had an eventful day today! for me anyway :) 1st of all i had a tooth that has been causing re-acuring abcesses removed after having to have

5 jabs before it went numb! very stubborn it was & it was only a little one. then this afternoon i met my new dr. i was really nervous & took my husband for moral support, well i needn't of worried, she was really lovely & i immediatly felt comfortable, + i wrote things down before i went such as my medication & a few other things i wanted to ask, i was more worried about continuation of meds but that was no trouble, she had some of my notes & is going to push for the rest of them. she wants to see me again in a couple of weeks by then she'l have my notes & we can take it from there, she also asked if i was getting any other support im not so i told her im on this site & she said did i know if anyone else had tried anything else beneficial to them & if so let her know! so yes, im quite happy :) xx

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  • Sounds like your new GP is going to be good.



  • i hope so jillylin xx

  • hi so glad it went well,my gp takes offence at me being on here.actual words were "if you choose to take the view of teh internet over your physician then there is very little we can do to help you".if they had helped me in the beginning and listened to me I wouldn't have to turn to my friends on here!!

  • hello, oh he doesn't sound very nice, did you say it's a site where you can talk to other people who have fibro?or did u say that you googled it.. but really either way he shouldn't have said that. i wish now that i had gone to this new surgery years ago, don't no why i didn't as i used to work 2 doors away from them!

  • I think i told him it was a site where I can liaise with other people who share my experiences and have the same conditions as I have.hopefully will get things sorted tomorrow and he will accept what I tell him!!!!

  • I'm so pleased for you bluebell, it's wonderful when you find a GP who not only understands, but actually wants to know more. I am blessed to have one too and I can tell him almost anything, which is really good. He allows me to manage my own meds, though keeping him informed. It really is so much easier if you have a good relationship with your doctor.

    I hope you have many years with this kind doctor and that she helps you as much as is possible :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Bluebell10

    Good choice of name :)

    Having a GP you can trust and who is willing to be open-minded is a rarity, particularly when you read of some of the horror stories here.

    Like you, (and Foggy!) I am very lucky. My GP seems to have an instinct for what is wrong and has given referrals for pain management, scans etc, without question.

    He had suspected fibro, but wrote to my lupus rheumatologist for confirmation at my next appointment. He is happy to discuss meds and their side-effects and has not pressed me for further treatment for my torn shoulder ligaments or osteoporosis. In other words he treats me like a proper, intelligent adult, capable of making my own decisions and in full knowledge of the consequences. I can't ask for more than that.

    I am glad you have found one as well, long may she look after you. :)



  • hi bluebell, :) thank you lol, i like your name too :), very good choice. they were my favourite flowers when i was a child.. yes thats true i think thats what it is..i don't think ive ever felt really at ease with any of the gp's ive had before except for one. i do hope she's like this all the time & it's not going to go bad. she is the only one though that actually looked at my knees & ankles & looked at me & listened to what i was saying. all the others ever done was talk over me, not listen & just look at a screen while i was trying to explain something,then shrugging shoulders & just googling stuff which i could of done myself, so fingers x-d :) xx

  • thank you foggy:) id never had much luck with gp's in the past. i was with 1 for 20 yrs but never really had to go to dr's often til 5 yrs ago,then when i did need help i didn't get it. it's a long story so i won't bore you with that but to cut it short he was nasty & i should of sued him, so i changed gp in 2011 they seemed ok for a while then the one who actually suggested that i could have fibro & artheritis left & she was right. now they have gone down the pan, so 3rd time lucky! i will say tho that i have never felt so happy with any gp than i was today,so i hope it stays that way :) x

  • What a lovely reaction from your new gp, that will put your mind at rest and make it easier for you in the future.

  • hi shazzy, yes i can honestly say i felt happier today x

  • So pleased for you bluebell, gentle hugs...Dee xxx

  • thank you dee, :) xx

  • Hi bluebell yr luky im gonna b losing my dr in may hes retiring hes ben marvelous we av great relationship godknows what ill do then making me anxious nowthinking of it boohoo xx

  • hi booohooo, aw thats a shame, i understand yr anxiety & really hope you get another good dr xx

  • I am really pleased for you bluebell :) changing doctor seems to have been a good decision and it sounds like you will now get the support that you need.

    Fluffies of comfort on route to you

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • hi zeb, thanx i really do hope so :) got me fluffies they're nice & cosy thank you :) xx

  • Hi bluebell10

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so pleased that you that you had a day of results. Your new GP sounds really good, and I really think this helps so much!

    I am so sorry that you had to visit the dentist though, but at least that tooth will not give you any more problems!

    You take care and all the best of luck with your new GP.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • yes ken it's a good start & it does make it better that i felt i could talk to her & not clam up lol, my tooth had to come out sooner or later its just left a gap but that can be filled :) x

  • Sounds a very positive start :)


  • it does indeed ginx :) hope it stays like that. its a lovely day today xx

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