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feeing let down

GOT my form from soical for a grant or a loan to help with getting carpets and white good ,my very good freind helped me fill it in as it would have took weeks to do with feeling not well . me hoping the loan would cover everything , ,just got back from mums yesterday saw letter opened it ,thought yes can go check out washer,cooker,fridge ,and carpets for moving to my new home .which going to make my life magible,and no stairs to climb , as in a private rented which comes with all the whit goods and carpets ,

Only been offerd £300.00 . for loan , cant move into new place with out carpets as will get more ill with having fibro ,ostiarthritise, ,and still recovering from broken ankle ,

its going to take alot more money than that to even get stuff ,

I dont no were to turn now for help ,as with xmas coming up and the soical bing shut , is there any other help i can get ,im despratte now ,,and no spare money

gent hugs to you all .

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Hi Tinkerbell,

This is a bit of a problem with loans - the less you have in the first place, the less they will advance you, and you do have to pay it back, so it's not a lot of help.

I think the best thing you can do is to visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau (address and telephone no. in directory or online)

There are a lot of charities and aid societies which will help people in your position, but you will have to find out what is available in your area. They will also advise you if there are any other grants you could claim.

Don't lose heart - still a few weeks before Christmas, and I do hope you manage to get sorted out.

Best Wishes ...Moffy x


I cannot offer anything more than that Moffy has offered int he way of advice. Unable to think right at the moment so if I think of anything I will come back to the post. Keep your chin up hun and see if there is anything on your list that you can buy cheaper xxxxx


I can't offer more than Moffy, other than the fact that I don't have a cooker, I have a halogen oven which cooks, stews, bakes, grills and roasts. I'll pm you where I got mine.



Hi tinkerbell, it might be worth giving your local Salvation Army a call. They collect white goods in our area and they might be able to help if the CAB are unable to. Good luck! Jane x


hi Tinkerbell, not seen you for a little while .

sorry it is not what you expected and as Admin have said CAB is one place to go and salvation army .

It does depend on your area too.

i have given many things to chairty from clothing to furniture and we have certain organisations that help those in need with furniture too but proof of things are required.

They are great support around and the sooner you can get some calls made the sooner you willl hopefully get help and everything that they give out is in good condition too and is not aloud over a certain age and the same with Sofas as example they have to be up to the fire standards and safety same with appliances, so anything you would be entitled to would be relatively in pretty new condition.

NOt brand new lol ..

please do not feel so disheartened things will get there.

our oven has just broken its a built in one but we are mortgage and since i have not got any help as yet if i do from Dla etc .. we bought the parts we thought would fix it (xmas present money) and it still did not work! so phoned insurance and they would not cover as not fire, water damage or accidental damage so we are stuck :-(

we have had to spend what we saved on a car becaues of certain issues so at present we have not even bought one xmas present and our 12 yr old is our main concern so i fully understand not having things.

My living room fire has broken and my cover ran out with British Gas and want to charge us a 50.00 start call out. puh we had to get some heaters (costing a fortune to run ) we have gas and electric key and it is running some real bill up each week.

we do not have central heating as our houses were built in the 1940's we had it bricked up for structural problems, then found out its not worth paper written on we are having major issues as no bank will touch us.. so i so fully undertsand finances and not having things.

My dressing gown keeps me warm :-) and when i am in bed my dressing gown goes over my quilt and if want to sit up and use phone or drink a cup of tea i put my dressing gown on back to front as a snug and it works wanders (thought try cheer you up a little) sorry if not helped.

if you give me your area i will try find something out for you asap and will inbox as i am not a volunteer or admin so can not post links..

Huggles to you caroline - cazziexxx


hi cazzie thankyou for ur advice went to cab for help this morning but unable to help ,then went to housing seeing if they no any orgasations butout with success. iv given up already on xmax this year , i havnt got a social worker or a mental health team ,as the system let me down , iv struggled all this time with out help , no wander my depession get worse again ,

I live in westyorkshire normanton ,

any help would be gratfull recived .

gentle hugs to you x ,


Hello there Tinkerbell, I am not sure exactly what sort of loan you were granted, but did you know you can appeal on the decision?!

If you had a Community Care Grant, Budgeting Loan or Crisis Loan application you are entitled to ask for a review. If you think he decision was made without the decision-maker knowing all the facts or the decision was wrong, or a mistake was made in your case

or the law and/or directions have been used wrongly you can follow the procedure contained within the link below -

I hope this helps.

(Reference - DWP - Reviews


hi libertyz ,

I Applied for a loan but only got 300 then applied for a grant but got turned down today , wrang welfare rights told to ask for review but when no good at writing or what to put im stuck , its not helping my fibrio or my deppression all this worry ,they say i dont quilfy there critira , if possibble hope u can help me ,

thank you for your help , cant sleep due to worrying , and very fatuged allso .

gentle hugs



Tink, did you ask for a review from where you were granted your loan, this is very important. It wouldn't be welfare rights that would do the review unless I am mistaken of course. Where did you get the loan from, it would help if we had this info to try to help you further?

Have you tried the other options suggested on this thread too?!

They might be worth trying too.

Will wait to hear from you about the loan.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



hi lib , i got a crisis loan which i pay back to the DHSS and asked for a community care grant , i dont suit there certain circumstance,it said i would qulify if i was not coping exceptional prssure , which i am due to ill health and cant manage the house in in due to staires and bath , with all whats wrong with me , as u know i need help with lifting and carrying ,when i move and carpets down to keep me warm and just in case i fall . ,feeling very deprssed today . and fibro playing up aswell as my arthritise due to weather . i tryed free cylce dad picking up a wardrobe up for me today , ,

thankyou for your help

gental hugs


ps , at doc today see what she can do for me


You could also try the British Heart uncle got a grant for a new central heating boiler from them. There's also SSAFA, if you or anyone you know has been in the ANY time. Good luck, hope you get sorted. XX


hello Tinkerbell sorry to hear of your dilema - try freecycle there are groups across the country and everything is FREE. i have had all sorts off there if you need more info on it please message me.



Might be worth trying Freegle, you can keep an eye out for things people want to get rid of and make requests for things you need. I also did a google search and came up with a page you might find useful, just scroll down to the furniture and electricals section and there are some organisations you could try contacting. Good Luck xx


thank you for ur help will look into it .i been intouch with the red cross peapple they visit my mum for a few hours a week to give dad a rest . i xplaned to them and looking into it for me ,


Do you have a Credit Union you could use? They are able to help people in your circumstances.


hi tortie .

i have no idia on that thankyou for your advice ,


No problem, I volunteer for a credit union & we have a lot of people in your situation. A lot of people in our area are dependent on door step loans like Provident & Greenwoods & we are trying hard to get them away from that habit. Where abouts are you & I'll try to find you nearest cr union for you.


hi a up date i applied for a grant got news today got told dont qulify in there critira .which makes me so angry ,got to move to inprove my way of live and manage my disablities better . wrang welfare rights told can write a letter to have a review ,but doesnt help when u dont no what to put or spelling , got still cant get any help from no wear ,

off to doc tommrow to see what she can do ,doesnt help my fibro or my depression . .all this stress . ,. I live in wakefield area


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