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Made a descision

Hi all,well I've done it I've cancelled my counselling course. I've just not been enjoying it at all and finding it impossible physically,mentally and emotionally. Climbing four flights of stairs is just too much for me and last Saturday I ended up feeling sick and very unwell. I thought"what am I doing to myself?" . I have learnt a fair bit more about myself in the four months I've been doing it. I've found out I simply do not like large groups of people I get so stressed with it. My cognitive skills are not great anymore and trying to take any new information in is so hard. I think I'm doing the kindest thing to myself. I'm actually stronger now in myself and I know that because I can see what isn't working for me. I found the theory too challenging and I now realise that I am me and I actually like me and ive developed a strength that I never realised I had. So although it might also sound rather negative it isn't actually. I've learnt my physical and mental limits. I have no idea what the future holds for me but it isn't being a counsellor well not a person centre one anyway,I didn't agree with one of the core conditions. I'm going to take some time out and review my situation. I thinki panic about having to go back onto benefits,the situation is so not good. Currently I am living on my parents inheritance which will disappear in the next couple of years. I really wanted to use some of the money to start a new career but fibro is making it very hard.

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Hi Teddysmum,

I for one am very proud of you for working it through and realising that it's just not for you.

Something else will turn up and you will know now that you have been through this experience what is right for you. Well done. Keep us informed how you are getting on.

Best Wishes

Lynne x


Hia long time no speak,

Well atleast you have made a decision and not carried on thinking about and its what you feel comfortable with as am sure you probably was stressing yourself just stressing over it lol.

Counselling is a help and you have it a try and you climbed those stairs, you got up to go, you achieved so much so far for what you have done and its helped to make a start so far for you.

What about trying something from home?

I loved card making but wrk just no time and the market here its such a competition now.

Love interior design but its resources unless i offer my ideas to householders they pay me and have it organised :-)

I help within my own business others organise their homes for selling .

Some if these are just me personal but getting into something is therapeutic as well as helping you through your days and when you have done something its a sense of achievement too and your appreciated for little things it makes you feel good too.

It could be something online you could do.

Other than that relax and take time out for a while.

To me typing is a job in itself since i did for a living when less than half my age now and love to keep on top so love being on board sites and it would be even better if i could do from home as my job i cannot. Xxxx

You know where else can find me too xx


Well done, teddysmum, you are taking control of your own life - which is always the best thing to do.

You could ask Citizens Advice Bureau for help with finances. Is there not some way you could invest your inheritance rather than use it for living expenses? You are still allowed benefits up to a certain level. I think you should seek some skilled advice.

Anyway, you are starting in the right direction, so keep going - I'm sure you will do well!

Love ...Moffy x


Sometimes we just need to know when enough is enough no matter how hard it is and it can be daunting when we don't know were to go next. It is a brave decision to make, no point in pushing yourself too far and at least you realised that it just wasn't for you.

I am a qualified childcare assistant (somthing I always wanted to do and studied in my early 40's while working at something else and bringing up a family)but I was laid off work because of over staffing, I was annoyed at first but in a way it was a good thing because I am just not able for the work any more, even though I like the job I was doing. I was looking for another job but my pain is a bit out of control at the moment so I have now being signed off sick for a while by my GP and I have decided that when I am ready to work again, which I hope will be soon it will not be childcare and that chapter of my life is closed now

I admire you x


Thanks for your support everyone. I am actually a qualified florist with tonnes of experience and I had my own shop as some of you may know. I have been thinking of doing wedding and funeral work and getting my own website done. Of course this all takes a lot of physical time and effort and I still am not sure if I'm well enough to cope with it all again. I do feel I need someone to do it with me so if I have a bad day I will have back up. I just can't think of anyone only my daughter but she is doing A levels at the mo and had plans on going to uni. It's a tough one. I've also thought about starting up a pet care business,walking dogs,feeding animals ,I have four dogs of my own and I can still walk them but would I have the energy to walk dogs throughout in the day in all weathers. But animals and flowers are my biggest love. Again I would need someone to do it with me. Now to convince my daughter lol and then her father would go absoloutely bonkers if she didn't go to uni and to be honest I want her to go so she can have a great career ahead of her but at the end of the day we need to keep a roofover our heads.


Hi there.

I'm glad you finally made a decision. I know you've really struggled with this course. You stuck with it for a long time, and no learning experience is ever wasted. You have finally realised that it isn't right for you at this time, and taken a brave step in deciding to stop putting yourself through it. So well done for looking after yourself.

I'm sure there are plenty of other options for you, but first of all you do need some help with your finances. As Moffy says, CAB should be able to give you some good advice.

Working with pets sounds like a good idea, but dog walking might be too much, especially on a bad day. Have you thought about training as a dog groomer? Also, my son and his partner used to do dog boarding. It's when dog owners don't want their dog to go to a traditional kennel, so they pay someone to have the dog in their home while they're away. It wouldn't pay much, but every little helps. Could you teach flower arranging at your local community college? There are lots of places that offer online courses, maybe have a look through some sites, and you will feel inspired to learn a new skill. You can then either sign up to do it online, or find a similar course offered locally to you. It's very difficult to take on a new venture, especially with fibro, but I'm sure you will find the right thing if you keep looking.

Good luck




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