swimming not helpful!

ok so i took hubby n the lads out swimming.

i was told by physio that swimming was good for fms boy did they LIE.

when i got out of pool i felt worse then before i started. Felt like a tone of bricks had been put on my head and the weight bearing done on my back was very painful....and now im sitting here about to go have a nap as im exhausted.

xxx ziggy xx

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  • bless ya they say it helps as its an easier form of exercise for us and if you keep at it you will become stronger but it takes time im not saying its going to be pain free and easy but in time it will strengthen your muscles and you will feel better for it dont give up we need to keep as active as we can so our muscles dont start to waste away as they will do if we dont use them im trying to get fit myself right now im not giving in to mr fibro hes not taking my whole life from me i will fight him as long as i can i am going to start swimming again and im going to keep at it no matter how much pain im in as i know that the more i move about the better chance i will keep my muscles for longer keep at it hun just know your limits and dont over do it just do what you can

    soft gentle hugs xxxx

  • Hi hun when i was 1st diagnoised with fibro i had 2 have hydrotherapy i had 10 sessions the 1st 3 i felt achey after but no not much pain but by time id finished all 10 sessions they were having 2 use the hoist 2 get me out the water last 2 sessions i cudnt stay in pool cus of pain. I hope ur pain gets easier very soon hun x Gentle hugs & big :)'s x

  • i tried swimming too ,ha ! never again ! i try walking instead ,all forms of exercise suit different people ,its finding the right one for you :)

  • I went swimming once but I cant get up or down the steep steps and I dont want to have to use the hoist as I would look like a beached whale shame because I love water cant even get in the bath anymore!

  • ty for the comments i will keep trying to find one that works but swimming is free lol maybe i just stayed in to long. xx soft hugs xx

  • gentle excercise to music in the pool its great u can do as much as u want or as little as u want xxxx

  • I was a swimming teacher and coach before I got ME/FMS, and used to swim everyday. The only time I can get to a pool now is when I'm taken there, and then I just love to just float in the water, doing gentle sculling movements. I find it relaxes me for a while. I can't do the lengths I used to do because of the pain in my arms and, as I use a stick to help me walk, I find it difficult to walk in bare feet to the poolside. I try anyway. However, I'm completely cream-crackered for days afterwards - but I still look forward to my 'swim' every now and then, as I miss the water so much!

  • I would love to go swimming, or just floundering in the water, but i know it would wear me out, could anyone tell me please if you can get concessions on swimming and where from, because my daughter would have to take me, and come in there with me, so it is doubly expensive, but something that i used to enjoy, and would love to try again.

  • I used to swim, but the cold water just makes me seize up! I do find walking helpful, even if it is VERY slowly! Once in the swing can walk for half hour or so. You need to wind down slowly too, but keeping moving suits me best. best wishes Sue.

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