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So, yeah, new year new start. Last Wednesday my daughter says she is taking my grandson Josh swimming and did I want to go. Not really I reply but if I don't all I will do is sit here and fester. Have to admit it was lovely. Two of my cousins were there. "Hey how's it going?" "It hurts" I reply. "You will soon get used to it" they say as they walk to the changing rooms. It did bluddy hurt. Not the swimming, the Fibro. And it hurt for six days. Thursday my daughter asks if I am going again. I tell her no as I can hardly move. She says to think of it as a big warm bath. So, off I go. Cousins are there again. This time they see me walking, or hobbling along. They look at me with pity in their eyes. "Life has been cruel to you hasn't it? They say as I struggle past. You are telling me!!!

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Hello Nanatre, oh dear poor you! Swimming is supposed to be good for Fibro, but only if taken gently. Did you try resting and floating and just letting the water support you, that's supposed to be good as a relaxant. Difficult if there are hundreds of children around I know, but possible if it's on a quiet session maybe.

Make sure if you go again you take it easy, take the water as a comfort, don't overdo the actual swimming and make sure you keep warm and rest afterwards. Only gentle strokes, not for long either to start with, otherwise you will pay for it later with your Fibro playing you up.

Perhaps you took on too much all at once. Take care my dear.

(((hug))) xxx



Well.., i went away in 2011 September with g/f's a free holiday bar flights and spending. We had a pool with the place, so as you can guess i got plenty of it and all week every day we was in it either relaxing or like me a silly dare divil holding my nose and daring us all to jump in but who was the one left suffering all the time .. Yeah you guessed the mad fairy :-/ .

It was very hot weather the whole time lots of walking as then i could do more walking, but the relaxation and the swimming is a little on the ohh think i shall skip it .. No not in the pool but give it a miss unless am just going to lay in the shallow end. There was a dolphin water fall which my friend and me had to use as a play thing with water spraying from its lips lol cannot post as you do not want to see me looking like a beach whale along side a slim dolphin, my friend on other hand could of posed for Top shelf :-/ haha

It hurts every part for me and just cannot go to our local baths as not shallow enough to lay there on the base. So i shall just await my next visit to spain as heat did help i must say.

Coming back to the cold mid September i was laid up as so stiff and just the story goes on from there to now brrr xxxxxx



Hi Nanatre I try to go to a warm pool at least 3 times a week. Before I had this last acute flare I had learnt to swim at ripe old age of 56 lolI even swam 30 lengths for children in need 3 years ago,anyway now I cannot even swim at all. I went the other day and thought even if I float it will be relaxing as Libery said but I could not even do that. So now I just walk up and down hope one day I can swim again,as now I am worse than when I was 56 and learning!! Very frustrating!! ;-(

People and family just do not understand what we lose to Mr Fibro do they x :-(

Take care and good luck with the swimming x x

Gentle hugs x x <3


Oh Rainbow. You can do it.

And no, even when you think they know, they dont.




It's been two years since this last post. I was just wondering how things are going for you now? Time is a great healer, it's the one thing we can rely on. I was so sad to hear your story. Like yourself I have put on so much weight through medications and feel Ugh! I also have become a hermit, you go out and hear what other people are doing and then they ask you? Well what do you say? Gosh, gone are the days I use to be able to go out for dinner, with my back and hips I can't sit that long. When I write I use a lap top and I have a sturdy stand that leans across my legs and I put the lap top on that so I can lean back on the thousands of pillows and write. I do notice my eyes are watering and getting sore, this has just been in the last week so I'll have to get my eyes tested, but like everything else, I'm breaking down. I need new body parts. Wouldn't it be great if we were like cars, just take yourself down to the workshop and get a tune up and anything that needs replacing can get done at the same time. I often think about this and it gives me a good laugh. Gosh just lost my post for a while, or maybe that was my mind, who knows?

Anyway Merry Christmas to all, enjoy the food and the afternoon sleep that no one will notice, because they will be sleeping off all the alcohol. We don't even need that to knock us out, and that's probably what it would do, can't imagine it.

Jan (Shadycurt)


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