Chronic Fatigue

Since joining the site ive been considering my diagnosis more. I suffered with fibro since 2002 and though I was tired during the day and struggled to sleep I have never had naps and i could wake up in the morning on. Whereas over the last couple of years I've been more and more tired and i struggle to get out of bed in the morning and i have naps most days, is it possible I've developed chronic fatigue syndrome or is it just fibro progressing. I went to bed at ten last night, and wanted to get up at ten this morning as i had an exam at two, slept in til half twelve even though I set so many alarms. Stress le levels were horrendous and i nearly started crying when my scripe took me to my exam room. The exam went ok thankfully, but now I've gotta revise for two on Monday and Tuesday,but all I wanna do is sleep. I'm 20 and I'm sick of this pain,I wish people would realise and treat me better. I'm only ever helpful and everyone takes the mik!

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  • aww lv,i feel so sorry for sounds very much as you have chronic fatigue,unfortunatey its 1 of the symptoms of FM and as far as im a where of we`r all the just affects us at difff 48 this yr and have had it bout 23 yrs but was only diagnosed bout 5yrs some case`s it dose calm down(you could be one of those case`s).go back to your docs and tell how your feeling.they may change your tabs...i truely wish i could help you more...nearly all of us in this family(on this site)are always banging our heads to get you have any support around you?.iv found that this site has helped me to understand Mr fobro(the B******)a lot more..more than any doc that iv seen has but thats not to say that your doc is the`ll be in my prayers tonight,wish you well for exams,lv fm me :) xx

  • Im sorry that you are havingsuch a hard time of things at uni fom ignorant people. Judt a thought but have you approached disability worker atatched to the university? If you make the university aware of your health issues thy you possibly give you extra time to sit / prepare for your exam

    hugs poppy xx

  • The university have been brilliant, I have notetakers, lab assistants and scripes for exams. In my exams I get extra time and rest breaks. My disability worker is brilliant and always just chats to me about my fibromyalgia. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

  • Hi

    I have thyroid problems and I was told by a professor at Guys I have Fibromyalgia. They gave me pills to take Duloxtine (sleepy) @ universityyesterday. How did you get the help required. I do have a DSA mentor who helps with mind maps and such.

  • I was told at Guys hospital this week I have fybromyaligia.

  • I had a dsa assessment and they gave me a notetaker and stuff, speak to your university disability team. Private message me if you wanna ask any other questions happy to help :) I'm getting referred to guys x

  • p.s what a beautiful young lady you are...they take the mik out of your fibro cos they cant out of you looks cos your perfect,did you here me i said "PEFECT".....people often laff at what they dont see or understand and its cos their affraid of the the nxt time they take the mik just flick ur hair and smile at them cos with or without FM your damn right perfect...err iv i mentioned that before,lv fm me ;) xxx

  • People seem to haves difference in opinion on whether cfs and fm are the same thing. I kinda hoped that if i got diagnosis of cfs then I'd maybe get to a specialist in fatigue as currently they only ever recommend tablets for pain, even when i say about fatigue to my doctors they just tell me to get a good sleep routine. And thankyou for saying im perfect lol, this photo was taken 3 years ago, and i probably look completely different now, but i always try and do things that everyone else is doing at my age, for example going out to clubs, my friends are great, we always organise something at the end of term and obviously I don't wear heels, and my boyfriend takes me there and brigade me home around midnight, and then I generally sleep for the whole day afterwards but it makes me happy to know I can still have fun even if it is rarely and i pay for it afterwards. Sorry I think I've rambled a bit too much now. I do wish I looked tired and in pain, I've thought about getting a walking stick just so people realise I have something wrong with me. Anyways good midnight, though it seems you were up overnight, hope you.managed to get back to sleep x x x

  • Hope your fatigue settles down soon. Good luck for the next two exams...

    hugs x

  • Thanks I appreciate your kind words :)

  • I was diagnosed with CFS in 2007, back then my pain wasn't too bad so thought nothing of it. Then I was diagnosed as having Fibro. But I have been like this 16 years now. I have a 2 yr old and trying to get up some, if not most, mornings is a nightmare for me. So I know where you are coming from.

  • Damn, I just wrote such a long reply :( and it hasn't sent, my fingers hurt now so I'll try rewriting it later :(

  • Bless you , it seems so much more heart wrenching to hear that your so young and trying to struggle on . i know what you mean about the walking stick when i was diagnosed i looked so "well" that i took to wearing no make up and adopting a" sick " role even buying a walking stick , fortunately i came to my senses and became me again even with a chronic syndrome . I think you are admirable doing a degree and it wouldnt be something that later on you could research and find a cure for fm for would it ? x

  • I don't think i will research fm, i think it would be too personal.

  • hi cxs,i think you should research chocolate and how you can stop me eating that would be a degree and half.hope your ok lv,lv fm me :) xx

  • Mine started with CFS 1996 then 1999 my stressfull event was trying to keep my job and thats when the pain started, I can remember how painful it was .. now its "normal" not that I dont notice it anymore but aches and pains are constantly there and that in it's self is exhausting. Both run independant of each other, side by side and at the same time. Best of luck with managing it, stress does not help, I wish I could help but i've not managed that one yet :-) xx

  • I had it the other way round so do wonder what the connection is. 20 years ago I was diagnosed with CFS and this was still my diagnosis 16 years ago. However I had been in remission for about 5 years. Then I started having dreadful pain in my back shoulders knees etc as well as the brain fog - but it was much worse this time and of course fatigue, sleep problems etc. Although my GP thinks its FMS I am still waiting for my formal diagnosis but that could take a while in the stix where I am. Not good for benefits but luckily (no sarcas

    m intended because I've been diagnosed early) I've recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. My BC specialist is very supportive in pushing for me to get adequate care for my other conditions which include something which has always been diagnosed as depression but I think is something else. I'm now getting a brain scan as I had a was a very difficult birth and I think my mental problems could stem from nerve damamge. Sorry to hijack your blog - hate when people do that to me xxxx

  • Hey there. Sounds very much like chronic fatigue 😞 and i know how you feel as do we all on here. I'm 32 and after two bad accidents I'm now unable to work due to fibromyalgia and bilateral hip impingements and chronic fatigue. My pains managed by meds and very light exercises but the fatigue is awful. Horrendous broken sleep at night and through the day i cant go without a nap now. I tried but come 5pm my eyes give in.

    I truly hope you find people out there that support you. That's a Massive part of all this ill health. We need so much support.

    All the best and stay positive

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