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Stop the world i wonto get of !!

Well after a very painful an & unsettling few weeks , being told all the tjing wrong with me an like u all know we carnt do a lot for u as your allergic to so many drugs .

My Husband lost his job for the second time in les than 12 months, im still on apeal not that it would help us much. We have 8 years left on morgage an no savings after last time . An then my lovely naghbear & goid friend , who rent her house has bean given notes :0( they have to b out in 3 months . I could cry for them & for us we all spent the day drinking tea an just talking about life an looking for properties to rent to try an stay close by as we will have to sell ours this time we cant do the deat . After everything we have bean through the nearly loosing my daughter to ce coliy , my cancer , heart attacks , being cut out of car accidents . Not our fault ! Then losing both my parents , losing my job through illness, redundancy , an now this new illness we always had our lovely home to come to . I sometimes think what is it all for ? Pleas don't tel me we have each other because i may scream xxx

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Hello there Kugagirl, I am so sorry to hear about how you are feeling and your current situation. Have you had a meds' review lately with your GP, we all need this from time to time to re-evaluate how effectively our meds are working for us regarding our pain and other symptoms. You may need an antidepressant just to help you cope a little better, we all need a bit of help sometimes and there is bound to be a medication that would suit you bearing in mind your allergic situation. Please have a word with your GP about this to see if they can help you. You have been through far too much to be able to manage without some form of help and support.

Have you both considered counselling? It might be worth thinking about as a way to off load all your grief, stress and anxieties. You have been through so much recently. If you are interested in counselling please mention this to your GP who should be able to refer you.

Have you also considered making an appointment to chat about everything at the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau), they have a wealth of information to advise in financial situations, redundancy, benefits etc. It might be worth popping along for a chat with hubby to see if they can advise you in any way.

If you feel you are still suffering from grief over the loss of your parents, there is support and understanding provided by CRUSE, they do bereavement counselling and help us come to terms with our grief when we have lost our loved ones.

"CRUSE Bereavement Care promotes the well-being of bereaved people and enables anyone bereaved by death to understand their grief and cope with their loss. As well providing free care to all bereaved people, the charity also offers information, support and training services to those who are looking after them." Info taken from their site, see below for more info.*

Their contact info is as follows -

Daytime Helpline 0844 477 9400

Email -

Details of local branches -

* crusebereavementcare.or...

There is also the Samaritans who you could speak to on the telephone, they are always there for us 24 hours a day to listen to us when we seem bogged down with stresses and worries. It might be worth giving them a call, sometimes a chat to someone impartial can make all the difference and help us to cope a little better.

Here is their contact info -


08457 90 90 90

We are always here to try to help and support you where we can or hopefully to try to point you in the right direction. Take care and please let us know you you get on if you choose any of the options above.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi libs thanks some of this we have dun some we havent . An may try the crb is not very good in our area , they did give us some infamation , but its more about dealing with deters an your rights . Wich is helpful but they mainly advise u to put your house up for sale cus it could take ages to sell , an sell your car an anything u have to keep your bills paid because benefits dont cover them all . So this is what we r going to do somtimes u just have to cut your lose . My Huby may get another job but as hes 61 an his health isent grate not shore its worth it in the long run we will c a . As i said im not dipresed just sad it is like another loss in a way . But we will get through cus we have choice not to life has to go on no mater what it throughs at u .

Thanks again for all the links i may need them in the coming months . Aspeshaly the bereavement one , we have had some counseling but wont hert to look into it . Then perhaps everytime somthing like this hapens i can stop saying my parents died . Like no ones parents have ever died before just mine . Xx kugagirlxxx


I feel for you so much and i actually felt my heart race reading your blog. I too know the stresses of your husband being made redundant twice in a short space of time and losing your parents in the short time too and also losing your own job too. Life is c**p sometimes darling and it all seems to heap on the same poor souls plate while it seems tht everyone else has a merry old time. I felt resentful and angry and i bottled it up inside. I wont go into too much on the blog but trust me, i do know exactly where you must be coming from right now and im here to listen or chat. Just message me anytime please.....wishing i had a magic wand for you...Charlii xx


Thanks for that Charlii , i wouldn't wish the anguish i went through on anyone , never mind somone nice like u . U think ur your ok then somthing comes an wam the feeling come gushing back . But thats life for everyone . Like my aunt says all days r poo the depth just thickens lol . Im not dipresed , im just sad for my friends having to move again with thear kids settled & my husband hes worked so hard an hes very proud of out little house . If i had that magic wond id make every one on hear well again , wouldent that b amazing to abel to do that xxx.xx an thanks again xx


Is always the good people who have all the bad times ive found and yet others who are nasty, lazy, or just plain lucky i suppose toddle around with a happy life. I love your aunt's sayng, it made me smile! My hubby was set up for redundancy by his boss who "lost" all of his training records and i was so full of anger and hate to be honest, but as my beloved mum used to say "life is a big wheel, dont be a t**t to people at the top cos one day you will be at the bottom" and its true, a year later his old boss lost his job for forging company paperwork! Hugs to you and your hubby and your poor lovely friend, i so hope something stops her having to move. Please let us know how she gets on......Charlii xx


O Charlii thats dreadful , its horabel when some one u trust it does make u angry , an better to say ot out loud than keep it bottled up , an like u said what goes around comes around he got his in the end an u dident have to lifs a finger , always a goid feeling ??.Some people just have no morels , ye my Dad used to say that about popin on people its good advice . I dont think my friend is going to b abel to stay the person that owns the house wont's to much for it . An they have just got back on thear feet after lifes rubish dumping so it looks like they r moving . But on a good note she is going to try an stay in the vilage if she can , an as we r puting our house up for sale next week we will b moving aswel , if we can sell it ! Ive bean to the hospital today an met a lovely nurse , shes advised me to change my GP as hes not sending my blood results to the hospitole an his leters r quite dismissive.

was nice of her to take the time to ask an look . Only when for my pre op check restores my faith a bit xx hope u have a good day chat soon

xxkugagirl xxx


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