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I know lots of you are taking amitriptyline. Since I have been taking it it seems to help slightly with my pain but the thing I find is I want to sleep all the time.after walking my dogs all I want to do is go back to bed to sleep and it's a couple of hours.then I have my normal sleep in the afternoon - tho not everyday of I've slept in the morning. And I cannot stay awake after 8pm so have to go to bed for a while.sometimes it is just an hour or so or like tonight I slept till 11 and having weird dreams.

Regarding pain - it is spreading all over.I have pain in my left hip and it is also sore right down my left thigh.but that could be partly due to a fall when I slipped on some seaweed on the beach the other day.

Not looking forward to monday and smear appointment.I know it is going to be so painful and I won't be able to go thru with it as in constant pelvic pain and it is disabling so that when I get up from bed or sitting I can barely walk.have appointment booked with my gp later this month which the surgery changed

As gp has a meeting on day I originally booked will keep trying to get an earlier appointment with him or the other gp who has sorted things for me.I'm hoping at some point for an apology from mine for not listening to me and accepting what I tell him.wishful thinking but if he was gives me the opportunity then will say I am owed an apology

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Hi have a sleep most afternoons if I have walked the dogs at least 2 hours , have you been offered a pain and fatigue clinic ,it is well worth going they help with the understanding of what's happening with you ,I did one not so long ago ,and I can really say it's worth it ,you have to pace yourself don't push it to much even works at moment may well be to much for you ,

The gist of it is at the moment you need to have rest that's what your body needs when you ,have had a good month of doing very little then start gently one physical job a day ,and if your up to it one mental not one after the other give yourself a break and no more than an hour tops ,if you don't finish the task it will still be there tomorrow , and keep it like that a month , don't push it as you will end up back at sq one , I thought when I went I would be back riding my bike etc ,but not yet it may come but little steps ,

Anyway I am off to sleep now good luck

Chris x

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Thanks Chris.maybe I should only be taking one not two tabs?I have never been offers referral to a pain clinic.I think the nearest would be 60 miles away which I cold not do the travelling.I am only able to do one job for a very short time due to spine .even washing up cannot be completed ços of back pain.and cos can't hold anything in hands.

Hi anbuma3

There is a sedative element in Amitriptyline so this is what is probably making you feel so tired. I cannot have Amitriptyline so my GP gave me the sedative free version called Nortryptaline, I find this much better. It may be worth discussing this with your GP if you do not feel any less tired in a few weeks?

Good luck

Ken x

Yes, also I have been started on Duloxetine which is a newer drug recommended for fibro and it does not make me at all sleepy, in fact lifts my mood and energises me a little. May be worth trying. Suex

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Thanks sue.same as said to Ken will ask gp on my next appt.

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Thanks Ken.seeing my GP on 26th.will discuss meds then.not heard of Nortryptiline.when I was on amitryptiline before(when first diagnosed)my gp changed it to imipramine.I'm trying to get an earlier appointment but its highly unlikely.

So pleased you are being treated with more respect now. Do try to go through with the test tomorrow, I know it is awful but so important. All the best. Lou xx

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Thanks Lou.Im hoping my own gp will take me seriously from now on.I need answers for swelling skin rashes .I hope the practice manager went back to him after I spoke to her.the last 2-3 years have been a battle which I hope is now support wouldn't go amiss.I am really grateful to my fibro friends for all their support and understanding.

Hi Anbuma3,

Can I ask what time of day you take it and what strength your on?

I take 50mgs at night to help me sleep and help with depression. I've always suffered with fatigue even before diagnosed it's one of my worst symptoms.

It may be worth changing the time of day you take it.

Hope it gets sorted for you. Xx

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Hi I am currently on 50mg taken at night.I seem to recall starting on 25mg and then gp telling me to increase to 50mg.I normally take them just before bed btu will try taking them a bit earlier in the evening.I will try taking one tonight and see it it makes any difference.I also have always suffered tiredness.thanks I hope so too.


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I take mine between 9 & 10 and Normally crash out whilst sitting in bed with my better half. I wouldn't say it helps with my pain and with my little girl waking up what feels like every five minutes I don't get much sleep or chance to relax. Xx


I take mine at about 8pm so only seem to have a dodgy first hour on waking.



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Hi Jilly.I rarely get the chance to wake naturally as my Annie sleeps on my bed most nights and if not she comes up at some point during the night.she paws me awake on the dot of 5am.its much better if I wake naturally btu I am fatigued from having vivid dreams.

Taking it just after an evening meal can be a good time, by the time it is going through the system it is bedtime. x

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OK I'll try that.I normally have my meal around 5 or 6pm.

perhaps tinkering with doses is something you need to ask Dr when you see them later. If I take mine in the morning I dont sleep and am rubbish at work. If I take them at bedtime I have trouble waking up. Early evening works for me but I'm in bed early and I'm not guaranteed a good sleep. It still doesn't do much for the pain. We're all different ranging from 10mg to 150! It's horses for courses with tricyclics and takes a while to settle down. I had 2 weeks off work to adjust to them. I could not trust myself to walk to work let alone do anything.

Good luck

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Hifenbadger .I always do seek advice from gp concerning my meds but it does say take one or two at I think I'm pretty safe in trying just one.thanks fro good luck wishes.

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You're welcome. Just go careful and if you decide upon higher doses increase it 10mg at a time, in weekly intervals. I went straight for 30mg and was as high as a kite - and didn't enjoy it.

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Hi fenbadger if I reduce to one it will be 25mg each moment taking 50mg.

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You should be ok. . . but it's always worth an expert opinion. Amitrip comes in 10mg as well so I can change 10mg at a time.

You could phone your doctor or pharmacist for advice on meds in the mean time? They should be able to advise you they do make me tired but always get the best sleep taking them. Amazing difference in pain feel almost normal lol what ever that is. I'm kinda in the same boat they ale me tired but help pain too good to stop. Just take them earlier I took them at 7 pm and it helped so just going to persevere with them. Hope they get better for you and remember they don't mix with alcohol x

When my dr started me on A'triptiline she warned me to take it no later than 8pm because of the sedative effect. I was on 30 mg at first but now only take 20 mg unless things are really bad. I have found that 7pm is a better time for me to take it to avoid feeling really tired next day. It's bad enough coping with the extreme fatigue of a Fibro flare up without feeling really like a zombie! I think all these drugs affect us each differently and it's a case of monitoring your reactions to be able to tell your dr and get a regime of medication which works for you. Xo

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My gp and others prescribe meds but rarely give any advice re taking them just instructions on the meds themselves. I wonder if its a mix of meds ie amitryptiline and codeine which is a new med for me.

Defininately take early eve after dinner. Do you feel the benefit of your higher than before dosage. Just wondering if you don't if trying reducing may do the same for pain but no make you so sleepy.

I am on them, low dose. Not certain doing much much apt to increase.

Incidentally I experience dashing (neck) & some thigh swelling... is this common or part of ?


7.20just taken amitryptiline as suggested and see if it makes any difference. Feel sleepy right now .can't sleep - tewco delivery Annie sprawled out on my sofa.

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