stressed beyond belief...need some calming words

Ok so many of you know I have been waiting for the results of my ESA medical....I will try to make this as short as possible. Call from DWP saying its been upheld and been put in support group of 25 months! Yay I thought...wait for letter. No letter so rang them will be received by end of last week. no letter! Rang yesterday to be told I hadn't paid enough NIC contributions in 2012 to get it so no benefit. My contributions based esa was due yesterday but nothing went into bank. no letter or call to advise me of this. found my P60's so in 2012 when I had a long period of sick leave following hip replacement and NIc was below Lower earnings limit. They had a statement from Inland Revenue saying all my years were invalid from 2011 to 2014. asked to take p60's to local job centre to scan thru. Taxi to job centre scanned and sent off. Call from DWP at 15.00 yesterday to say 2012 invalid but only way it can be done is to close claim and reopen from Jan 2015 and reassess. Asked her to confirm that I had paid enuf 2013 and 2014. I had checked Revuned website and it appears ,unless I am wrong that I have just about paid enough in fact only a few £ over the limit. Asked her to confirm this.... no she can't do that as has to be assessed by processing team. doesn't know how long it will take.

so as you can imagine I am stressed beyond belief.... no sleep, pain gone thru the roof, palpitations blah blah. I've worked all my life since the age of 16 years, never claimed a benefit in my life! why oh why do people like us who are genuinely ill have to fight for every penny when other lazy bas...ds get money for lazing about and having loads of kids!

Rant over, thank you friends.


Jo x

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  • Oh jo lots of gentle hugs. As we all know stress does not help, I hope knowing that someone cares even though they can't do anything helps a little. Now don't forget to look after yourself as much as you can x

  • thank you.

    hugs to you

    jo x

  • If I had a pound for every time I have heard a genuine person say that about scroungers I would be able to retire :)

    I have worked all my life and still am, but when my hubby was ill with CF we got no support at all, just told to get back to work just because he had a firm hand shake :O We had two small kids at the time and it was very hard to make ends meet with only my part time wage. So I am with you!

    I hope you can get it sorted, it sounds so much like a jobs worth :)

  • so sorry for your predicament too. It s just so unfair, makes me want to tear my hair out!


    Jo x

  • Mine was a good few years back, I just wanted you to know that I know exactly how you feel. Back then I felt just as you do now :)

  • Hi Jo, that is just terrible, I feel so deeply for you. I too have had problems with ESA in the past and it almost pushed me over the edge, so much so that I found myself reaching out to the Samaritans for support through email- I was on the verge of a mental break-down. All I can say is hang in there, keep fighting and don't give up. Get as much support as you possibly can to see this through to the end. Good luck and take good care of yourself 👍

  • Thank you honey, and poor you. what a terrible situation for you to be in. did you get it sorted favourably in the end?


    Jo x

  • Yes thanks Jo, it all worked out in the end, I sincerely hope yours does too x

  • It is a constant battle isnt it? Seems like one hand doesnt know what the other is doing in the DWP. Hope it is all sorted out soon. Gentle hugs joolz.x

  • So sorry to read your post if you did not feel ill before this you would certainly feel ill afterwards. It is enough to try a saint I sometimes wonder whether the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. We all know there are major problems with the Inland Revenue as they are grossly understaffed and with so much pressure on them they are having difficulty coping of course this has this terrible knock on effect if you have to claim anything.

    I know when I was trying to sort out my husbands when he was sick and claiming ESA it was an absolute nightmare. I put in an official complaint and in fairness did have a proper written apology and my questions answered in writing which although I would have preferred the answers easily in the first place at least showed that they acknowledged that their service was totally unsatisfactory.

    I do hope that you can get this all sorted out without having to start again. Please let us know how you get on.x

  • So sorry you have to go through all this, I don't understand the system at all, I don't claim myself but had to get help from CAB to do my husbands forms, they seem to move the goalpost just when you think you've done everything right. I do hope it all works out well for you. Lou xx

  • I do hope all works out for you hun, Yes the system is so unfair, no wonder you are so stressed out,wish I could offer you more.

    Lots of gentle soothing warm hugs coming your way :) xxxxxxxx

  • Gentle hugs is about all I can offer. I really don't know about how things work there. I have a friend in similar circumstances. She didn't make enough to draw ss disability so she can't get Medicare insurance. It's not right how some abuse the system and everything is golden. Yet some really need help can't get it. I feel for you. Hugs

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and it really does make my blood boil when somebody like yourself has worked all of their lives and now has to struggle to get the benefit that they should be entitled too.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with getting your ESA. I was just wondering if you were in receipt of PIP? As you could also make a claim for this as well?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi, sorry you are having such a tough time. I was thinking of making esa claim, but can't see anywhere how much national insurance contributions must have been paid to qualify. I rang but don't get a straight answer.

    I hope you get it sorted soon, it is stressful and does not help your pain.

  • Hi hun. Do you have your P60 or March payslip? If so it should show a summary of contributions. If employed it will be the first number under Class 1 contributions. Failing that you could ring the pensions agency. If your claim started 2015 the relevant years to check are 2013 and 2014.


    Jo x

  • Hi jonnie1964,I hope you are successful on your esa claim. Regarding myself,does anyone know whether having your stamp paid by dss qualifies for being enough contributions made to receive any money?

  • Elaine see my reply to peace and serenity.

    Jo x

  • Thank you joannie1964, by the way so pleased for you now.x

  • Hi Jonnie1964. I think the support Group is not based on National Insurance payments. Could you get to your local CAB office and get advice? I may be wrong, but I think your DWP office is playing you up, hoping you will go away quietly. Not only should you be paid fortnightly, but also they owe you over 2 years of back pay. I hope you can get the CAB to phone them and get this sorted out. Best Wishes Kate

  • Thank you so much Kate, the CAB are now trying to sort it out.x

  • Thank you but the support group can be either income or contributions based. I don't qualify because of hubbys earnings. It has been awarded now, I have posted update. But thanks for you kind words


    Jo x

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