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not defending but Dr's find it hard too

not defending but Dr's find it hard too

i just want to put this post as we all talk about our Dr's Gp's which ever way you say it.

i have a lot as customers and they have a life outside their job too and i see it all the time which for me makes more difficult when seeing mine.

there is no connection as i do not see my own Dr's out side their profession i would feel a little embarrased lol .

they do feel for a lot of us as i speak to a few that have a normal life like anyone else and when they go home they close and be the usual mum or just simply have their lives to contend with and their own issues .

a couple of mine know my problems and admitted they find it hard to understand how difficult it must be and there is only so much to be done without the extra help of Hospitals etc .

they even give the odd bit of advice but yet out of hours so they not paid to help me.

i say to some of them i am here to provide a service for you now so the medical talk is left inside your job.

i belive that respect earns respect and keeping your patience the best you can as much as pain can make you restless to say the least and wears your patience thin!!

i have a neighbour diabetic and has had kneee surgery but he gets mad with the receptionists and i know him as a neighbour and he is lovely but the Dr's do not know him as i do and they cannot tolerate patients who are mad.

i always go in with a smile (i have gone in full embarrassement in full tears in surgery though i do admit which i never show but the pain was so intense i could barely drive the pain in my hands etc was so immense) and they saw to me as quickly as possible as they know me as such a smiley bubbly patient. they also understand how when you have an appointment and its running late that you get frustrated too.

even Gp's have their own parents and children and have had run ins with Dr's over medical things

ie one her parent was diagnosed with depression and she was saying no its not but it was said and that was it and like us we can ask to go further and she did and it turned out pheumonia so i am just posting to say its not just us that have issues they do too they are just like us out side of work and they have illnesses to and they have to see another Dr to get their px .

one has a child and took to her Dr and they cannot keep it secret their profession for the way they express things so its difficult on both sides.

the ones that get to me are the Receptionists at times we have a particular one who once insisted i went up to surgery and not to phone and i was bed ridden and so ill and i said i am not here to argue and i am not on the phone through fun of it i am not well and you have to listen to the patient and ever since my incident she has been very welcoming as she knew nothing about my problems.

most of my receptionists know me well and know my problems and deal with me accordingly really and show me holiday pics we have good natters and laughs.

thats it really as usual along blog lol but jsut wanted to say this and yes i get mad at some of my Dr's and the receptionitst will ask who do you want to see caroline i get a choice!

keep as best a relationship you can . with them xxxxxxxx


some of you may disagree but thats life as we know it hahaha xxxxx love to you all and hugs

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very true, it's just a shame the few bad ones are there.



it is sandra

i see it too in my surgery but i see both sides as well .

some are good and some have no idea.

my customers certain ones have issues with childcare at moment and working hours as other Dr's have no children and things are going on trying to sort their own things out.

This particular one admitted even they did not understand until became a parent..

so like everything untill you suffer what some one else does you should never judge anyone.



That's why when my new GP really upset me I sent him a private letter so as not to make a big issue out of it within the practice.... Luckily for me it worked and we have a great dr patient relationship and he gets the fact I really don't want to be at the surgery, it's not a fun place, so when I go he knows I need help...

Thanks for the post cazzie

VG x


Hi All

I must agree that there are some that really should not be on this earth bring no sorry Dragging up their children and they should be on the next flight to the sun (and never come back)

But mostly I see polite people who are there for one thing, to see the doctor. These same people can be quite amusing to talk to in one of the most stressful places to be.

No one wants to be there as it means you have something that you cant handle and you need help from this nice man/woman who you hope will get you on the straight and narrow again so your life can return to normal again. Some times the news is not good and you come away hating that person (the Doctor) for telling you and you have no idea what it is and what you can do to make it better or rather make the symptoms better. So you google it and you find loads of information and you only pick the good ones as they are the ones that are pertinent to you.

Eventually you realise that although you do not know the doctor, he was left with little in the way to let you know the news and that although harsh it really was the best for you.

So now you find your doctor is also a bit of a psychiatrist to have worked out who you are in just a couple of visits.

i am lucky to have some good doctors in my surgery and have been lucky in the past also,so I really do feel for those with a duff one.

Take care and kindest regards



Very true. This is why I don't go to them much now....maybe once a year. They are nice people. They're doing a difficult job and have a lot of individuals to see. As an ex nurse I understand their position. But they can't do anything for me as an individual. If I go and want answers because I'm scared and frustrated.....and get nothing more than 'nice' guidelines all that happens is I get more upset. I don't have the energy to caretake their feelings. Its not my job.


