Just not losing weight

Ive been so good three meals aday veg and protien..no snacking only two apples no eating after 7pm..drinking water exercising every other day i think i got thyroid problem..as im pee alot but nothink coming off on scales been two weeks..my intake is 1400 calories is this too high any suggeztions please...im so down in dumps...but im not giving in..come to far on this slippery road i need help...or a new body....lolxxx

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  • Hi if it is under active thyroid, then weight may be harder to lose, but you should get that checked by Doc. Drink water before each meal. Try eating very slowly chew your food till you can't no more on each mouthful, have a break inbetween mouthfuls , I got my husband to do this and he lost 3 stones. It was quite a while back I saw this on Telly, but I can't remember the Hypnoses name! but it's worth a try. Good Luck .

    Also some of the Meds I believe can cause weight gain.🤔😣

  • Oh thank you for advice...most appreciatedxx im going to try it i will let you knowxxx

  • Ive lost just weigh myself 4pounds im in shock its working but slow ...im over the moon...omg im so hsppy two bags of sugar off......YIPEE TWO HARD WEEKS OF TRYING ...ITS PAID OFF ...


  • Yippee for you, so glad some is coming off, take it slow Hun it will happen. Remember you lose fluid first before weight, so be careful. 👍🏻😀😅

  • I will and thank you for advice ..l go slow just a bit shockedxxx

  • I have just read down your thread and seen that you have lost 4lbs! Congratulations and well done my friend! As Blue52 says, if you have got a thyroid problem then it could take a bit longer to get the weight off. However I can imagine that you feel so chuffed with yourself at the moment anyway? I want to gneuinely wish you continued success with your diet.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Thank you ken im estactic. Yes its improved my mood..as all my hard work paying off..you just wouldnot beleive how strict ive been with myself ...forward now to conquer all xxx as i just love my cakes.....and as dawn french used to say ...there mine...lolxxx

  • he! he! x :)

  • Hope your weight loss continues... have you tried using smaller platess, also freezing half of what you cook? I have managed to lose two stone in a year, just by doing those two things.

  • Wow well done yes cooking in advance at minutes filling plates with loads veg than freezing...i think this helps alot with prepared food...so im not tempted to buy processed food as i used to buy weight watches meals...done me no good really but to be honest i dodnt introduce vegs with it....so maybe it could have worked...im so pleased eith my journey as this is a big result for me...ive joind slimming world once i only lost a pound...but i think now three meals a day water its working...but i try not to eat at nite but sometimes i eat fruit if im struggling....all helps i get plums now love themxx sweet and soft..just like me lolxxcc

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