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Loss of muscle strength anyone?

I'm having trouble with my arms today. It's difficult to pick up a pint of milk or cup. Even the washing up liquid bottle -- I had to LEAN it against my sponge as picking it up was too painful.

I strained myself earlier this week when someone inadvertently passed me something at head height, which was too heavy for me. My neck went into spasm. That was on Monday. It's Wednesday now. My neck is fine, but my hands and arms seem to have suffered.

I'm afraid I can't grip well either.

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Sorry that you are going through this and you do have all my best wishes.

I know the feeling so well and it seems to take forever to regain some of the grip but my experience is that it never gets totally better and like all the other things you start to learn how to get round it, get the bottles half filled and into better containers that are easier to hold, like milk I get the 4 pints and they go into another container and I only have to pick up 1 pint at a time and our kettle is a Breville hot cup that you press a button and boiling water comes out of it and I can fill that with a jug so I have no kettle to lift only a jug to transport from tap to kettle.

Take care an kindest regards



All good ideas Terry, thanks!


Have you ever been assessed for myofascial restrictions/pain? These are common with Fibro and can cause muscle weakness.

It's also possible you pulled something. If you can get into your GP, they may be able to prescribe you something - like a muscle relaxant - to help temporarily and possibly also refer you to physio.


I know the feeling.



I have myofascial pain and my upper body strength is useless. My 11 year old carries and moves stuff that I find way too heavy. I have also started getting tendonitis now and my wrist goes picking up milk.

I hate it.

Hope yours does cease


Hi tettridge

Your problem sounds very similar to mine, For the last three months or more I have been seeing a Physiotherapist - although he keeps telling me its a posture problem, I to beleive mine started after straining . I have been in absolute agony for the last couple of months - however he gave me tens relief - manipulation & some very easy stretching to do ( it wasn't easy when I first started them ) I have slowly slowly slowly worked up, done a couple of these stretches an hour until this last week or so I have gone to doing 10 minutes or so up to three times a day. They aren't hard it is just like clapping with outstretched arms in slow motion,slowly working upward. There are about four different ones .......I had been almost at my wits end with it...not sleeping & really Sooo much pain and weak arms and hands. My advise would be to ask your doctor to refer you to Physio or Chiro or even try Indian head massage maybe................................hope it improves for you...totally sympathise.xxxxx


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