Yes, agree stepper, I rarely go as find it all very frustrating!!! had to go recently to ask for more time off work as i had had 2 operations and was very surprised myself how this fibro would affect my recovery. He was extremely rude and said if I was DSS!!!!! I would say 2 arms, 2 legs your fit for work!!! I was very upset how can a professional talk to a patient in that way.

You might all feel sorry for them, but I certainly don't as I work in the health service in a very demanding job with nights, on calls, unsocial hours for very poor pay. They do office hours, no out of hours on call, no weekends and earn a 6 figure sum!!!! They probably have not been on a study day in years and are not held to account by their governing body to keep updated like nurses + midwives.

Really bad day of pain today and yes I have been in tears with the sheer frustration of not being able to do the simplest things and the constant feeling of uselessness. But I manage to pick myself up and carry on, how? I really do not know at times but for sure it is not with any help from my GP!!!


I too have the utmost respect for my Gp surgery and staff. My whole family goes to the same surgery and although the doctors have changed over the years have been with my surgery since birth, same with my mother. This helps so much, in that, they understand the effect of my illness on the whole family, from my daughter, my mother and my sister and although they cannot say anything, they can listen to them knowing exactly what it is they are talking about. Last year my sister had a really bad time coping knowing that my daughter had become a young carer. She said later on that they understood exactly what she was saying.

They hold fundraising events, the Gp's are very much at forefront of these events. They open 2 evenings a week and a Saturday morning, to enable people to attend. I have now become a patient panel member and understand what pressures they are under with government targets, raising funds by offering treatments to make it more economical than outsourcing, etc.

I do feel my surgery are fabulous and wouldn't want to change them.

In my job though, I do see some doctors that I thank god I do not go to and wish they had chose a different profession.


There are a few different views on this and nice to hear what others feel on the matter.

Like i said 'I am not defending ' they have a life as we do outside wrk who have Dr's they go see and they too (some of them) understand what we see as a patient.

Some are hard and some are soft and i always say if your not getting the right treatment from your surgery then its best to either complain or change.

In my surgery there is a mixture of both types of Dr's then we have locums and thats quite frustrating at times as you repeat like a parrot as they do not know your history and only take a glance.

Our surgery does late night openings until 8 pm and do visits (if really needed) they do not wrk Saturday, their phone system is pretty appalling which i filled in a survey and said it as i see it, you have to go in person for repeats, and their appointment booking service is pretty rubbish too as you wait a wk to 2 wks for appointment and by then your issues have all but passed on and if you like me unless you write your problems at the time i forget by time my appt ment comes, however i only really ring if i in desperate need these days as i know i am a diary as not much can be done as awaiting pain management.

Its even worse if like shopping you should never shop on empty stomache and seeing a Dr or talking about things when your really wound up and hurting and annoyed is hard too, same with time of month lol dont cross a woman when theres red on the road.

I do a variety and yes they are on very good money i know exactly what they earn and you see from the 5 -20 min appointments you are given and they can have 100's to see .

When flu jabs were being given out they gave them in urgency priority i believe and over 500 in one day was done alone with the elderly so you can imagine how many patients they see regularly .

I was on my own the day i went lol phew because the day i called up for a px and they were queing round the surgery and receptionist said hi caroline you come for yours ... I just l@@ked and said not not today they'll make my head blow lol

The noise was just over whelmingly!!!

No where to sit and i cant stand, not like they going to give up their seats for some one who appears to look healthy when they all over 65 minimum (my mum is 64 so not having a go at all) merely stating that day.

The nurses were coping with that not Dr's.

I have done night shifts , long day shifts, worked pharmacy long hours and brought up 4 children with no nannys or cleaners to help and i know how stressful wrk can be at times and getting paid the bare minimum.

Now i work for myself and was wrking very long hours and wkends before it got into a rhythm , i now run it and barely coping due to confusion, fatigue, pain, exhaustion, stress , frustration , balance, etc etc but i hardly get anything because my earnings are on staff which i give myself a little pat on back for giving others a job yet i am doing this on half the income a Dr earns and yes it frustrating when you go see them for a short time.

But end of day they went to university etc i didn't and i dont have it in me to do anything else now.

Blimey such a good old long gas bag there isn't it lol.

Like i say they are just the usual jo bloggs outside wrk but have a better income boooooooo hoooo xxxxxxxx hugs

Loving the posts on it though thankyou i have great respect from both views on your opinions


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