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Suffering today!!!!!

Woke up yesterday and a miracle happened, no pain at all in any part of this wreck of a body, but boy o boy miracles don't happen, which I found out, at 3am. Feel like I've been through a mangle. Quick summary of yesterday. Doubled up on my pregablin, took the zopiclone and solpadol, the night before. Slept till 6, yay a sleep in. Got up and goodness gracious me, I'd turned into my old self. Stripped the bed, remade said bed, started cleaning tra la la, whistle while you work, cleaned the windows. Still going strong, hoovered, polished, washing done, bit of ironing, dogs walked (even they were in shock). But how the mighty fall, by 3pm started to flag, 5pm very flagged (you can change flagged to anything you like that starts with F)!!! By 7 pm oh my gosh, felt like I've been cage fighting, followed by a couple of rounds with mike Tyson and then done Jane Fonda exercise class. Needless to say my poor body Imploded on its self. Not slept since 2am, the pain is unbelievable, not even tablets and tens machine having any effect. I know its my own fault, but I felt normal, like my own self. Just wish this visitor in my body would just do one. I'm lying in bed. Think someone's stolen my legs and left me with a couple of tree trunks. So so tired, but can't sleep, as body twitching and screaming. So much for miracles. I've actually been writing this since 4am, but then forget how to spell certain words. Anyhoo, hope all my fellow FB sufferers, have a happy pain free day (yeah right), soft hugs. Now where's them there tablets.ta raa.always look forward to reading all your blogs. Keep ya chins up and ya bellys tucked in x x

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Morning Joe,

Wow you achieved a lot before youre curfew fell. Keep warm today and relax your muscles dont attempt to over do it again will you it just puts us in a greater mess xgins


Will do gins, my own fault, I should've known better, (slaps self on hands), heating on, hot water bottles on legs, and notting hill on telly. Update later on. X x


But feels so damn good to feel your own self again. It gives hope.


Chine, it did at the time, but feel like I'm ready for the knackers yard today, legs twitching worse than Bill Oddie in an aviary. X x


I had the same thing, did most of my house, then could not


I wonder if we get this energy, before we have a flare, I wonder

What would of happened if we had sat down and had a relaxing

Day this has happened a few times to me you think you are well

Again because you have only a little pain and don't feel so tired

So you are back to being you, and do lots

Next time it happens I'm just not going to do any thing and see

If I still have a flare, I have just had the most pain I have ever had

And this was after a big boost of energy

Hope you feel better soon



Thanks viv, think my body went into shock. But I feel guilty, just *relaxing * when you know there's jobs to be done, so you think to your self, sod it, if I don't do it, no one else will, but the consequences afterwards, gee whizz, (note to self, remember why your on all the bloody painkillers) hey ho, at least the apartments clean


My goodness me Joe, you did a month's worth there all in one go! What you are experiencing is what my OT (Occupational Therapist) calls "Boom and Bust". This basically means you feel ok so you do a lot and sure as eggs are eggs you pay for it afterwards as your pain levels rocket and all your other symptoms go haywire too!

Part of managing Fibro effectively is pacing yourself as I am sure you are aware. By pacing yourself through activities (this could be anything from getting dressed, to showering and preparing a meal etc) and allowing yourself adequate rest periods in between you will avoid Booming and Busting.

This used to happen to me all the time before I learnt Pacing Therapy. I managed to get a referral from my GP to a local CFS Clinic (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), it really had a major impact on my life and how ineffectively I was managing before. Now I pace all the time, yes I come unstuck from time to time, but I get myself back on track and then I manage pretty well again.

I hope you are resting today, taking your prescribed meds etc., this will pass and hopefully you will feel better again. I do feel for you, I know how awful the way you are feeling can be.

Take care Joe. (((hug))) xxx



Thank you Libs, I'm definitely busted today. X


Hi Joe your plight sounds so familiar. I'm pretty busted myself today, even though it's crept up on me. I had planned a dip( that's my term to try and make swimming sound a casual effort), but the snow came so that followed with a change of plan. Feeling enthused from the support I 've been given from my fellow fibro gang on this forum, I planned a healthy snowy dog walk, only for that to be thwarted when I decided to put a colour on my hair( the badger look just doesn't do me any favours). Well that's where it all ended. After using my arms for applying and then drying my hair, my colour drained, my patience level went below zero and pain tolerance off the radar. Sleep I screamed, I need to sleep! Dramatically portrayed I know but that's what every fibre in this bod were shouting at me. So I took all the meds I could, dragged myself to my lovely den( where my eldest having sensed I was about to clock out for a while tucked me up with my dressing gown) and I lost another 2hrs of my life to a super twitchy fitful 'sleep'. Anyway here I am typing away to you with dead arms, but a head that feels a little clearer. So I share your pain Joe, let's hope we both have a more 'normal' day tomorrow!!! Best wishes S x


Thank you S, I've embraced the badger, looking a bit George Clooney at the mo, fancied a walk with the dogs myself today, but even the thought wore me out (good job there only small), just barely dragging my carcass around as it is. Anyway onwards and upwards, happy thoughts and a box of Thornton's will help I'm sure. X x


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