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evening all ,couldnt get worse but has ,

Yesterday went to fracture clinic about ankle ,was hoping getting dischard but no , As was still hurting ,got xray then back to see main doc ,only to be told iv got POST TRAMATIC

ARTHRITSE in ankle , between ligiments and ankle joints ,

to top it off told got to wear a splint ,then major op to fuse them togther so no movement at all in ankle , but first got to see another specalist for a 2nd look . at a differant hospital , .so should see 2nd doc within 2 months ,so see what happens ,

to be told at my age no ankle movement for rest off my life and arthrise due to the fall im still shocked ,never mind another op, ,

my depression still bad ,not sleeping ,fatuged ,and everything hurting , was put on pain pacthes called butrans 5mg transdermal pacth buprenorphine as any body else on this ,

.doc said with fibro the pain feels 20 x worse for ankle ,

anyway on a good note got myself a cat called bella last week and settling in well , house trained to but keeps me awake wanting to play ,even if im shatterd still cant sleep anyway ,

should get keys to flat befor next week . ,

soz about spelling dislexic

all have a good night

soft hugs

tink xx

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Hello Tink, good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about your ankle, my goodness me you poor thing. Take it one step at a time, try not to worry too much. Come in here if you need to rant or just have a chin wag, we are always here to listen.

Fantastic to hear about your cat, what lovely company for you! Such a pretty name too, I love the name Bella! She will be a great comfort to you. :)

Take care Tink, keep in touch, always great to get a message from you my dear.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Tinkerbell,

Sorry to hear about your troubles, but don't worry too much about the ankle. I know it sounds drastic, but to have the joint surgically fused will make it stable and pain-free.

My friend had this same op, and was very worried, but he's really chuffed with the results, and walks without a limp, now - although it took a few weeks practice.

The only problem might be that wearing very high heels would be difficult, but with fibro you wouldn't want to do that anyway, I guess.

Glad to hear about your cat - she will keep you company, and you've got your new flat to look forward to, so I hope you feel more cheery soon.

Take care ... love, Moffy x


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