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shattered today

hi i wake up and feel like i've been hit with a sledgehammer when i eventually can wake up that is. I sleep really deeply but don't feel refreshed at body is aching all over going to do some gentle stretches to try and wake my body up yawn. think it's going to be a slow do others pass their time ?i like reading books of all kinds and listening to music. Hope you all have a good day if that;s possible with fibro . Every day is different i know.

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Hi, I know how you feel today I am shattered too keep nodding off I am so tired, I love to read and love doing cross stitch but have been to tired and lack the concentration to do it at the moment.

Hope your day goes well

gentle hugs

Penny xx


Hi thanks for the message hope your concentration is a bit better today

you have just reminded that i have bought a cross stitch at the charity shop i am going to have a go today to pass the time.

hugs lesley x


Hi linksy,

I have to try so hard to get out of bed every morning, its so bad, that i need my alarm set for an hour before i need to be actually up as it takes that long to physically get out f bed and get dressed.

I have this site as my passing time lol. This is my excuse i need for rests. :)

hugs, kel xxx


hiya we are so lucky to have this site i have found more support on here in a week than i have for the last year. i suppose the only people who understand are those who are experiencing the same things.

hope you are having a reasonably good day.

hugs lesley x


hi it is awful isnt it when you get up feeling worse than when you fell to sleep lol if you read i could reccommenrd an e reader as they are so light to use i was struggling to hold bookks but not anymore mine was £89 and at min i have 41 books to rae on it plus about 40 ordinary books in the cuboard lol i will get through them some how if you want to know what e reader i go pm me we not allowed to advertise things on here now love to you diddle x


Hi diddle

the e reader is a good idea as i have tenosynovitis in my wrists so it would be easier to hold i will have to wait for my birthday or xmas at the moment though lol with two children they always need money for something what type of books do you like i used to buy the richard and judy selection just to try new things. I go to the library now as i get sick of sitting in all of the time. hope you are having a good day x


Hello again, I know that feeling in the morning. I feel like somebody has nailed me to the bed during the night. lol Slow days are just fine - most of my days are slow days at the moment but I do have good days when I can get a lot done so I make the most of them.

Reading is one of the greatest pleasure of my life as is listening to music. I can't read a book at the moment because my attention span is so short that I forget what I've read and end up reading the same page umpteen times! Then there are times when I am less befuddled and I get really into a book and read it in one go! What kind of music do you like? In my old age I have gone very retro and listen to a lot of 70s stuff, old blues and a lot of Johny Cash and then through him - I've got into blue grass and gospel too.

Other than that I play mindless games on the computer. I do everything on line like banking and ordering groceries so I usually have something to keep me going.

I hope you are liking the forum and have met some nice people on here.

Christine xxx


Hi Christine I love all kinds of music i just click on you tube and see where the day takes me i found a load of sinead o'conner videos and didn't realise how many songs she did a really varied range from rants to soothing songs i use them to suit the type of day i have been having i have rediscovered songs from the 70's again from my childhood bread and loads of others it brings back memories of carefree days as a kid which helps on bad days. I could talk for hours about music nina simone i hope you are having a good day i have just got up and still in my pyjamas seems i have gone into a blip of needing loads of sleep oh well not to worry it will pass and i will surrender to having a musical day. thanks for the message you described exactly how i feel as if i am nailed to the bed it feels like i am semi conscious and can't open my eyes. I think i may start internet grocery shopping as well good idea as i can't carry the bags and it would probably save me money as well.

Thanks for the support Lesley x


Sorry I wasn't online much yesterday - took my Dad food shopping in the morning then comatose for the rest of the day! Hope you enjoyed your music day. I love nina simon too. I'm in my pj's still this morning. Waiting for decorator to come from local charity but looks like I'm going to be disappointed again! Christine x


hi christine no need to apologise i haven't been online much either i think the damp weather is getting to me. aches and pjama days last week but hey it's a new week so start off on a positive note and i will switch on my music tomorrow again.. Hope your decorator arrived.

lesley x


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