life is passing me by and all I can do is watch from a little island of pain and fatigue.

I had planned to have another go at painting a wall in my bedroom today, so far I've managed 1 coat on 2 walls in 2 weeks, but I didnt manage to wake up enough to drag myself out of bed till 12:30pm.

I had a couple of important calls to make and due to the dreaded fibro fog lost the number to one about my mortgage and actually rang the wrong bank because I couldnt remember who it was with!!

Finally got the right bank and the right account number after eons on hold. Only to be told it was paid....I'd looked at the wrong DD on my statment!!

Other call was a bit more straight forward, got the right number and right department first that 10 points Chorley? :)

But here we are 2pm and Im still in my dressing gown feeling after all that, that I just want to go back to sleep.

Ahh well will push myself and do the bits of housework need doing but the paintings going to have to wait a bit longer, and to think I used to be able to redecorate a room in a day :(

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Just think of everything you manage in a day as an accomplishment. Well done for getting up this morning, I personally feel this is always an accomplisment as there are days that I stay in bed...

Gently hugs x x x



I know how you feel, it's frustrating. I used to love decorating but it kills me now. I look at my house thinking this and that needs doing but actually doing it causes pain. A little at a time here and there is the best you can do...don't beat yourself up because of're doing the best you can and if you need to take it easy, do so.

Big hugs x


Hi Twiglet, In the beginning i felt in the same way, angry with myself because before i can do everything alone and now i need help or more time to do it, but we need to learn how to work with fibro, is not easy and takes time until we really accept that we are conditioned by the disease ( some days i feel sorry for myself). So don´t push yourself so hard, About the lazy brains take notes on the important things, try to keep stuff in the same place don´t be shamed some times i wrote a note for myself " Stove on" .so DON´T WORRY BE HAPPY" all the best


Hi all,

Everyday i get up, and everyday i just want to fall asleep again,i have to force myself to stay awake,to be able to spare any tiny attention i have to my son,grandson and animals and body is in agony and i want to scream most of the time,but i can't i have to stay quiet and just deal with it as many people don't know what it's like and don't understand how one person can have as many symptoms as we do,we just appear to be a bunch of hypocondriacs to most people,but im so glad we have each other on here...all the best x


Thanx all, means sooo much to be able to write it all down on here.

I'll see how I am tomoz and maybe try again, one day at a time eh folks. xxx


Hi twiglet,

I to seem to get nothing done. I take so many rests with having to pace myself, i only seem to get dishes done, washing done etc before i have to pick my kids up which is a job in its self.

Teatime and onwards i dont have time to do ironing or cleaning as it is took up with homework, bath time and then by time they go to bed i am done in.

so i know exactly how you feel.

Anyway well done you for getting some painting done, its more than i can be botherd doing lol.

kel xxx


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