Nightdresses !

I can remember reading that people with fibro could be in pain say after a sheet touched them, I found this pretty hard to believe as I'd only just been diagnosed and didn't know too problem is nighties....I literally can't sleep in my own size and have to go up a couple of sizes...I feel like my size nighties are strangling my body....has anyone else had this? If so can you recommend anywhere where I can buy a jersey kaftan type of nightie ....have a nice Sunday to all x

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  • Hello, yes, I feel the same and for that reason cannot stand pyjamas.

    Have a look at Bon Marche or M&Co, or type jersey nightdress in Amazon or ebay.

    Hope this helps, and wishing you a good Sunday too!


  • I am sensitive to light pressure rather than just touch - for example if I scratch an itch without thinking (automatic reaction) it's like I've been clawed by Wolverine or Freddie Kruger! Or if I lean against a wall or door frame after a few seconds I get intense pain which lasts a few minutes afterwards. I once brushed my fingers against a door frame and felt like I'd broken them. I can't imagine being sensitive to just touch - it's a nightmare as it is.

    But I do get the nightdress/pj thing. I found it was because I move around so much at night, tossing and turning, my nightclothes couldn't keep up so ended up bunching up and being very uncomfortable. I went the other way though in solving it and went for tighter fitting .. so for example, my pj bottoms are now like leggings rather than loose and flowing. They move with me and stay in place rather than doing their own thing.

  • could be describing me with the tossing and turning lol xx

  • I knew I couldn't be the only one :D

  • Get yourself a ONESIE hun that will keep you warm in the cold nights!

  • Thanks Hun, but menopausal so feel so hot. And again I have the material next to the skin. It sounds so weird but to those that understand xx

  • i generally just wrap myself up in a super soft blanket or a super soft dressing gown. that seems to work- and yes the bedsheets do hurt me ... this is why i don't like going to sleep because i'll have just gotten myself to a pain level of around 6/10 and then i go to sleep and it's back up to 9 or 10/10 in the morning. i wake up like this every morning. :( although fluffy and soft. they help.

  • yes, I find nightwear too restricting and often end up sleeping in my birthday suit -TMI I know lol! I also like to wear loose clothes during the day as I joints not like anything tight.

    Jacqueline x

  • Definitely an issue for me. I find these days I just can't wear figure hugging clothes day or night. Like you I buy night dresses that are one or two sized too big and find it much more comfortable. But in the summer I'm usually so hot that I end up sleeping in the altogether any way.

    Can't wear fitted trousers, they have to have elastic waists. And I haven't been able to buy much in the way of new clothes for a few years as every where still seems to sell figure hugging fashion. :( xx

  • Yes I find this problem..I always buy bigger.I don't know how anyone

    can sleep in pyjamas I find them impossible.

    The best way is to sleep naked with two hot water bottles I do

    when I get too uncomfortable..xx

  • Hi my friend

    I am exactly the same and end up on top of the bed most nights. The duvet feels like a lead weight and my PJs feel so restrictive. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi delicious21

    Thanks for that, it sounds a wonderful idea, especially with summer coming up.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Thanks for your replies...I'd like a knee length over size t shirt but they never come down to your knees. Best wishes to all x

  • Tut! Not believing your fibro chummies!

    Yes it is hard to believe how a feather touch is so excruciating hey? I looked and looked at my skin for why, the first few times. There is nothing of course just nerves misfiring.

    You have to wear cosy stuff. Nothing scratchy, nothing tight and sexy! (Whyyyy?) Just soft slobby slouchy clothes. And layers to keep warm. Getting cold sets us off too.

    I check all my nighties carefully before buying. They have to be nice and soft all over with no silly notions. And roomy too. Hard to find something just right so mine have to keep going a long time til I do, and so are mostly much loved and old.

    Soft cottons, fleecy jumpers, and fleecy trousers for when we are relaxing. Heavy seams and fabrics with no give, are horrid for us.

    And comfy shoes with proper arch support, always when walking. Never wear bad shoes!!! Takes too long for our feet (and knees and more) to recover. (it takes so long we can forget what set us off sometimes, and hobble off to the poor GP!)

    Aching all over, shivering, cold, headachy, sensitive skin, exhausted? Sounds like flu? but not real high flu temp? It's another fibro flare. Hurrah for us hey? At least we are not infectious!

    So many symptoms and who knows how many more yet to come, as they morph and change?

  • Mm happy days! Cosy flannelette sheets and winceyette PJ's and then. . . Along came cool Bri Nylon. (Shudder!) Oh the crackles and sparks as we slid into bed at Grandma's house. She always liked to keep up with the times. On this occasion with brand new drip dry sheets and our fancy new nighties. How we wriggled and wiggled to keep the fire works going. Who knew bedtime could be such fun? Rubbish for being cosy and sleeping sadly!

    I can vouch for stretch cotton jersey too for cosiness.

    Now shh! Go to sleep!

  • I know it's terrible and whilst I found the sheet thing hard to's far sadder that people just don't believe the pain and sheer fatigue that goes with this awful illness...and leggings of course x

  • I've seen Kaftans on eBay but I'd need a few of them and they're not cheap...also long....but they would be comfy just to lounge about in x

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