6am Morning cALL Hello Campers! How are we all today?

6am Morning cALL  Hello Campers!  How are we all today?

The Sun is shinning the morning looks wonderful lets gets some coffee and have a chat. I will be around for a couple of hours if anyone needs help with anything just pop in your question.

Hope you all slept moderately well considering-------! I dont really sleep tend to go to bed about 12.00 sleep for a couple maybe three hours if I am lucky then I spend the rest of the night waiting to crawl out of bed and enter the tussle with my farrows. So now here I am no false frivolity waiting for you lot to beam me up. Morning world the swan is one I met in france in the spring he is beautiful.

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  • well I know I am an early bird but am I really the only one about at this time- perhaps I am well I shall still be here till 8,00 then I am off to record a magazine for the blind.

  • Im up woken with a shock by radio alarm at 659

  • morning (whispers quietly)

  • No sun around here. Had a very bad night, but heyho I'm still alive and give thanks for that.

  • shucks - all that excitement from the fete yesterday, I couldn't sleep - up until about 3am and crashed for a couple of hours... taken me until now to finish fussling with my tarrows oooer Mrs... and crank up the old laptop - think it's feeling the effects too! :) Broadband? What Broadband? don't know nurthin aboot thin's loik 'at rownd 'ere - please excuse my Norfolk is terrible :D

  • btw - love the swan, very cheering

  • Morning :) Woke at 8.55 by the dog licking my face...his way of saying I'm hungry other two were still fast asleep, I thought it was almost 10 and thought WOW! Then I put my glasses on....

  • Woke up at 4am, not willingly though....had to take my hubby to work as I needed the car. Did manage to get back to bed for an hour. I should be getting used to it by now. Hope you are all feeling ok and having a good day so far.

    Tannels xx

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