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Just popping in for a few minutes(and hospital update 25th April)

The following is part of a reply I sent to a friend on here after she kindly messaged me to see how I was. So I have put my reply here(and added bits in where necessary) so you all know why I have not been around. I have been doing a few replies tonight and I will try and do a few more before I sign off in about 10 minutes.

.....On 4th April I had a horrific fall at the bus station, black eyes the works, refused to go to hospital and once I came round got people to hold my bus so I could get home. Now I am terrified when I go near that bus station, had so many falls since. I still have no idea how I got home. My eyes are a lovely shade of brown now so people no longer stare as it just looks like eyeshadow. I had concussion for days and my memory is shot.

On 5th April Suzanne(daughter) was rushed into hospital again. Although she catheterises at times her bladder clogs up with all the UTIs and nothing comes out, her bladder overfills, she goes unconscious and gets rushed in. They empty her bladder and eventually after 12-16 hours she comes around again. Then she comes home. They will see her at clinic on 7th June, and she MAY be offered a temporary stoma and bag, if only to give her bladder a rest from all the UTIs. She has had about 20 now I think since September.

And to top it off things are getting worse for me. I have put my own health on the backburner for so long now that I am suffering. The fibro is through the roof as you would imagine. My COPD is bad to the point it is now causing pressure on the heart, not life threatening(well I hope not), just causes chest pain when it flares up. I went to get my hearing checked only to be told my eardrums do not vibrate when they put direct sound cones onto them, therefore need a double operation to fix it, no way, not having it done. I refused to let them operate on my eyes, another double op. And I was in A&E Monday morning due to the fact that something tore in my ankle, suspected partial achilles tear. I am very bad on my feet, the right being far worse. Anyway emergency appointment this Thursday morning. The x-rays Monday showed very bad heel spurs with suspected tears in most of the tendons in both feet(been going on over a year now and I never got it sorted) to the point now where what takes everyone else 10 minutes to walk takes me nearly an hour. So I could be looking at ops on both feet and into casts for up to 12 weeks each foot if they do them separately.

And today I tore something again and I have a huge lump under the outer side of my left ankle bone, already have one of these on the right foot. They feel fibrous so need to get that checked tomorrow too.

So I just wanted you to know where I was up to and to let you all know that I have not forgotten about anyone, and hello to all new members I have not come into contact with before


Hospital appointment. I got there in good time and I waited god knows how long past my time before finally being called and put in a cubicle. Then I waited another 20 minutes or so before being seen. He went right for my right foot. I said to him, 'whatver you do please do not try to turn that foot inwards', so what did he do, yes he did exactly what I virtually begged him not to do. And he bloody hurt me and then said 'oh your foot will not turn inwards' duhhhhhh I had just told him that. Anyway I was told to sit there for just one minute which turned into about another 15 minutes. Upshot, they cannot do much I need to see the foot surgeon at that hospital and his name is Mr Toe, yes Toe. They had tried to get me into Mondays clinic as an emergency as apparently my feet are not good, I knew that. But it was fully booked, next Monday is a bank holiday so it will be the 13th May now before I am seen. To makes matters worse it is an afternoon clinic and my appointment is 2.20pm, lord knows what time I will get home. XXXXX

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You really have been in the wars. Best of luck with everything and soft hugs.


Thankyou, surely as the song says 'things can only get better' right?



We live and hope. 'Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart'


I have so much hope in my heart I think it will burst xxxxx


That's good. Just as long as it oesn't actually burst.

Don't bother too much about the walking either!


No it won't burst, I think xxxxx


poor love hope you feel a bit better soon ,you have been in the wars





I will win this war lol, thanks



sending the very gentlest of hugs,

sandra :)


I need them lol xxxxx


Oh my goodness you sound like your having a time of it. Sending you healing hugs and praying for a brighter tomorrow for you and everyone else on here. The tide must surely turn one day for us all. Take care try to remain positive and pop in for a chat or an ear when your feeling up to it.

Dixie x


Thanks hunni, so nice to know people on here care xxxxx


Gentle hugs



Thankyou Jilly, most appreciated



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