Absolutely livid !

After checking my bank account this morning, i noticed my ESA benefit hadnt been paid.So i phoned Jobcentreplus, and finally go thru after half an hour. So i queried why my money hadnt been paid in. In December i didnt pass my assesment and had my benefit reduced straight away, as i was put in the work related group. I received the normal letter with my award,and it also stated i would be paid weekly instead of every two weeks.So having re-adjusting myfinances,i started receiving weekly payments until today.The lady on the phone explained that a mistake was made over xmas and i now will be paid every two weeks again,meaning i will have no money until next thursday!!!! I asked her what i was supposed to do for food and heating between today and next thursday, she replied" apply for a "crisis loan" or "social funding" and if i need food, to go to the Job centre to get a voucher and go to a food bank!!!! She then remarked that its affecting allot of people!! She then gave me the number for a crisis loan, which i rang for twenty minutes, i started to explain what had happened then they cut me off!! At the end of my tether.

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  • Oh how awful! I really wish the Government could see what they are doing to people with all this messing around with benefits!

    I know food banks are having to help more and more people in the UK, which I find shocking.

    Keep trying with the crisis loan people. Maybe try calling the CAB also. Good luck!

  • Oh lord! That's a stressful and exhausting morning. I often wish i could let someone, who makes decisions that affect us, live with my body for a week or two. Then hopefully an understanding of this condition would temper the ignorance that surrounds it. I'm so sorry you've had to endure this and wish you a speedy outcome that answers your needs. All the best. S x

  • same thing has happend to me with my benifits i to phoned only to be told i have to go 2 weeks on 1 weeks money its disgusting i cant even get to a shop as i dont have money for a taxi and am unable to walk i explained this and was told to ask for a crisis loan what a joke she just didnt seem to be able to take it in that i cannot afford a taxi to the job center !!.xx

  • so sorry to hear that, its absolutely deplorable what theyre doing to the most vunerable people, wish i could help. x

  • Idiots DWP they actually thinks its expect able treating us like this... As usual you make the call hang about on the phone and they tell you to mess around going to the job centre you may even live miles away from one and may not even have the money or means to travell. They make me annoyed the way were treat us common folk ,, like we asked for it ,, x

  • Its the attitude of the staff that really winds me up, when i asked why i hadnt been informed about the mix up, she said i had, by listening to the recorded message when i phoned up!

  • Oh now i c why I only had a small payment this week but its the 17th wot happened to the first week payment I am in support group and in totally confusion as it seems the clerks are in the dept. Too many cheifs not enuff indians I am not clever with rules and regs etc my brain shuts down . But i get the feeling that the govt have made so many changes its now impossible for them to kniw what is what its like putting oatches on shorts you can only patch a hole so many times before it re apoears worse than before petal

  • Ps sounds like a computer glitch to me and the clerks are not it folk

  • I am so sorry about this Owen, how awful for you my dear. I hope you go to the CAB and that they can advise you as Lindsey suggests. I hope the crisis loan works out too because this certainly sounds awful for you.

    Take care and please let us know how you get on, we are all here for you and we do care about you. We will try to help and support you along the way as best we can.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • when i contacted then they told me that for the first two weeks after christmas they were paying people weekley and then going back to 2 weekly. the reason they gave is that many people would be skint after xmas and could not wait the 2 weeks so paid weekly to help them x

  • im needing to get some shopping but have only a small amount of money left as water rates,and payment for my support worker came out ofbank account im trying to work out what i need most plusi have to pay for taxi there and back and ive still got another 5 days before i get any money this is really stressing me out ive had hardley any sleep las few days and my mood is rapidly going down ive also been in more pain than usual wat to do wat to do so blooming fed up xx

  • I am so fed up with being treated like we dont matter. Ive gone through the same disgusting situation with no money for weeks and its always us that has to chase them up for it and when we do, do they care? do they hell. We have to eat, heat and pay bills too. If youre alone in the world, where are you going to get food etc from if you cant get to the jobcentre for a food voucher. Its SOOOO ridiculous. There are too many changes going on all at once. Jobcentre staff dont always get updated and when they do, they dont circulate it to all their staff. So you speak to someone who tells you one thing and when that doesnt happen, you speak to someone else who tells you something completely different. I went 7 weeks with no money last summer because of that. They all have to "work from the same page", coz if they dont know, how are WE supposed to?????? GRRRRRRRR. I hope you get sorted soon.

  • Thanks for your support bumblebee


    Nigel x

  • no probs. glad to help or support if i can. good luck

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