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Sat here crying my eyes out.... blo**y DWP

Was feeling pretty good until I got home to find four yes FOUR letters from the DWP. One saying because I hadn't returned my capability for work questionnaire hadn't been returned so they were stopping my ESA. The next saying my benefit was taxable income. The third is saying my benefit was being stopped on one line, and on another saying that I'm going to get money.... The last one is a P45. All posted on the same day..... :-(

Please excuse the shouting text but I'M NOT GETTING ANY MONEY ANYWAY!!!!!

Because my other half earns slightly more than what you're supposed to live on by law, I don't get any ESA money. But I still keep having to send in my fitness to work certs to get my stamp paid.

I am so so tired of fighting the system and not actually getting anything. Sorry to moan, I know there are people worse off than me, but I really am feeling low now. So tired of pain, so tired of being me.

I could really do with some mail through my door that doesn't come in a brown envelope.....

Sorry if I have gone on a bit, I just needed to vent :-(

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its tough, they say we only need a certain amount to live on, like to see them trying to live on it,can you get working text credit, have you had a benefit check etc


Looking into working tax credit... its going to take ages... but will try. Have had benefit check, and again because hes working we're stuffed.


Hi tracy,

I am so sorry that you are having problems with the dreaded dwp.

Thats terrible putting all that on you in one day.

I dont know anything about them hun, as my partner works so i am not entitled to any help neither.

Just want to send you a big hug hun and i hope you get it sorted soon.

Thinking of you, hugs, kel xxxx


Thanks Kel... something else has just upset me too... will inbox you x hope you're ok!

Hugs back x


I have inboexed you back, this site is doing my head in today, its so slow and wont let me see comments, are you having any probs with it? hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Kitty

I came home from a week away at my daughters end January to find all of them letters here for me. Set me off big time, and took me weeks to sort out and all because i couldnt make a medical for the esa. Reason was i couldnt walk as my legs wasnt strong enough, but according to them that wasnt a good enough reason but i had sent all the forms in they sent but they didnt communicate with each other so no one knew i had sent them in.

So i understand perfectly well how you feel today.

Sounds like you are having a really bad day so just wanted to say i know it dont take your troubles away but my thoughts are with you and i hope you can destress a bit later. Please try you dont want to make yourself worse.

kia xx


Hi MissKittycat,

What a time you are having, I think all of those who say what we need to live on should be required to do the same for at least a year.

Thinking about you sweetie

lots of little hugs.

Susan xx


Ahh bless you, that is not funny. They have no idea what people go through with FM. How can WE increase awareness??

It really hacks me off that people who are genuinely ill can't get benefits, when they have probably worked during their life to pay for others receiving benefits.

I am sorry to hear that you are crying, however that would make me cry too. I think a tiny bit of stress in our lives tips us over the edge as we are not able to deal with stress aswell as "normal" people!!

Could you consult CAB and they could try and help you out. Sorry that may be a silly suggestion as I don't have any experience with benefits apart from Industrial Injuries and they are CRAP with that!!



Thanks all for your replies, feeling a little calmer, going to go have a warm bath and not think about things for a while, maybe a rest will clear my mind so I can get the next step forward. Probably write to my MP again, hes pretty good at getting involved!

Gentle hugs to all x


Just thinking this may help for research..look at the document

World Health Organisation. You can find it online.

I have been reading parts and it's quite interesting xx


Hi Kitty I cry every day hun i live with my son who is diabetic and epeleptic, & all i ave been livin on since my emplyer "advised" me to resign is £67 a week. so i no full well wat ur goin thro babes. ive just got dat for appeals for ESA n DLA 3rd time lucky!!! to be honest i dont no how im still here :( if it wasnt for my 2 beautifull grandchildren id ave givin up months ago & done the deed thats how bad ive felt. i owe money left right n centre as u can imagine, if i dont win these appeals i just dont no wat im goin to do!!! The tears are rollin yet again i wonder where they come from the amount ive cried. xxx big hugs hunni xx big hugs xx


Hi Tracy, I HATE these brown envelopes too, these things just wear you down all the time and you can't take anything for granted. I have had panic attacks at seeing these on my doorstep but you have to open them and deal with whatever is in them dont you.

I am really worried at the moment cos I recently had my NHS pension agreed and Dept of Works and Pensions wanted the original copies of the confirmation and it seems they may have lost them. I have rung them numerous times and each time they say they are looking for them, they dont realise the inconvenience this is causing me as they are not the only people that need to see the original copies. I did take photocopies before I sent them but they are not worth the paper they are printed on it seems when you are dealing with official bodies. I hope they find them soon thats all I can say.

Dont worry about moaning, we all need to do this sometimes especially when dealing with ESA etc. not that it gives you much consolation I know.

Anyway, take care and keep your chin up. Love Angela xx


What a horrible experience. The system is a total disgrace and particularly hard for people with invisible illnesses like ours which they just don't know how to assess. My heart goes out to you and am sending you love and hugs.

I got one two weeks ago telling me my entitlement to certain benefits had expired and I would be back to £67 a week to live off. I have another 3 letters from them I haven't had the courage to open yet!

Having the cancer has been an eye opener. I had a Macmillan benefits adviser come to the house to fill in a DLA form for me and believe me this woman new her job. She filled it in taking into account all my health problems and knows the key words they are looking for. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had access to a dedicated benefits adviser for Fibro/CFS. If I was well enough, I would volunteer to do that! Hopefully one day.


hi you are fine bless you why dont they out all the letters in one ebnvelope lol and they tell you this and that then say ignore all of that its this arghh they are so annoying i had it while ago they stopped my money they said i had moved house and not told them my new address go on my old blogs and read it nightmare so no money for a month lol not at time it wasnt lol though i hope tyou get it all sorted jus dont need it do you love to you diddle x


hi missy if you inbox me you address i will send you somethink in a different one :)


Thanks all for your support- it really does mean a lot! Feeling a bit better tonight- loads opain meds helping too.

Kath will inbox you!

Gentle hugs to you all xxx


I today have got the dreaded letter from DWP why are they picking us ? they have got people with drug drink probs who do nowt and still get their money and there is us with pain every single hour and min these needs to change on how they deal with FB grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i am to hopping mad


the world of benefits will always be a mystery to me. We often joke about it but it's sad to admit that i'd be better off if I chucked out my other half. Income should be a personal statement and not what your other half is earning - they have a life to live too.


hellsbells those who drink all day n night n ut all kind of drugs into their bodies n this is because THEY WANT TO not like us who have to they get probabley double wat we all get no questions asked!!!!!!! Why is it that we have to fight all the way to get the pittance that is wat they say we can live on 67 pound a week, I'd like to see if some1 from DWP try it!!!!!! big hugs every1 xxxx


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