down but not out

hi all just a quick update.went to welfare rights man this afternoon,hes a funny man,funny peculiar not funny ha ha ! he was looking through claim as id been given a "warning" the only thing he could find was my complaints against the atos report,as i said it was all false...he then said ..if i was you i would stop your claim now and protect what you have now HRM and LRC ! I i asked about dr report and he said that yes there was a lot of contradiction in his report! i said thats why iv put in a complaint for DWP to have another look,he said..oh your wasting your time they never read what a client writes anyway..not even the tribunal would have read it!! so i said..your telling me that their decicion is based on atos report..YES!!. I said in that case im definatly carring on with claim..his reply..well you will have everything taken off you!! i then said i had not only sent a complaint to DWP but have got my local MP involved and that i had spoken to his secratary this morning and they were waiting for a responce from DWP...THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!! he then changed tack and said..ooh you didnt tell me that,well they probly re look at your eveidence in your complaint and make another deccision!! OMG!!! im sure they are all in it together..sorry for the rant im just mad as hell,i could have taken his advise and rung DWP when i got home and stopped my claim!!...doing all this has made me did my heels in and fight!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • sounds like a good fight ... go you

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • hi lexie,have you encountered any hurdles that you have managed to jump?..i want to know if anyone has ever had their local MP involved and made DWP change their minds? xx

  • The Welfare Rights man soon changed his tune didn't he...... good for you.....

  • hi,iv just rung him and asked him to send an email to me,he said what for? i replied ..i need it on record the advise you gave me as a conversation doesnt count,he reluctently said it will be interesting to see exactly what he says...i keep you posted xx

  • OMG I thought they were supposed to be helpful, funny how he changed his tune so quickly when you mentioned mp x

  • hi,well welfare man has sent an email..stating what he said about me having everything taken im going to wait and see what my MP says when he gets reply from DWP and also when they have contacted me,as they are looking at my complaint,so i suppose i have time to decide what to do..havent had another date for next tribunal,so i feel i am in a strong position at the moment..i keep you posted xxx

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