Evening all

Good evening all

I hope you are all having a pain free day today 🤞

When i was diagnosed a couple of months ago the doc just put me on Sertraline.

That was it, no referrals no follow up.

Having read the various posts it appears to me that i should be referred to a rheumatologist and pain clinic.

Am i correct in thinking this?

I just feel like i've been giving this diagnosis and left to sort it out myself.

Thanks guys

Victoria xxx


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15 Replies

  • This is ease really what happened to me too hun. I personally suggest find I g a new doctor who knows more about fibro as with this illness you really need someone like that to treat you. I am on Sertraline too but for other issues that I have, not fibro. My previous gp just gave me painkillers and basically told me to deal with it.

    It's really not right, and they should give you much more consideration than you are being given. It takes a while, but you will hopefully and eventually find a doctor who is much better suited to treat you than your current doctor. Have you seen all the doctors at your current practice? If you have and none of them are effectively treating you, then I would suggest switching practices until you find someone who can.

    Best of luck to you hun xx

  • Sorry, bit intoxicated lol so this might not make sense xx

  • Thanks 2Harper7

    I saw my hubby's gp as he was great with him and he is one of the senior docs.

    I will call the surgery tomorrow and find out if there is a doc with fibro knowledge.

    Thanks again for your advice and take care xx

  • Glad to help hun and you too sweetie xx

  • Hey Hun,

    It depends I think on your doctor and what they are like. With my fibro journey I went to a lot of specialists first to rule me out with the diagnosis. Once I actually got diagnosed I went to the pain clinic and also to a group session thing but really I saw no more specialists after that! I have recently changed GPs and her brilliant advice is that I don't need tablets I need to run more - WHAT!

    I would maybe branch out and see another doctor in the surgery if you don't feel your needs are being met! Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right doctor, but you will find one and it will help so much! A lot of us have been left to deal with this ourselves which is why this forum is so brilliant xxxx

  • Thanks Danielle

    There is still so much ignorance where fibro is concerned it is so frustrating.

    I can't believe your gp actually said that to you, what a numpty 😮!!

    You have a good day today xxx

  • I know it's so frustrating and I always felt that no one believed me! My mum kept telling me that the important people who knew me knew it was real and serious; but it didn't make it any better for me!

    Yeah we was awful, I actually left the appointment really upset, after all my hard work to come off my tablets all i wanted was Ibuprofen and Paracetamol on repeat as it was beginning to rack up (I know they are cheap but was going through quite a lot when I was having a flare) and I don't pay for my prescriptions! She was so rude!!

    Hope you have a good day xxx

  • I was told a few months ago by a neurologist to go out walking to build up my exercise. I can only just walk to get in my husbands car. My GP got a copy of this letter as well as me. I really despair of doctors. They just don't seem to understand how we feel.

  • Exactly! I said to her I'm sure I would feel great if I could get up and walk, but its the getting up and walking that is the problem! I'm tired and I'm in pain and I know I will suffer tomorrow and the next day and the next! You aren't selling it to me haha xx

  • Can I ask who diagnosed you in the end. Was it a process of elimination

  • Exactly that, I went to multiple specialists and got tested for multiple things including two exploratory surgeries, MRIs, Xrays etc. and in the end nothing else seemed to be wrong so they diagnosed with Fibro xxx

  • Same here although I was diagnosed with CFS by a neurologist. Still find it hard to understand.

  • I do too. I mean what confuses me is I might not even have Fibro I have an illness that doesn't even have a name yet xx

  • I refer to mine as "whatever this is" and that's how I feel about it!

  • That's a good way of describing it! Unfortunately until it becomes a bigger issue I don't think much will change xxx

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